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Iphone Apps for Kids!

| April 28, 2011 | 6 Comments

Well, I haven’t really reviewed iphone apps for a while now and I feel as if I am really behind!! So I have a number for you today!  As you know, I review my kids apps, by loading them on the phone and then handing the phone to Red Ted. If he plays with it repeatedly, it gets the thumbs up. If he ignores it, it doesn’t…

First up is Oceanhouse Media’s

Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on The Bed:

Well, you may know that I am a great fan of Oceanhouse Media’s Apps – the story apps are all in the same great style – fabulous voice over with read to self or read to me options as well as great “tapping options”. Read my review of Fox in Socks to see what I mean. As Red Ted loves the nursery song “Three Little Monkeys”, he loves this app too.. and it gets played lots (“Mummy, the one with the monkeys…”.

Thumbs up.

Horton Hears a Who

We are GREAT Dr Seuss fans and we are great Oceanhouse Media fans.. back to my Fox in Socks review, this is a great iphone app version of the book. So,, if you like the book, you will like the app.

This wonderful book was made into a movie back in 2008

Thumbs up (to ALL of the Dr Seuss iphone app Books)

Letter Buddies AlphaBooks

AlphaBooks for iPad icon Back to my comment regarding thumbs up – if Red Ted (3yrs) likes it, it gets the thumbs up. And does he like it? He loves it! Funny, I didn’t expect that he would, as the design does not appeal to me – however, I am hard to please… and it is well done (I am just not that keen on the actual cartoon letters). You pick a letter in the book and then it goes through the following format: the letter has a name (e.g. Chatty C), “Do you know any words starting with..?”, followed by some example words, followed by a short sentence that used that words. The sentence stays the same for each letter (e.g. I can draw a Cat, I can draw a Cake), but changes across the letters (e.g. The Airplane is in the sky). I quite like the repetitiveness of the structure, as I do thin it assists learning. It also uses a combination of the cartoon letters and real photos, nicely edited and brought together. If you are unsure about getting the appt, test out the Lite version first! Red Ted loves discovering letters at the moment and he plays this alot!

Thumbs up.

Seek N Find

Seek-and-Find App: My Animals by Wonderkind I have to confess, that I don’t really “get this app” (not sure what you are seeking and finding, as everything is in plain view)… but Red Ted plays regularly with it. What else can I say. You touch the animals and they do something funny (like the goat  knocking the farmer off a ladder)

Thumbs up (by Red Ted)

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  1. The Moiderer says:

    I will check these out (the ones you like anyway!) Have you tried any of the Duck Duck Moose Apps? I reviewed a bunch of apps here http://www.themoiderer.com/blog/2011/03/ipad-apps-for-young-kids.html
    (hope you don’t mind me putting a link in your comments)

  2. Mediocre Mum says:

    Madame’s favourite is Pre-school Monkey Lunchbox! The American Accent is slightly annoying but it does have sticking power!

  3. se7en says:

    Oh fun!!! We are collecting Dr Seuss apps… And Sandra Boynton is fun too – we have The Going to Bed Book read in a very dry voice!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    You should check out http://www.p2games.co.uk

    They have so many great apps for kids!

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