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Giveaway – Party Creations – Advent Calendar

| November 2, 2010 | 33 Comments

**  This Competition is now closed!  **

The Winner is Liz Burton and she has been emailed.

Firstly, I would like to welcome my newest sponsor “Party Creations” on board. Party Creations is a wonderful site that helps you get crafty with your kids – basically: Fun Gifts for Crafty Kids!! I know Red Ted Art is here to help you get crafty – but sometimes, having to hunt down all “the bits and pieces” to make something fabulous can be a little bit of a pain – and then you still end up finding that SOMETHING is missing. This is where Party Creations come in: everything you need to make one fabulous craft! Not just that, but the kits are designed so that children can make things themselves and get a real sense of achievement! Hooray!They have very kindly agreed, to give you this great “Make Your Own Advent Calendar” kit worth £19.95!! A very generous and crafty giveaway indeed!! What I love about this giveaway, is that it isn’t too hard to make – the pockets are already sewn on and all you have to do is DECORATE! And PERSONALISE! (All the decorative pieces have been pre-cut to make it an easy project to do even for quite a young child). Wonderful. Oh and you can practice number and letter recognition!  Little gifts for the pockets (wooden Christmas tree decorations and Christmas chocolates) are also included. 

Advent Calendar Kit worth £19.95

 Competition open to the UK only. Competition closes 12th Nov 2010.1)      Pop over to Party Creations have a quick look round and let us know what you like the look of and why by commenting on this post. Also subscribe to this blog and let me know you have done so. (TWO entries).  2)      Re-Tweet this competition (make sure to add @redtedart so we can track this and enter you in the competition) (ONE entry)

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Comments (33)

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  1. danielle baker says:

    What a lovely competition , thank you :-)
    I absolutely adore the clock kit.
    I’m trying to teach my daughter to tell the time and this would be a unique way to do so!
    I have also RT’d the competition as @dizzydanni84 .
    I’ll have my fingers crossed as I really love the look of this individual prize.
    Good luck to all the other entrants.
    Danni xxx

  2. EmRobo says:

    What a wonderful idea!!

    Well Ihave to say I love the advent calendar, its something the kids can get involved with in making an cherish and use year after year. Its lovely :)

    I also love the jewellery boxes, they are lovely, and would be lovely as a party idea.

    Had already retweeted before I read the comp rules (@EmRobo)

    and subscribe to blof already :)


  3. Denise Whiteside says:

    Love the Advent Calendar Kit something specail to make and bring out each year
    Good Luck everyone
    re tweeted @easydees

  4. Liz Burton says:

    The hand or foot print kit looks a great idea.

    I also love this advent calendar – hope it comes with the letters M U M M and Y so I can personalise ;0)

    I’m subscribed to your blog via email and have RT’d too @missielizzieb

    Great giveaway, thank you x

  5. lianne martin says:

    love the treasure chest twweted @whingy1 x

  6. Beverley says:

    I love the jewellery box kit – so girly and I would have loved it as a child. Might have to get it anyway!

    Have subscribed and tweeted (bev_metallica)

  7. cheryl hadfield says:

    Love the advent calender kit..@cheryl7003 have tweeted x

  8. Dawnie Brown says:

    Oooh I like the clock kits on the site, can imagine they are great fun to make :)

    oh and I’ll tweet about comp aswell @dawnie_brown

  9. Wendy McDonald says:

    I love the clock kits…would make a great addition to my son’s nursery. The advent calendar is lovely too!
    Subscribe by email.
    Tweeted @wendymcd83

  10. RedRoses4 says:

    I love the flower pot kits, grat fun and then plant some seeds and watch them grow

  11. octarinefire says:

    I love the pencil boxes, I used to have one like that when I was younger. Wasn’t decorated as nicely as these though!

    I subscribe to your blog via wordpress and have just hit the RT button (@octarinefire).

    Good luck everyone xx

  12. nige270 says:

    I love the pencil boxes and the flower pot kits because they’re useful and cool.

  13. nige270 says:

    ps. I have subscribed to this blog too.

  14. nige270 says:

    And I have twittered this as @Nige270!

  15. carol coldicott-stirmey @minxminx2 says:

    I love the pencil boxes and the flower pot kits,great for keeping everything together,and so pretty also

  16. Jenny says:

    I like the Science Museum Kit Doodling Robot, perfect for a little one to make with daddy!

  17. Jenny says:

    I RT too @jennykearney

  18. Emily H says:

    Love the flower pot kit, it would be fun for kids to make to give as a present to relatives. I’ve subscribed too. Thanks!

  19. emma cella says:

    Love the advent calender kit..@emmacella

  20. Angela says:

    I like the Decorate A Flower Pot Kit, my kids love growing herbs and veggies so this would be ideal for them.

    I follow the blog and have tweeted @onions1

  21. Rhoda Kellar says:

    I love the Paint Your Own Piggy Bank, so much more personal than a shop bought one! I’ve subscribed too (@justforcomps).

  22. jane morfett says:

    I love the Decorate a flower pot kit as fun and would help get kids interested in growing things!

    Have subscribed to blog

  23. Erica says:

    My pirate son would love the Treasure Chest kit. I’ve subscribed and tweeted @ericahughes

  24. paula virgo says:

    The make a jeep kit would give my husband hours of fun! He might even let the kids help!!

  25. paula virgo says:

    subscribed and tweeted as @PaulaHaylock

  26. Ashleigh says:

    i love the Make your own Santa Stocking

  27. organicmummy says:

    I LOVE this! Such a wonderful idea. :)

  28. Sue says:

    I think the advent calendar kit is brilliant.

    I already subscribe to your blog via email and facebook but I’m afraid I don’t twitter.

  29. I think the pirate treasure chest would be perfect for my grandson. He loves hiding things away.

    I’ve also subscribed and RT’d

  30. phyllis ellett says:

    Love the Sailing Ship Wood Construction Kit , its not plastic, which is a change.

    Am following (blog etc) and RT’d the giveaway @phyllgerry

  31. Cheryl says:

    I love the science museums kits and all the craft kits too, especially the jewellery box.

  32. Cheryl says:

    I’m following your blog and have retweeted your competition tweet too :-)

  33. Rebecca says:

    What an excellent idea!

    I’m a subscriber, and I’m liking the look of the make your own teddy bear kit – I’ve always wanted to do that :)

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