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Get Crafty and Win!

| July 11, 2011 | 29 Comments

Hooray! Another fabulously crafty competition for you… as you know I am a big fan of anything that gets people to sit down and have some crafty fun. So when the lovely people at Fly Thomas Cook got in touch to tell me all about their Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club website and the drawing competition they are running, I just had to share it with you.

Firstly, a little about the Fly Thomas Cook Kids Club site – you really should hop over and take a look – it is very cleverly designed and laid out to keep you and your kids busy before, during and after your flight. With downloadable games and fun facts. I particularly like the Memory game that will help you learn new words in Spanish and Greek (great if you are going on holiday to those countries) and which for some “extra fun” can be coloured in by your children. Memory is such a fabulously basic childhood game – which you can play before you go, or as “snap” on the plane. Two for one. Fab!

But I digress.. more importantly, to launch this great new site, Thomas Cook has asked me to tell you all about their CRAFTY competition.. you know how we always like to combine a good book with a craft? Well Thomas Cook wants you to do the same. Choose a real legend based story from here and then get crafty! You can draw a picture or make something.

E.g. for Ghost Island you could – draw an island surrounded by shark infested waters with lots of palm trees and coconuts, you could make some loo roll ghosts, or you could make a fisherman’s boat out of egg cartons or juice cartons, or how about a picture of all the beautifully coloured birds…?

For the Magic Mirror you could build a fort out of a cardboard box, or draw “the Turkish man with his huge lips”, or make a treasure chest or how about a beautiful mirror or a loo roll witch..? Or a drawing of the orchard…?

Then… write a blog post about the Thomas Cook Kids Club website, the competition AND your craft and come back here to link up!

What can you win?!

A fabtastic Kid’s Travel Kit, which includes:

VTech Kidizoom Plus Multimedia Digital Camera (Blue) Product Details

* A child’s digital camera (VTech Kidizoom Plus Multimedia Digital Camera)

* A fab trunki suitcase (Tiger)

* Child’s headphones (for the plane! or to keep things quiet at your destination) (Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids)

And some travel fun extras….

The Doodle Book : Postcards Richard Scarry's Big Busy Sticker & Activity Book Everybody's Activity Book: Cut, Stick, Colour!Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Very High Sun Protection Stick SPF 50 20 g  For Sensitive AreasAqua Sphere Moby Kid Swimming Goggles (Size: Junior) (Colour: Transparent (Clear) ) Crayola Sharks Fin Case

* some quality doodle book, Crayola shark fin case, sunscreen, goggles (one pair only – clear colour – image misleading)**

So… what’s stopping you? Print of a travel story. Read it with your children and GET CRAFTY! Come back and LINK UP BELOW!


Terms & Conditions

1) Open to UK entrants only

2) All entrants mush link up by Thursday 28th July, Midnight

3) All blog posts must include information about the Thomas Cook site and the competition, as well as a craft relating to one of the Thomas Cook Stories

4) The reserves the right to select a winner and their decision is final

5) Thomas Cook reserves to right to use any images of your crafts or drawings in their promotional materials (even if you did not win)- should your craft or drawing be selected your child’s name and age will be credited.


**please note – subject to availability and there *may* be a replacement item or two

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  1. Zoe says:

    Wow maggy, what an amazing giveaway!

  2. Mediocre Mum says:

    Hi Maggy,

    Looks like a fab competition! I will definitely be entering but as my craft coach you may have to hold my hand! 😉



  3. Oooh great competition – it will definitely appeal to my children’s imagination. I’d best dig out the pritt stick!

  4. Annieqpr says:

    Oh the pressure, mine were making boats with the Beavers this weekend, they met a real boat engineer, now, where’s her number 😉
    Looks fab!

  5. Oh how fab! We’ll have a go!

  6. Cheryl says:

    We had great fun – I really do have loads of gold spray paint in my nails that won’t come out though !!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Well.. uhm, isn’t that the new look: gold nails?? Good luck with both the Gold and in the Comp!!! Thanks for entering!

  7. Luci says:

    We have just entered your super competion. My kids had a lovely time and it has reignited my interest in blogging. Plus we have found your lovely website because of this competition.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh my, what a kind comment to make! Thank you so much and am SOOO pleased that you got so much out of taking part :-)

  8. Lynne Kelly says:

    hey, this is a great comp we had a lot of of fun doing it, I’m sorry but I mucked up the link to my entry no.4 but it worked 2nd time, no.5, would it be possible for you to delete the one with the broken link? regards, lynne

  9. Lynne says:

    thanks for fixing that for me, I’m not the most technically minded lol

  10. Jane Willis says:

    I’m not entering the comp myself but Fabio asked me to blog about it, so here is my post – to stick to the crafty theme I’ve included some photos of my hand made cards!

  11. Emma says:

    Fab competition Maggy! and lots of great entries! x

  12. Naomi says:

    Thank you very much for this competition, we had great fun and made something that we can keep as well as the memories.

  13. victoria wilkinson says:

    Thank You so much Red Tag Art!!! Loved the competition xx

  14. Kathryn MacKinnon says:

    We had a brilliant day today thanks to this competition. It’s sometimes hard to stay motivated when it’s so miserable outside. Thanks for running such a lovely giveaway. Kx

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Aaaah thank you all for your lovely comments AND entries… so please you got crafty AND enjoy doing so.. that really makes me smile :-)

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