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Review – Cute & Easy Crochet

| March 14, 2011 | 4 Comments

You may remember a few weeks ago I did a post on “How To Teach Yourself to Crochet“? Having mastered a ripple blanket I am now keen to try out lots of different patterns – at some point crocheting some cute toys. So when a fellow crafty friend (Chris from Thinly Spread) told me about a lovely book she recently bought, I wanted one too!!!!

The publishers kindly let me have a copy! Hooray! And it arrived 4 days ago…

Cute and Easy Crochet Cute & Easy Crochet, by Nicki Trench. And, I am telling you it is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS – the patterns are lovely, the wool they use is lovely and there seems to be something for everyone – little practice crochets like Jam Jar Covers, to chair mats (which will make a FABULOUS 1st project for when my kids are older), to gorgeous throws and bags. It is fabulously structured – patterns are clearly marked as “beginner”, “improver” and “enthusiast”. I like these labellings, as “improver” to me sounds like I can have a go and I may even manage enthusiast one day!!! The beginning of the book as a guide to all the stitched you will need – so “their double crochet” or “their treble”. This is great for making sure you are not getting the American and British stitches confused, as well as serving as a reminder as to “what these actually are again”… I last crocheted about 2 months ago, so as a beginner I did need to revisit all the stitches again to remind me what I need to do.. and then I had a go: at their “Baby Bouncing Balls”. I decided to make these, as they are small, quick, help me practice following a pattern (which is the skill in need to improve) and allowed me to use up some odds and ends of wool I had lying around. The beginning was a little fiddly (isn’t all crochet beginning a little fiddly?) and then I quickly got the hang of the pattern. I didn’t make just one, but 5!! Well we have some babies just born amongst my friends, so these make perfect little additions to their gifts. I love them. I am hooked.

I highly recommend this to any beginner. My only “but” would – with the less complicated patterns – use what would wool you have that roughly corresponds to the pattern – don’t worry about buying a whole ball of wool, just to make a little bouncy ball or Jam Jar cover… However, take care to get the right wool for bigger or more complicated patterns – I know this from “bitter knitting experience”! Ask advice in a store or buy the wool stated for the pattern (which is often Debbie Bliss, which I LOVE!).

So: what do you think of my little bouncy balls??! Aren’t they too cute? And all from wool left overs!

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  1. maryanne says:

    I love the little bouncy balls! My aunt made one like this for Emma when she was a baby, and it’s been a hit with all three of my kids!

  2. Isil says:

    I would love to learn crocheting. Thanks for this book suggestion. I only have to wait until my 15 month old is a little bit older so he can leave me with it :)

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