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Reviews: Harry, The Dirty Dog, Fantastic Mr Fox & First Orchard Game

| September 27, 2010 | 5 Comments

Book reviews for you is back, for the little ones we have Harry, the Dirty Dog and for the slightly older one (7yrs+) some Roald Dahl, reviewed for you by the 8 year old Miss Frugal! Fabulous.

All book reviews done you to date are found here.

Also, I want to share some of our favourite board games… so for a few weeks, I will bring some lovely board games for <10s!

Books <5s – Harry the Dirty Dog

Harry the Dirty DogHarry, The Dirty Dog, By Gene Zion. Read together age 2.5yrs – 5.5yrs

I could have sworn I reviewed this somewhere before, but if I have, I cant find it. Apologies if I have! But we DO LOVE Harry, The Dirty Dog. This is a book I bought for nostalgic reasons. I recognised the cover, but couldn’t remember the storyline. The minute I opened the book all the drawings jumped at me. They were so familiar. To my intense pleasure Red Ted love the story from the word go and has requested it at bedtime many nights in a row. The story is about Harry, the white dog with black spots. He loves playing, but hates bathtime. One day hide the scrubbing brush and goes off to play. Whilst out and about, he has lots and lots of fun, but gets very very dirty. So dirty in fact, that he ends up looking like a black dog with white spots! When hunger strikes, he returns home, only to find that his lovely family do not recognise him anymore. Oh no! What to do?! You will have to read and find out!

This book is now over 50 years old and is a real classic! Lovely.

Books – 7yrs + – Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr FoxFantastic Mr Fox, by Roald Dahl. Reviewed by Miss Frugal, Age 8

I thought Fantastic Mr Fox was brilliant, it’s all about three farmer called Boggis, Bunce and Bean who are very mean to Fantastic Mr Fox and his family.  They try lots of different ways to stop Mr Fox from stealing food from their farms but all Mr Fox is trying to do is feed his babies.

It was really funny and I liked it best when Mr Fox managed to bring all the food back to Mrs Fox, the baby foxes were very happy that he had brought the food back because they were all very hungry and ate it all up.  I also liked it when the farmers tried to dig Mr Fox out of the hole because they wouldn’t give up but Mr Fox won in the end.

I think boys and girls would all enjoy this book as much as I did

First Orchard by Haba, 2yrs+

First OrchardFirst Orchard, by Haba. Oh my what a gorgeous gorgeous game for little people. We were given this game by a friend from Austria and adore it. (The picture on Amazon suggests that you can only get it in “German”, but instructions are multi lingual).

Why is it so adorable?

* Everyone plays together against the “bad crow” – i.e. you win and loose together.

* The fruit are made out of wood – they feel gorgeous to hold and touch and when your child has outgrown this game, you can use the fruit to play “shop”. Our 10mth old loves holding them, they are so tactile and colourful.

* Beginning to teach children about rules for games.

* Great for discussing colours too!

What do you do? The aim of the game is to collect all the fruit before the crow gets into the orchard. You collect the fruit by rolling a di. Land on the crow and the crow makes one step closer to the orchard. Land on the colours and you get to pick the corresponding fruit. The toddlers I know who play it, find the crow hilarious!

All round a lovely game and I HIGHLY recommend it.

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  1. Kerstin says:

    Hi Mags,
    I can only agree in regard to Haba’s “Obstgarten”. We have been playing it for 4 ! years with my goddaughter (now 7 yrs) and I have just bought the LARGE version (which has beautiful pais of cherries ;), but unfortunately is a little more expensive €39.99) for Ben (2 yrs).
    It’s a great starting point for board games, after he’s only been familiar with puzzles / dominos so far. :)
    Thanks for all your great reviews,

    Kerstin xx

  2. Curiouser and Curiouser said Alice. I have hardly been on Twitter all weekend and threw out the question ‘Who has some gd recommendations of new books for my 3yo’ this morning. The lovely @Kateab replied that @himupnorth had blogged on Saturday on this very subject, so I added my 3squids worth of a list there too :
    I had forgotten about Harry!! How could I! Great suggestion. Rushing off to Amazon now … TY! x


  3. Ooo and the Haba game sounds fabulous. Been looking for some new board games for L too … am SOOOO bored with Memory and Dominos!

  4. Holly says:

    We love Orchard! And Roald Dahl. We haven’t read that book yet, but my boys love the movie.

  5. Alethea says:

    I love HABA, we have one of their construction sets!
    Will definitely keep this in mind for Christmas.

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