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How to… make a Rag Heart (Guest Post)

| June 17, 2011 | 44 Comments

Today we have a very lovely “How to make a Rag Heart Wreath” guest post from Mary from Mary Poppins Home Sweet HomeAs some of you may know there a some Mummy And Daddy (the MADs) Blogging awards going on the UK. I was very excited and chuffed to see that I have been nominated in three categorie: Craft Blog of the Year, Pre-School Blog of the Year (thanks to our weekly Kids Get Crafty) and overall blogger of the year… How truly lovely is that?

Rag Heart Wreaths - super simple, easy and thrifty DIY - looks so cute and pretty and are perfect for all those lovely fabric scraps

I decided that I should really check out “the competition” and “found” Mary. I have long been connected with Mary on twitter and was VERY ashamed to admit that I wasn’t familiar with her blog. Especially since it is indeed gorgeously lovely! Now, you simply MUST visit Mary, as she is one of the 5 craft blogging finalist… so her blog must be good (*cough* says she whose blog is also in the craft finals *cough*). But *coughing* aside, to go and visit and check out all her loveliness and you won’t be disappointed! Not competition at all, but colleague!

A perfect shabby chic inspired item that would make a special and thoughtful gift and the perfect make to get those children’s little fingers involved too. A wonderful project in which to use up all those scraps of lovely fabric you have lying around waiting to be used. You can choose any design you like, a mixture of many fabrics, maybe even just one or two alternate fabrics. For a pretty effect I like to alternate every so often with pretty ribbons and tulle whilst knotting on the fabric strips. It gives the rag heart a lovely whimsical effect. You can also have the option of using pinking shears on the edges of your chosen fabric to give it a zig zag detail.

Rag Heart DIY – What Do I Need

* Garden wire
* Wire Cutters
* Scissors/pinking shears (optional )
* Fabric Scraps/Ribbon/Tulle
* Ribbon/Twine ( To hang )

How to make a Rag Heart DIY

1. Cut a piece of garden wire to measure approximately 80 cms. For this project I used a 2.5 mm pliable plastic coated garden wire. Galvanised wire is stronger, though a little harder to work with and you would certainly need a good strong pair of pliers and cutters. If you are not confident about doing your heart shape free hand you could always print out a heart shaped template and use that as a guide to bend your wire into a heart shape. It doesn’t matter what size heart you make. Twist the ends of your wire heart over and then use pliers to neaten. The heart in this project measures approximately 30cms wide and 30cms tall.

make a rag heart Easy rag heart how to

2. Cut your strips from your chosen fabric. Decide whether you want to use pinking shears to achieve zig zag edges or straight edges with scissors. Start to cut your strips from the fabric following a measurement of approximately 4.5 inches in length and 1 inch wide for each strip. You needn’t measure every single one, you can use your guess work a little as you begin to recognise the size they should be, also it is more characteristic for the heart if each of the strips aren’t too exact in length as one another. If you want a more substantial looking heart then cut your strips a little longer. I used approximately 100-140 different strips for this project.

3. Tie each fabric strip onto the heart. Work your way around in the direction that suits you. It is up to you whether you tie each strip using one knot or two knots around the heart, obviously if you are going to tie twice then make the strips slightly longer. Aim to get the fabric upright, as in the right side of fabric facing the front of the heart which shall be on display. You could always use a fabric that is double sided. As you make your way around the heart, twist and move along the tied strips so you can’t see any gaps. If there are any, cut some more strips and squeeze them on.

Lovely rag heart wreath - a great way to upcycle old or scrap fabrics. So sweet!

4. Tie a bow at the top for decoration, and add ribbon or twine to hang, and then stand back and admire your pretty Shabby Chic heart!

valentine hearts heart wreaths tutorial

Hints & Tips    

* Once happy with the heart shape created with your wire you may bind your heart with wadding and fabric to make it a little sturdier if desired before you tie on your strips

* When creating your strips it may be helpful to cut one long piece of fabric and then cut many strips in one go. Have all your required strips cut before you start to knot them on the wire heart.

