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Weekly Photo: Schnurrbart (German for Moustache)

| February 12, 2011 | 28 Comments

S is for Schnurrbart (or Special Birthday Treat)

Jenny Matlock

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  1. Edie Mindell says:

    Very funny.:-) I love this photo. I love the color of his eyes and his mustache.:-)He is so cute!

  2. Oh bless! Mine had marmite/cheese spread/chocolate in their ears for years!

  3. jfb57 says:

    It must be my age but I want ot get wet flannel! 😉 Looks yummy though!

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Chris: Oh no… I didn’t check his ears… (running off to look)

    Julia: Not your age – the flannel came out quick time!

  5. Kat @ iRant iRave says:

    I’m impressed. From the picture it looks like it’s only on his face whereas D would manage to get everywhere and everything else dirty before his face :)

  6. Mama Syder says:

    Lol, Bless him. I Love messy photos, so cute

  7. Haha! Chocolate moustaches are the best moustaches! x

  8. Haha! Chocolate moustaches are the best moustaches! 😉

  9. Emma says:

    That’s so cute…..nothing better than a chocolate moustache :)

  10. Jenny paulin says:

    Chocolate moustache hee hee! Funny photo x

  11. Kerri says:

    Very funny! Such gorgeous eyes too!! Kerri

  12. Jayne says:

    There is no better way to enjoy chocolate that when licking it off of ones top lip!

    Also, love the way his eyes match his shirt. So handsome.

  13. Jacq says:

    My son has a speech disorder so we spend quite a bit of time smearing chocolate on his top lip, as he struggled to move his top lip or tongue. It sounds weird but it has worked and he’s getting some movement in those areas now.

  14. Mumra says:

    A Nuttella tash, brilliant. Every child should have one. x

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh yes, every child MUST have a nutella tash!!! Def part of growing up!

      And Jacq – what a clever idea to use choc to start getting everything “moving”!!!

  15. Cheryl says:

    A new word and a great pic. He’s got the bluest eyes I’ve seen in a long time.

  16. The best thing about a chocolate mustache is licking it off.

  17. Donnie says:

    So cute. That looks like Nutella.

  18. storybeader says:

    how cute!
    Sure looks like he’s enjoying himself!

  19. That is too cute! (Here from Alphabe-Thursday, nice to meet you.)

  20. Love this pic and your child is very handsome indeed moustache or not

  21. Is there anything sweeter than a child enjoying a treat…and wearing it?

    I think not!

    What a sweet, sweet stop on our little jouney through Alphabe-Thursday’s letter “S”.

    I really appreciate the smile.


  22. Jingle says:

    cute kid..


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