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Where in the Wood? Puzzle – Orchard Toys

| July 18, 2011 | 19 Comments

There are a handful of companies that I simply adore – some have my favourite craft books (Cico Books), others do my favourite iphone apps (Oceanhouse Media and Duck Duck Moose)  and another is Orchard Toys. They (almost) can do no wrong in my eyes.. and everytime they send me something for review I love it… and I am not just saying that, I really do!

Today, Orchard Toys sent me one of their puzzles:

Where in the Wood?

Where in the Wood? Ages 5-7yrs – 150 pieces. Discover what’s in the wood by looking for the hidden wildlife in the picture.

Now, both Orchard Toys and I knew that this puzzled would be beyond Red Ted – aged 3.5yrs, but I said, I could see that this puzzle would still have potential for us and asked for them to send it regardless. And I was not wrong. The puzzle is excellent for us – yes, Red Ted needs help, but wait.. this is why it is fabulous:

The white board is made out of large pieces – Red Ted could assemble this boarder himself. He was VERY proud of this achievement.

It is this boarder that makes the puzzle “ingenious”. It serves several functions – it is the key to the “what can you see?” element of the puzzle – can you find the snail? Can you find the owl? etc. It is great for vocabulary and fabulous for finding details. As it is larger, it is the easiest part of the puzzle for kids to start with AND teaches them the idea that puzzles “can” be easier of you start with the boarder first. I also love this layout, as it reminds me of classic “Seek and Find” books you get in German – they are “Where is Wally” type books and usually have a board just like this to encourage you to explore the very busy pictures – enjoying the drawings, the details and new words. So I knew that we would like it as we very much enjoy the Seek and Find books!

So – Red Ted gained a sense of achievement from having completed the boarder himself. He got to explore the puzzle and knew some of the elements to look for. We got practice vocabulary. Both Pip Squeak and Red Ted enjoyed exploring the picture and finding things. This process actually helped in the puzzle making as it helped him find “little details” on the smaller puzzle pieces.

There is then a “second layer” of the puzzle – as the woodland picture that “boarders the boarder” had a white edge to it – again – this was great for Red Ted, as he could help me find the “white pieces” and learnt to make “the next layer”.

It then got more difficult and to be honest I probably did about 2/3rds of the rest. But I don’t think this is bad. We had some quality one on one time (Pip Squeak went for a nap) and we discussed how we find things and I asked him to look for certain pieces. Red Ted can be a little lazy with puzzle making and often tries to just jam the pieces in. So this was great for us to work together and discuss how you approach a big puzzle. Also Red Ted has a tendency to sit on the puzzle, which of course breaks it up – so we got to practice “not sitting” on it and “being a bit more careful”.

We both enjoyed it and Red Ted LOVED putting in the final 2-3 pieces. The puzzle is now lying assembled on the floor and we are not allowed to move it. Oh and Red Ted’s words on opening the packages were “WOW” and “This smells nice”.

Tip 1: make sure you put the 20mth old to bed first. It all started off very chaotic as 20mth old also wanted to take part. But for her taking part means chucking all the pieces in the air.

Tip 2: (tricky one) If doing this with a younger child (i.e. 3.5yrs) try to make this puzzle when your child isn’t too tired. Red Ted’s concentration did go a little towards the end.

You can now win one of these puzzles by simply leaving a comment and telling us what your favourite game was as a child! Open to the UK only! Competition closes 27 July 2011

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  1. heather rees says:

    we LOVE puzzles in this house!!

  2. adele crozier says:

    We loved mouse trap!!

  3. BumbleBecki says:

    It looks lovely, and its great to hear you had such fun with it.

    I have to say that my fave game as a child was playing Pegasus Unicorns! All in the mind so the possibilities were endless and it could be played any time, any where!
    Probably played it most often at school, whinnying around the playground!

  4. Emma says:

    My Dad always made me play chess with him! xx

  5. Emily Spooner says:

    This looks great my daughter would love spotting the pics around the edge in the main pic. I know one of her little friends who would love it even more … I think i might have to invest for his birthday.

  6. Emily Spooner says:

    Gosh only just saw the comp … ok my fave game as a child .. any board game I used to drive my family mad getting them to play .. I really loved mouse trap!

  7. Rachael G says:

    Would love this – we adore Orchard Toys in our house!

    My favourite game as a child was Ludo and I still enjoy playing it now!

  8. Favourite board game was monopoly. Puzzle looks good.

  9. Isil says:

    I loved playing monopoly :)

  10. BB loves jigsaws and has worked his way through all our age appropriate selection! The rest of us are doing a huge jigsaw on the pool table which is beyond him and he would LOVE this one! Right up his street! My favourite board game as a child was Ludo…or Snakes and Ladders!

  11. Maggie says:

    That looks like a fantastic jigsaw, my “soon-to-be 4” year old would love it. I loved jigsaws when I was her age too, but my favourite game as a child was ludo, and I still love it now xx

  12. Annieqpr says:

    Wow, love jigsaws and love all things Orchard Toys, my lot playing with the Shopping List game as we speak :)

  13. My favourite game was cluedo

    Love the look of this puzzle. Orchard games are the best.

  14. Addy Knight says:

    Snap, I could cheat easy!

  15. Erica says:

    There was a pirate game with treasure and jewels, but can’t remember it’s name.

  16. loved operation although i was useless at it!

  17. Jane Morfett says:

    I loved playing monopoly! Played it for hours with my brother when we were kids!

  18. Maren says:

    I just love jigsaws and so do my 2 girls. Must be in the genes as I have very fond memories of my childhood spending hours with my Mum doing jigsaws.
    Christmas time was always our dedicated playtime with Ludo and monopoly being the top games.

  19. do you remember guess who? i loved that game! @mummylion

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