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Books x3 – Colours!

| May 3, 2010 | 0 Comments

In honour of this month’s Get Crafty – All things Red – I have decided to tell you about 3 books that are all about colour (there are very few books that are JUST about red, so colour it is…). The books below are linked to amazon store – any (small) proceeds will go towards prizes and charity!

Baby Touch Colours Baby Touch, Colour, by Ladybird. Part of the Ladybird range o “Baby Touch books” – these are simple and cute touchy feely books aimed at the littlest amongst us. A nice addition to any baby library!

My Very First Book of Colours My Very First Book of Colours, Eric Carle. If you like Eric Carle and you like Colours you will like this book. It is in fact a “Mix & Match” book – find the colour that goes with the picture. Very sweet and interactive. We like! Great for toddlers.

FrederickFrederick, Leo Lionni. I consider this as another “classic”. Leo Lionni’s are very popular world wide and I remember this from my own childhood (including Art Projects in school). Here a little mouse, contirbutes to the long hard winter, not with seeds and nuts, but with wonderful stories and images. An example of why poets and painters are important to our lives!

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