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Competition – Design your Own PJs with Chatterpants

| February 27, 2011 | 11 Comments

The winners of the Chatter pants competition are:

  • Robbie the robot, by Thomas 7
  • Insects by Millie Webb, 6
  • Erin’s fully decorated pjs, aged 8
  • Becky’s fully decorated pjs, aged 7

Their parents and teachers have been contacted!

HOW EXCITING is this… your child has got the chance to have his/ her drawing will be used in the next Chatterpants range of clothes… How chuffed would your little artist be to wear their own drawings?

Let’s rewind:

Chatterpants is a wonderfully colourful label that produces wonderful clothing for preschoolers. Chatterpants is passionate about retro designs,  incorporating bright colours & polyester free natural fabrics. Designs are orginal, fun and comfortable.

They have agreed to provide you, Red Ted Art readers, the chance to design next seasons range.

Chatterpants is looking for wonderful drawings of:

  • Retro Robots
  • Cars
  • Retro Butterflies
  • Swirly Flowers

All you need to do, is to get your child drawing.. the drawings need to be:

  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Felt tips
  • Paint strokes are ok, but a transfer to print may not always be possible..
  • NOT crayons

So… does your child like drawing? Well… let’s Get Crafty!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Open to children aged 4-10 yrs
  2. Entries must be scanned in and sent to both info (at) redtedart (dot) com and info (at) chatterpants (dot) com with “Drawing Competition” in the title – there will be a special post showing all entries when the competition closes
  3. Chatterpants will require the original drawing in order to manage any transfers should it win, so please hang on to these
  4. There will be up to 4 winners – one for each category
  5. Each winner will receive a £20 shopping credit on the chatterpants website
  6. All artist will be credited on the website (with parent’s consent)
  7. Chatterpants will choose a winner and their decision is final.
  8. It is not guaranteed that the final winning drawings will actually be used in the next collection, but we all very much hope it will!
  9. Entries will be displayed on Flickr.

Closing date: 31st March 2011.

Open to Europe only.

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  1. becky says:

    What a BRILLIANT competition for redtedart fans! I love it. Will get some new felt tips for Frankie and set him on the project x

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Hooray! I reckon robots are a pretty cool thing to draw! That is what we would go for. Am SOOO EXCITED about seeing all the entries!! :-)

  3. I think this is a fantastic competition! We’ll be sitting down in the next week or so to have a go!

  4. Laura Baker says:

    Fantastic idea! Will be asking 2 of mine if they would like to have a go x

  5. Geeky Mummy says:

    What a lovely idea. Question, there is no mention as to how many entries a child can have, Geeky Daughter is struggling to decide between the different picture options, is only one entry allowed or could she say do a robot and flower entry – if it’s not too cheeky a question. Thanks.

  6. Geeky Mummy says:

    Thanks – Geeky Daughter has already draw her four pictures, one for each category, just need to email them to you which will probably take a bit longer.

  7. What a gorgeous idea! My little one was 4 in Feb so I was really excited about this … but then I read “Open UK only”.



  8. fabmums says:

    What a great idea, my son will love to take part!

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