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Books – Hippos Go Berserk

| April 11, 2010 | 0 Comments

Hippos Go BerserkHippos Go Beserk, Sandra Boynton. I love this little board book by Sandra Boynton. I love picking up “something different” by authors I haven’t heard of.. maybe this shows my ignorance. Mmmh. Anyway, musings aside, this again (again again) is a lovely little read. It is a board book and it is all about one Hippo calling his friends to have a party. Not only do I like Hippos, but this book introduces counting – One Hippos, Sits at home, Calls Two Hippos on the Phone, Three Hippos… you catch my drift. In the middle of the book they all have a party (at which point Red Ted and I make a Party dance, which he loves!). They then all leave again until you are left with one Hippos. Simple. Sweet. Nice!

Why not give it as a gift? 😉

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