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Review – Toy Stories (IKEA)

| February 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

This is a sponsored post, but the sentiments of the post is what we do believe in!

Well, we do love arts and crafts (can you guess) and when the kind people at IKEA asked whether they could send us some their arts and crafts materials, I wasn’t going to say no. I already use their brushes and paints with Red Ted (see one of our latest creations here). And we now have some great pens and paper etc to try out too…

However, this post is not about the supplies, but about IKEA’s  family Facebook page.  It used to be a special “Make it Play” page, that had the fabulous application below. Since having written this post, this page has merged with the main family IKEA page. So do go and visit them.

Well, we do like playing more, and we do like stories.

Toy Stories is an online application, that lets you build short stories with your children. You pick a character (based on an IKEA toy of course) and then you pick a story theme – Jungle, Birthdays or PicNic.

Up comes the opportunity to fill in the words and tell the story.

What can I say? But that Red Ted loved it! I think it was the combination of “birthdays” and the fact that he got to have a go on the computer with Mummy’s full attention. We completed the Birthday story once and then had to have another go straight away… with the doggy.. this could go on for ever. Was it a success? Absolutely!

You can even print off your story at the end. Which I think is rather cute and fun and really encourages storytelling. You just have to staple it together to make a little book.

In some ways it is a shame that you cannot “truly” influence which way the story goes, however, if you are doing this application with a small child, that would probably be overwhelming. What I found, was that this was a great way to get Red Ted (almost 3yrs) describing what he can see – I find, that sometimes he is stuck for words and wants me to always tell him a story or explain a picture to him. Interestingly with this app – he actually did the telling – How Mousie wanted a party. How the friends arrived and how they sang Happy Birthday. So I was very pleased with how “active” he was.

We kept it simple, but a 5yrs old for example, could discuss things like the time and emotions a bit more.

This is a free application from IKEA, providing you with a bit of fun, so you cannot really be too critical!

So. Hopefully this cute little book application will becoming to Family IKEA on Facebook again (especially since, every time Red Ted sees the above, he shouts “Mummy, let’s reeeeaaaaad”). Why not join them and check for latest updates? Click here.

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