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Review – Sing for your Supper & Two by Two Game

| October 25, 2010 | 7 Comments

8yrs Josphen has reviewed books for us before – check out her other favourite reads here. She realy is a little book worm. And today she has some more corkers for you to browse through. Today’s game review is “Two by Two” and wonderful take on the traditional “Pairs” or Memory game.

Book Review – Sing for Your Supper  & Jennifer’s Diary

Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 14: TreeTops More Stories A:  Sing for Your Supper (Treetops Fiction) Sing For Your Supper, by Nick Warburton

A BIT ABOUT THE CONTENT: It is about a boy who is poor and then gets rich

WHY YOU LIKE THE BOOK: I like it because its a fiction story

For Boys or tom boys, aged 7-10yrs [Note: part of British Reading Curriculum recommendations]

Jennifer's Diary Jennifer’s Diary, by Anne Fine

A BIT ABOUT THE CONTENT: It is about a girl who has a diary and her friend writes in her freinds diary and they have a big argument and at the end they become friends.

WHY YOU LIKE THE BOOK: I like the book because it is about a diary.

For  Girls aged 8-14yrs

Reviewed by: josphen1902 (8yrs)

Games Review – two by two

Orchard Toys Two by Two Two by Two, by Orchard Toys.

Remember the traditional “Pairs” game? Where you lay down all the cards face down and have to find matching pairs? (In German this one is call “Memory” and it is a great one for developing memory skills). Well there are a hundred different games out there as “pairs” – we have a Chuggington one and a farm one. This has a fabulous variation on it: you have to pair the cards up AND then you get  to put them in the Arche Noah AND you get to find the rain clouds to make the Noah sail away. How cool is that? A little bit of everything including Religious Eduction! Definitely the bets “pairs”  around!

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  1. The two by two game looks great for little ones. This may just be under our Christmas tree this year!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh yes, it definitely is a lovely lovely “take” on the traditional “pairs”. Red Ted LOVES putting the cards in the Arche Noah!!

  2. I love the look of this game – those Orchard Toys products in the little boxes are brilliant.

  3. Just stopping by to tell you that I’ve passed an award your way: It’s always a pleasure to read your blog! :)

  4. I’ve never heard of either of these books/authors. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We’re not quite ready for books of that level yet, but the game looks fun. Having a goal for the matching pairs would make the game more exciting, I think! And of course, putting pieces inside anything else is always entertaining!

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