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Review: Smelly Book & Opposites Puzzles

| October 18, 2010 | 6 Comments

The lovely Ella has reviewed “Mr Smith Invents a Robot” book – a wonderfully smelly read! And we also bring you fab little “opposites” game. Pretty please – leave some comments, regarding books and board games – so that I know whether you are finding these reviews useful or not and I can do some more “review planning” for you!!!

Book Review – Mr Smith Invents a Robot

Mr Smith Invents a Robot (Adventures of Scratch Sniff and Mr Smith)Mr Smith Invents a Robot, by by Shibani Mohindra

I think this book is really smelly..   It is the coolest book I have ever smelt!  I really enjoyed reading about Mr Smith and his cat Scratch and the mechanical dog Sniff.  The best bits of the book were  when you could scratch and sniff Mr Smith;s T-shirt which smelled of  bananas, and Scratch the cat who smelled of Lavender..  The worst bit  of the book was smelling the old smelly shoe.. I made my dad smell the  smelly shoe… it was very funny but he did not like it.

I love the smelly stickers in the middle of the book, I am going to  share them with my friends at school. . I like the story and am  looking forward to finding out what Mr Smith does next in The Search  for the Stinky Pond!

I  think this book is great for kids aged 4 and 0ver – even my big  sister who is 12 thinks it is fun.

Reviewed by Ella aged 8.

Board Game – Opposites Puzzles

Galt Opposite PuzzlesOpposites Puzzles, by Galt.

This is a fun little game for 3-6years. The aim of the game is to “puzzle” together opposite words, such as “in” and “out” (of the car) or “up” and “down” (from the tree). It is a great little game to learn new verbs and of course “opposites”. Red Ted is not quite 3, but already likes the puzzle elements and the fact that you can discuss the “mini puzzles”. Each puzzle is made up of two pieces, that are colour co-ordinated, which helps the younger players. The pictures show the words and are cute little drawings with huge toddler appeal. So this can be used on two levels – visual assembly or by learning to read simple words. Some of the opposites are a little harder, as the pictures are not always “perfect”, but we still think that this is a lovely little game, which Red Ted enjoys!!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for twitter messages -trying to email you but cant find your email on blog. Be good to catch up re: christmas crafts and sponsorship etc…


  2. Holly says:

    The book looks great–I’ll have to try to find it for my boys. Thanks for the review, Ella!

  3. Natalie says:

    The book sounds pretty interesting – too bad that it probably won’t be available through the library (or at least will not go through the library system unharmed). Thanks for joining WMCIR!

  4. Don’t see too many scratch and sniff books anymore! Lucky find! I have seen similar match up puzzles – the color coding is helpful, but here’s my concern: many of the pieces in the puzzles I’ve seen just aren’t different enough from one another to avoid being jammed together by impatient preschoolers. What did you find with these? Were the cuts distinct?

  5. Red Ted Art says:

    Anne: Yes, we did have a bit of a problem with that – especially when the “colours matched” but the words didn’t. But we took it as “part of learning”. And Red Ted is beginning to get that there are “rules” to follow, including looking at the pictures/ talking about words. But you do have a point!!

  6. parksjdaniel says:

    Thank you so much, this book is really great for children of age above 4.. Would like to get this one for my niece, she loves to reading book.

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