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The Gallery – Self Portait & Secret Post Club May

| May 15, 2010 | 12 Comments

The Gallery

Red Ted, by Red Ted

I have to confess, I was hoping that the topic of “self portrait” would come up at the Gallery soon. Red Ted LOVES my iphone and at 2yrs old is pretty adept at using it. I have downloaded some games for him to play in it gives me 10 “safe” minutes to change Pip Squeak or whatever else I need to do.

This also means, that he knows where all the photos are and how to operate the camera. Recently, I watched him trying to take a photo of himself. I-kid-you-not: he knew how to turn the phone round and that he need to press something. Incredible! The new generation of techies is here. He made several attempts. And succeeded! I present to you “Red Ted, by Red Ted!”.

The photo is a little spooky, I know, but I am impressed!

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Secret Post Club – May

I hope you don’t mind the “double post”, but as both these posts are more for me and a bit of fun, I don’t want to “bore” my subscribers with too many emails all in one go. So combined it is!

Run by Heather over at Notes From Lapland, the Secret Post Club is a friendly exchange of gifts once a month. Here is what I received:

The box arrived today, weighing a little more than my usual postal items (books, cards whatever). It looked very promising… Once the children were safely tucked up in bed for their lunchtime naps, I quickly opened the new parcel. I was greeted by the delicious sweet and delicate sent of my gift: a “Cosy Candle” from Ellen and her company Anzu Ltd.:

“The Cosy Candle – Snuggle up under a patchwork quilt wth a roaring fire. Freshened by the hint of citrus, this is a warm scent rich with woody and herbal notes on a bed sweet of amber.”

There was also a book – The Diary of a Provincial Lady. Accompanied was a beautiful card explaining that she makes both the cards and the candle, as well as a note about the book she included.

I love nothing more than curling up and reading a book and now I have a gorgeous candle to light and keep me company when I do so! (Now I just need to locate a “roaring fire”). Thank you Ellen, for your very thoughtful gifts!


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  1. TheMadHouse says:

    He looks very cute indeed, both boys love the iphone. The candles looks lovely

  2. Magic Mummy says:

    Ooooh that candle sounds lovely…..

  3. Two year olds and iPhones are indeed a terrifying combination, and Red Ted is a cutie, but you’re still cheating!;)

    • Red Ted Art says:

      I know it is “cheating”… but surely you guys are bored of seeing me? You had me in “Me” and in “The world we live in”.. 😉 plus 80-20 gal that I am only half read the instructions AGAIN.. (or maybe I “chose” to read the bit that suited me – teehee – such a rebel!) x

  4. parklover says:

    I have a photo of me on my phone taken by my 3 year old when she grabbed my phone. She also once sent a photo of herself to her Daddy using the phone. Scary!

  5. jfb57 says:

    Love both of these posts. It’s lovely to share other people’s happiness!

  6. Love that photo – amazing how au fait kids are with technology, isn’t it?

  7. porridgebrain says:

    Aww that’s adorable!! Clever boy!

  8. julesey10 says:

    cute cute cute. I love that your self portrait was done by your little one. Am new to your blog but following now. x

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Hello! Lovely “to have you on board” 😉 hope you all the craftiness… and yes, I thought the photo really was worthy of a post too!! Thank you for stopping by! x

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