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Review – Fox in Socks (Dr. Seuss) book & iphone App

| January 31, 2011

We ADORE Dr. Seuss. We love quirky and we love cheeky. And lucky for us, we regularly get asked to do some iphone App reviews for different production companies. We were asked to look at “Fox in Socks”.

I thought it would be worth while, to do this as an iphone App AND book review. Because if you love the book, you will certainly love the iphone Apps!

Fox in Socks: Green Back Book (Dr Seuss Green Back Books)Fox in Socks, Dr. Seuss.

If you are not yet familiar with Dr Seuss, it REALLY is about time that you do get hold of a copy  – Dr. Seuss wrote a whole library full of wonderfully quirky nonsense books that I am sure you would enjoy (ahem, that is if you like nonsense…. if you don’t, well, then maybe these books are not for you). Fox in Socks is about a naughty Fox who teases and annoys “Knox” with is increasingly impossible tongue twister. Whenever Knox shouts “enough enough”, Fox comes up with more absurd twisters and rhymes. Eventually Knox has enough and “gets his own back”. This definitely one of the more nonsense books around (chick balancing bricks and blocks on clocks), but the tongue twisters are fun. If you like Dr Seuss but want more of a “story”, then Cat in the Hat and Horton Hatches The Egg, as well as the Christmas Grinch are some of our favourites.

Red Ted has enjoyed the Dr Seuss Pocket Library for quite some time now, as well as the naughty cat in the hat. He is just beginning to enjoy “nonsense” stories, but does like rhymes.  He enjoys the first few pages, but then it gets a little long for him.. so if the book was half the size, he would find it perfect. I think he will enjoy it more and more as he gets bigger and I would definitely recommend it for some fun giggling time together.

So… and what about the App? All the books that have been converted to Apps have NOT disappointed us. We LOVE THEM! They are almost better than the book (can this be?). All Dr. Seuss books that have been converted to Apps are wonderfully made: great voice overs (I felt REALLY sorry for the lady reading these tongue twisters and was AMAZED how right she got them, I dread to think how many takes it took). The images are true to the book but “animated”: as you scroll through you zoom in and out of the pictures. Also, what I love about all the apps is the reinforcement of words: tap on  Knox and the word Knox is highlighted and flies across the screen. You can even tap on images that are not in the rhyme – such as grass and bush and the words will appear. There are great sound effects such as tic toc-ing and chicks chirping.

Back to Red Ted? Again, the “too young” bit still stands. He always comes back to the Dr Seuss Apps. Has a play, clicks on some words and then leaves again – so they don’t hold his attention span just yet, but he is obviously interested. Well he is not yet three…

Available at Oceanhouse Media.

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  1. se7en says:

    Oh I collect Dr. Seuss Apple Apps – I just can’t help myself they are so cool!!! And there have been nights when I press play in the dark and little person has sat “reading” my phone till they go back to sleep – amen!!!

  2. Z-Dad says:

    Great to hear they are getting the iphone apps right! Glad the producers are putting in good effort.

    Have you seen this person speed reading Fox in Socks? Amazing:

    • Red Ted Art says:

      NO WAY! That is amazing. I can’t even “hear that fast”, let alone speak that fast!! Thanks for the link!!