Don’t you think these rag hearts are simply adorable??? I am so going to make some for Pip Squeaks room! May even see if I can recycle some of her old onesies.. Thank you Mary.

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  1. Liz Burton says:

    What a beautiful effect. Sounds simple too. I’m having a go at this one! Thanks for the great tutorial and good luck both in the MADS x

  2. Isil says:

    Really beautiful,thank you. Good luck to both of you :)

  3. mermaid says:

    It really looks so simple to make and looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    (and thank you for the good luck wishes!)

  5. Nel says:

    Lovely. Im off to brave the shed for some wire to give it a go.

  6. Oh that is lovely! I have some perfect ‘scraps’…I can see me making a lot of these!

  7. Esther says:

    Simple yet stunning result! Beautiful!

  8. Hayley says:

    If only i had the time to make one! I adore them!

  9. Mary Poppins says:

    Ah, thank you for sharing my little rag hearts with your readers, it really is a lovely project and once those little strips are all cut out, it doesn’t take that long at all to tie around the wire heart. You can even do initials too, look lovely in children’s bedrooms, and they look just as effective with all the pretty strips on :0) Ditto the Mad blog awards, I sincerely with you the best of luck and who ever goes up to get that award I know shall be holding hands with others and sharing it with so many lovely people, is not about the winning, is the friendships formed via blogging etc that make it so enjoyable for me :0) MWAH xxxx

  10. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I love it’s simple elegance.

  11. It’s very cute and a great idea!

    Happy Show and Tell Friday :O)


  12. mummiafelice says:

    ooooh these would look amazing over my girls beds!!!! love it!

  13. Red Ted Art says:

    Simply too gorgeous, no?!?! :-)

  14. katka says:

    I LOVE your blog. My daughter is only two and a half and doesn’t yet want to participate yet in art much but I am trying hard :) she simply doesn’t want to get her hands dirty!!!!
    The heart is lovely…I am one of those who collects buttons and old fabric and never throw away a gift wrap and ribbons :) now I have another idea how to use them :)
    nice…keep up the good work!!!!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Aaah it can be hard to get little people interested.. I would just keep trying. Don’t push it too hard and maybe one day they will fancy it! Craftiness isn’t everyones thing… and I guess one has to respect that *sigh*

  15. Judy says:

    Congrats on the awards nominations! How exciting :).
    I love how simple rag wreaths are and they look so cute…I made one for Valentine’s day and just loved how it livened up my front door. The colors Mary chose for the wreath used in the tutorial are so cute and I think I may have to do initials for my boys’ bedroom or something of the sort.

  16. Red Ted Art says:

    Judy your heart looks lovely :-)

  17. Mareeyah says:

    That’s lovely! What a great way of making use of those scrap fabrics and turning them into a beautiful decor. Saw you at Tip Junkie’s Homemade projects.

  18. Looks really beautiful.

  19. Heidi says:

    They look gorgeous and so easy to make! (Until I try to make it that is and then mine will just look a mess!!)

  20. Carolyn says:

    That turned out really nice. Well done.

  21. jollyjillys says:

    what a great idea i am soooooo going to make some love it

  22. Emma says:

    Just made two, what a fab project, thanks ladies

  23. jane says:

    These are lovely something that i must have a go at some time :)

  24. mummiafelice says:

    Just loves these! Soooo pretty!!

  25. Becky says:

    Love this !!!!

  26. Mindie says:

    Very pretty. I made a tulle heart wreath last week. I am hosting a Valentine Craft and cooking contest starting the 16th. There are some great prizes, hope you will enter.

  27. Red Ted Art says:

    Oooh lovely, will come and stop by Mindie!

  28. Linda says:

    I like your valentine heart decoration and would be happy if you linked it up to my Show It Off Thursdays party at:

    Thanks, Linda

  29. Red Ted Art says:


  30. Deanna says:

    Finally!! A use for all my scraps!! Thanks for the great idea! Deanna

  31. Linda says:

    This post was featured today at
    Stop over and pick up an “I was featured” button if you like! Linda

  32. I made one of these yesterday and posted about it here. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. Jennifer H. says:

    Love it!! I posted a link to this on my blog…thru my pinterest board.
    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn

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