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Weekly Photo – Nature

| July 24, 2010 | 41 Comments

2 for 1 Saturdays continue… First up the Gallery, where I get a chance to take random photos. Then the Kindness Club, where I get a chance to think about how I am teaching values to my children. I will always try and fulfil the prompt with the help of Red Ted and Pip Squeak!

The Gallery

We are back at the Gallery this weekend. The theme being “Nature”. Nature is indeed wonderful and inspiring. I am particularly taken each year, how out of “seemingly” nothing my vegetable garden grows. From this black patch of earth. A tiny seed. A little care (but not much) and a couple of month’s later, as if by magic. Green. Fruit. Veg. And then, when we are done with it, it goes back to that black patch of earth. Magic. Nature at its best!

As Green & Black’s is sponsoring The Gallery this week. I let them inspire me to take these photos:

From the BLACKness that is our compost…

comes this beautiful GREENness that is the underside of the leaf of our huge courgette plant.

Isn’t nature amazing? That from Black can come Green?

The Kindness Club

This week’s challenge at Susie’s Kindness Club, is to do something nice for a neighbour. You really must go over to her site and read the prompt – as she has some very thought provoking comments as to why she picked this as a topic – reading her prompts are as inspirational as the acts themselves.

Now, I have to say, that we are VERY LUCKY indeed, we have some wonderful neighbours all around that we get on very well with. We regularly pop round for coffees, chats, to use the, erm, stove or to briefly “offload” a child whilst something urgent needs to be done. My family have benefited hugely in terms of clothes and toys, and I am not kidding when I say that this has impacted our monthly finances noticeably. My “meagre” offerings in return are muffins, granola bars (at Nr 10)ย and the a wee bit of baby sitting (at Nr 9 and Nr 14). But before I feel too humbled, I would like to say, that I did “try” from the word go and when we moved in almost 4 years ago, that Christmas I brought them all some homemade Austrian Cookies as a means of introducing ourselves. Maybe that small gestured helped bring about the generosity that followed? I don’t know. But I like baking and I like sharing.

So today, Red Ted and I made some more of our “famous” Yoghurt Pot muffins (the photo are said muffins, minutes after coming out of the oven). We have eaten half, but tomorrow I will take some round to Nr 10 (sadly Nr 14 is on holiday). I was worried that “continuing” to be nice to the neighbours I know well, wasn’t quite enough and that I should venture further afield (but I am scared of scarring the widow at Nr 13, I have been racking my brains about what I can do for her for months now), but decided that actually, this is ok. I have great neighbours and not only do they deserve a muffin, but a whole post to tell them how lovely they are. This is to you, Nr 10, Nr 14 and Nr 9. You know you are. And my world wouldn’t be the same without you!

More cookies and cakes coming your way in the years to come…

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  1. jfb57 says:

    What a lovely creative post – creative as in nature & creative as in your scrummy cakes. You’ve made me think about my neighbours too!

  2. Susie says:

    That’s lovely.

    Why are you afraid of the widow? What is her story? Maybe I can give you some ideas.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      They have always been nervous about opening their door (I have brought tomatoes round in the past) and since her husband died, I am worried that she is “more” nervous about opening the door than before. I need to “catch” her in the street and say hi (I usually wave), but then also ask if I can bring her something/ mention that Red Ted would like to bring her a gift!

  3. Susie says:

    Why not leave a lovely note with a few muffins in her mail box?

  4. dawniebrown says:

    I love your nature post – so jealous you have come up with something really good already :) I’m really really struggling.

    As for neighbours – have to admit the most I do is fetch their bins in if I’m the first one down at the bottom of our drives :)

  5. Susie says:

    BTW-loved your take on the green and blacks-lol-think u r aiming for some choccies eh?

  6. Oh very clever using the green & black imagery aswell as nature! Oooh I bet you can almost taste that chocolate nom nom nom!! Great post and really clever xx

  7. I love compost! It is the most amazing, satisfying stuff! Great post as always. x

  8. Mirka Moore says:

    I love your nature post, what a great interpretation. I love gardening and hopefully one day we will have a big garden. Currently I am enjoying the huge garden at my parens’t weekend house in the CR, they grow everything, I love when we go and dig some potatoes for lunch ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh yes a big garden and digging for potatoes must be fun!!! Though I probably would have time for a big vegetable patch! Mine is restricted to the space in our front garden (gets all the son) which is about right!!!

  9. Whimsical Wife says:

    Love your Green & Black nature post :)

  10. Love the theme :) Great looking compost! And good photo of the leaf, that’s hard to achieve. x

  11. Oh, I think you’re so lucky to know your neighbours! I live off a path with 12 houses and there are only four that’ll say hello.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with any of them.

    I’m sure your neighbours were delighted to get your muffins!

  12. Kate says:

    Very clever pics. :)

  13. Him Up North says:

    Gosh, there are some ideas you just wish you’d thought of. The Green and the Black!! Brilliant.

  14. mummywalker says:

    Really clever take on the theme. Brilliant x

  15. Two great posts, love the take on Green & Black! Jen

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Thank, a little bit cheeky, but with a subject as broad as “Nature”, it actually helped me narrow it down… did in fact start of with a photo of one of our carrots poking through the soil!!

  16. Michelle says:

    Very clever, beautiful macro photos! Love your post:-)

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Thank you! Did enjoy taking them.. wasn’t sure how the compost would come out, but it was ok in the end!!

  17. Greenie01 says:

    Clever interpretation on the nature theme. My new pup likes compost too, she keeps eating it and bringing it in the house x

  18. There is a stage missing – after green – brown ( I forget to water my plants and they die!) Oops! Liked your post though :)

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Quite right, there is a brown stage too!!! Happens to some our as well…. I just didn’t photograph those!

  19. bubbleboo says:

    Great post – love the analogy!

  20. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    It is truly wonderful to have great neighbors. I would love to be the reciever of great muffins.

  21. I wish you were my neighbor! My nearest neighbor is a health nut and all she ever eats is boiled Kale! sigh…

  22. Terra says:

    that leaf is truly fabulous.

  23. I compost and garden so I appreciate both the black and the green..The leaf photo is a beauty!

  24. h says:

    I always love to see new green life emerging from rich dark soil.

  25. What a lovely and creative post.

    I enjoy your little stories and descriptions. Your muffins look scrumptious. And the contrast between the compost and the leaf is really lovely and dramatic.

    Thank you for linking.

    I enjoy reading about your life.


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