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Reviews: The Mum Minder, German Toddler Book & Red Dog, Blue Dog Game

| October 4, 2010 | 3 Comments

Today, 8yrs old josphen1902 reviews two books for you – books that your children may enjoy reading by themselves and get those reading skills developing!! I have a modern “classic” German children’s book and also, I bring you another fabulous Toddler Game – Red Dog, Blue Dog.

Book Reviews

The Mum-minderThe Mum Minder, by Jacqueline Wilson

A BIT ABOUT THE CONTENT: A girl whose mum is a child minder and is sick and she has to sort all the babys out.

WHY YOU LIKE THE BOOK: Because it is by my favourite author.

Who would like it: Girls aged 7-12yrs.


A Dog for a Day, by Wendy Douthwaite [Note: this book was published in 1999 and appears to be out of print, so do check it out at the library or check author titles by Wendy Douthwaite]

A BIT ABOUT THE CONTENT: A boy who finds a dog and keeps it and has the experience of having a dog.

WHY YOU LIKE THE BOOK: Because its about my favourite animal.

For Boys & Girls aged 7-10yrs

Reviewed by: josphen1902 (Girl, 8yrs)

Toddler: In Meinem Kleinen Kinderbett

In meinem kleinen Kinderbett In Meinem Kleinen Kinderbett, by Paul Maar and Annette Swoboda

Paul Maar is one of Germany’s leading (modern) children’s book authors (he probably best known for Das Sams, already standing on our book shelf, waiting for “Red Ted to grow into”). So no German library should be without one of his books. This was a gift from a friend. We enjoy it very much. Lovely drawings. And a nice rhyme. On each page a naughty animal (or a clown) has sneaked into “our  toddler bed”. And the outraged toddler sends them away. So, whose shoes are lying on the floor and who is hiding in our bed THIS TIME? Is it the elephant? Is it the ostrich? … at the end we find a lovely little lamb… now does the toddler want the lamb to go or stay? You will have to read the book to find out!

For more German Book recommendations, check out my Amazon “library” here.

Board Games – Red Dog, Blue Dog

Orchard Toys Red Dog, Blue DogWe were lucky enough to be given “Red Dog, Blue Dog“and it was an instant hit with Red Ted. He was two at the time and just loved looking at all the different cards (in fact running around with a fist full of cards is very attractive at that age). What impressed me however, is that he was prepared to sit down and engage in some basic rules.

The aim of the game: Each player gets a board with six fun images on it. They take turns to collect the cards to match the images. A little bit “bingo style”. You can vary the rules to suit you (well, we do) and either turning it into a simple matching game (find the Red Dog), a chance game (turn over the next card and shout something like bingo if it matches your board) or a “collect all the spiders/ green cards” game. A great way to learn colours and to follow basic rules. Red Ted is now almost three and of course still enjoys playing with it!

A lovely gift!

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  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks for joining WMCIR – the books of your reviewer-helper look pretty good. I wish daughter had a little more interest in her many German books – maybe one day…

  2. Gemma says:

    Those toddler games have been a hit with my kids! They love books that are colorful and bright =)

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