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Weekly Photo – In London

| November 13, 2010 | 14 Comments

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Jenny Matlock

I is for “In”

Ok… this is a rubbish cheat. But I didn’t find an Igloo nor any Ice. Which I really wanted to do.

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  1. So lovely! The uniform really suits you Maggy 😉

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Yes, red is rather dashing colour!!!

  3. Je ny paulin says:

    Ha ha that’s a great photo! You look like a disco diva with an Afro from the shoulders up!! X

  4. danielle baker says:

    Ahh I love this photo xx

  5. Cid says:

    HA HA HA too funny x

  6. Mari says:

    A lot of fun! Thanks for the smile :)

  7. What a cute soldier and Paddington! Paddington never looked cuter!

  8. Jingle says:

    lovely image..
    we know what an igloo and ice look alike.

  9. stef says:

    Hahah! That picture is awesome!!

  10. Judie says:

    Love your hat!!!

  11. How fun!
    And really, “In” does actually begin with an “I!”

  12. Even though it was a rubbish cheat (that remark totally cracked me up, btw) I loved it anyway.

    It just made me laugh.

    Which is always a good thing on a Tuesday before Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for being so nifty.


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