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Nothing to do with Anything and Everything

| January 13, 2011 | 19 Comments

Well hello. You all know that Red Ted Art is all about CRAFTS, as well as some books/ games/ anything to do with children reviews and our cheeky weekly photo. It is a formula that works for me and keeps me focussed and avoids “cluttering” up the blog with things, I believe you don’t want to read… but every so often you need to break the rules, don’t you?

Today I wanted to just write a little post about Nothing To Do with Anything and Everything: Twitter!! It has nothing to do with crafting and yet it has everything to do with what Red Ted Art “as it is today”. And today, I am one of Five Amazing “Fresh New Blogs” voted by the British Mummy Blogging community and some. And wanted to say thank you. Thank you to you, for voting and thank you to Twitter for existing:

I didn’t really know that Red Ted Art would become what it is, if it were not for these things I gain from Twitter on a daily basis:

  1. Contact with other parents – who read my blog to get crafty with their children
  2. Contact with other crafters – who inspire me with their ideas and help me develop my craftiness
  3. Contact with other crafters – who support the blog through their Guest Posts
  4. Feedback on content – from both parents and crafters alike
  5. Keeping me informed on what is happening in the Bloggy Community – be it with new photo challenges (e.g. Project 365 Club) or the next Cybermummy conference
  6. Answering my questions – be it on, how to deal with a bee sting or how to varnish a story cube (both equally important to the existent of Red Ted Art.. if I cannot care for my children first, I cannot devote time to the blog)
  7. Helping my blog grow and increase visitor and pageview numbers
  8. Day to day chit chat that help a SAHM keep sane

Twitter I thank you. And with that I thank the friends I talk to regularly, but also the ones I only catch up with only every so often. Twitter I thank you for voting Red Ted Art as one of the new Fresh Voices in Blogging.

Needless to say The British Mummy Blogger Forum and Blogger.Ed are also instrumental, however, Twitter, has been “the tool” of communication for me in 2011.

So… just to list a few recent friends  – by all means this list is NOT comprehensive (you don’t seriously expect me to list 2000+ twitter friends?!)

  • @himupnorth @marketingtomilk @verybusymama @aresidence – because these are the other 4 winners of the “Fresh Voice Category” Congratulations to you all! I am honoured to be in such fabulous company!
  • @incredibusymum – because she is my neighbour and she is lovely, helpful, funny, interesting and has two gorgeous boys that Red Ted adhores – in fact, I believe it was@incredibusymum who first got me onto twitter?!?
  • @JfB57 – because she is the biggest and kindest RTer – helping other bloggers find their way and drives traffics to their sites. I am convinced I got the “guardian gig” through one of her RTs
  • @christinemosler – because I adore her blog. I adore her family and I adore Chris – I think we are kindred spirits
  • @mamummyblog  – new(ish) to twitter and blogging a great toddler crafting contempory
  • @siwchocolate – another “early” twitter friend with always another idea up her sleeve
  • @nuturestore – my regular crafty ideas exchange lady – and someone I can email if need advice on the content of a post
  • @fionahreeves – because she is a friend, a designer, a little bit crafty AND sorts out all my website woes
  • @Kahanka – just because she is nice
  • @babybudgeting – because she is a very supportive soul! Always has ideas. Is always up to something and will always RT
  • @summerlandc – because we chat a lot and we have a crafty affinity
  • @JennyPaulin – because we chat and I like saying hello
  • @liveotherwise – as a homeschooling mum she is inspirational
  • @LvanO – one of my first “proper twitter friends” – kind, supportive and loyal
  • @kateab – well if Kate does not talk to you, you are doing something wrong
  • @mydaddycooks – because he is a wonderful guy – successful, yet very helpful, approachable and has an adorbable little boy
  • @theothermousie – because she has had a tough year, and yet is still a pleasure to chit chat too
  • @sistersguild – because they love my blog :-)
  • @chellekip – because I like saying hello and she is always there to say hello back!
  • @WestonsuperMum – because she is a great supporter of Red Ted Art, which, I “need” more than you think
  • @mayahanley – because I recently made her Orange & Almond cake and it was delicious

I tell you, there are many many more that I have regular contact with, and whose support and ideas I find invaluable, I just can’t keep writing all night! So please do not be offended if I missed you off.

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  1. Kate says:

    Oh Jesus, Maggy. You just made me cry. Thank you for my mention.

  2. Chris says:

    Darling Maggy, I am so delighted for you, you really deserve this award! As for your wonderful thank you ‘speech’ …thank YOU! What lovely things to say! I think we are kindred spirits too and I look forward to another year of tweeting and blogging together. Well done you! xxx

  3. Emma Burford says:

    ahh thank you Maggy for the mention but you deserve one most for your effortless support via twitter for us all…. CONGRATULATIONS to your acknowledgment for your fantastic blog!!!

  4. becky says:

    Cheer my dear. YOu’ve been a very good pal to me x

  5. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you, you kind and lovely ladies, but then I knew that which is why you all got a mention above!!

  6. Great list, and congratulations on your blogging Brilliance!

  7. Ahhh, lovely post and many many congratulations on the award. X

  8. ella says:

    Huge congratulations Maggy, I was thrilled to see you had been awarded this and thanks for taking part in the carnival x

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you :-) was very exciting indeed!!! And gave a real boost for 2011!

  10. Zoe says:

    Congrats Maggy!

  11. Lizzy_o says:

    Super well done you! You 100% deserve it. A fabulous blog and such a kind person!

  12. HUGE congrtaulations x x

  13. Congrats on the award! And great list – so glad my daddy cooks is as nice as he seems :) (Visiting you from Notes from home btw)

  14. SAHMlovingit says:

    Congrats on your acknowledgement with BMB (and the great post) x

  15. Paige says:

    Congratulations! Well done.

  16. Well done Maggy – good for you!!

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