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Review – Build A Bear

| February 14, 2011 | 5 Comments

Well. Where do I begin. Build A Bear… a number of UK bloggers have already been to “visit” Build A Bear and I hadn’t really given it much thought until I realised we had one very local to us. Then I thought… well it is “vaguely” crafty, why not ask if we can go too? The PR lady for Build A Bear was super nice and organised for Red Ted and one of his friends to go on his 3rd Birthday. What a treat. I was so pleased for him.

I still didn’t really know what to expect, I think I may have thought it would be a bit naff. But oh my, it was WONDERFULLY lovely. And I mean it. It was FABULOUS. I was so so so pleasantly surprised.

The staff were super friendly. Fabulous with kids. So so so patient and made it a truly lovely experience.

We took the 3yrs olds plus their litte 1yrs old sisters – and my friend straight away said we had to come again for the 1yrs old’s 2nd birthdays (though I would recommend 3yrs + is perfect). What was truly lovely, was that the 1yrs old were aloud to roam free, cause havoc (including slobbering over some hearts, which we were then allowed to take home) and no-one said a word or tutted or made us feel bad (we did try to control them, I hasten to add…).

Well, what was so lovely? The whole thing – just how it is all set up, how well trained the staff are and how cute the process… here is the process:

1st You choose an “empty bear”. There were loads to choose from and Red Ted and his friend were very indecisive. The lady who was looking after us was terribly nice and let them take as much time as they wanted/ needed to.

Changing of minds was fine and finally they both settled on a rather pink bear (mmmh, shame, there was some gorgeously traditional ones… but hey, it was their treat, so pink it was).

Then you get to test all the buttons to decide what “sound effects” your bear is going to make. The children started to warm up a little and to loose some of their shyness.

Having been introduced to the amazing “filling machine”, they got to fill their teddies… giving them a good test cuddle to see if they were full enough! Then add some more stuffing.

In the meantime the little ones loved playing with the teddy hearts.. well they were rather pretty and very tactile.

Then comes the REALLY cute bit – you each take a heart (that you sister hasn’t slobbered on) and you wake it up. Rubbing. Kissing. Blowing… and then you stuff in it your teddy to wake it up!

Then of course you have to wash them.. and we have a little girl teddy (Red Ted’s) and a little boy teddy (his friend’s).

Next they get dressed and get to choose an outfit, hats and shoes. If they dont like it, they can swap it round.

It was VERY hard watching Red Ted choose a negligée type dress and his friend choosing a Woody outfit with Cinderella shoes… but it was their day!

And THEN we got a photo from the both and certificate and they got have a go at playing on the computers!!!

The bears got put into their cardboard houses and the children made a solemn promise to look after them!

And finally, my favourite photo:

And then… we went for a well deserve juice and cake:

Thank you Build a Bear for a truly lovely day out.

Wonderful bears. Wonderful staff. Wonderful experience!

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  1. mermaid says:

    Oh, that`s my favoutite place in the world :)
    I`ve got six buildabear animals at home.. My first one was a pink poodle and I bought it from Denmark :)

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    I can see how it gets addictive!!!!

  3. Kerri says:

    What a wonderful treat!

    Build a Bear is a favorite of ours here too! We have made it a tradition to visit a couple weeks before Christmas. They have some lovely Holiday themed animals.

    Thanks for sharing your day out! I adore the picture of them carrying their bears in their boxes down the corridor.


  4. The outfits are excellent Maggy!

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