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Review – Bumblejums

| March 7, 2011 | 3 Comments

You know me and loving to review new books and music – especially when it is made by and individual not a large company. So when the creators of Bumblejums asked if I fancied taking a peak at their Bumblejums CD, I was all up for it!

The CD arrived and Red Ted wanted to listen to it straight away. And listen we did. It is a rather cute concept – the 4 elements: Water, Air (Cloud), Earth and Fire (Sunshine) are the Bumblejums characters that come and help us look after the world. They live in Bally Bo, where there is lots to do and see, especially play and have fun. The music is not your typically annoying “nursery rhyme music”. Think Lightening Seeds meets CBeebies and you have the general idea. Having said that, I am not that a musical expert, so maybe that is quite the right comparison.

Red Ted often asks for raindrops and earth and wants to hear the music, as well as the stories that make up the songs. Lovely.

The main thing though is – do we like it? Yes! Does Red Ted ask for it to be played? Yes! Would I recommend it? Yes!

And it wouldn’t surprise me if this did indeed land on CBeebies one day! Fab.

Want to find out more, visit the Bumblejums website.

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  1. This looks really cute, I shall have a look as I am on the hunt for birthday gifts at the minute!

  2. We had much the same reaction to this one didn’t we? Great to find not jangly music!

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Yes! I think we think alike!!! :-)

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