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Our Family Portrait

| July 24, 2011 | 14 Comments

We *finally* got round to having our family portraits done.. it was lingering at the back of mind for ages and I just wasn’t getting around to it. Pip Squeak has gone through a massive growth spurt recently and it just reminded me of how quickly they are growing up and that I wanted to catch this, as well as get a photo of all of us together.

A friend of mine recently did hers with Snappy Snaps in Wimbledon – yes, that is right, not the first company that springs to mind for family portraits, but I am here to change your mind…

I went with Snappy Snaps in Wimbledon for two main reasons –

1) my friends photos were lovely (and she had used Snappy Snaps in the past for professional photos too) and

2) they seem to be the only company around that are very flexible on their packages! I have a large family, that live all over the place and  I knew would end up needing extra prints and that they would all want different ones. Snappy Snaps Wimbledon had a package were you get some of the photos on CD – which was just what I was after!

So… what was it like?

Well, firstly, Snappy Snaps use renowed photographers in their Snappy Snaps Studios. They are friendly, approachable and not at all intimidating (as some photographers can be). They have a little room all in white decked out ready for the portraits. Not a massive room – but then we didn’t need more space!

The Photo Shoot

The photographer was very sweet and great at putting the children at ease. With a mixture of props and instructions we took over 350 photos in a space of 30-40min – just right for two young children getting tired. Not just that, but with Pip Squeak potty training, she was totally cool about “anything that may happen”, though thankfully, nothing did. As a mum though it was nice to be put at ease. A  week later I went back on my own to view the photos and pick our selection.


I love that they projected all the photos onto the wall, I got to sit on a comfy sofa and look at the ones that they had already sifted out for me. I got to pick, park, bin. And then revisit and repick and repark and bin. I got to see the photos in  colour and black and white and I had plenty of time to ooh and aah.

The image below shows you the wall projections that I was shown. The first one shows my selection for the triptych frame. The second shows how we sifted through the photos and look at them all in different colours and formats. Amazingly they can even do things like – “move one head” from one shot on to “another shot”… Don’t you just love the triptych??? Aren’t Pip Squeak and Red Ted just lovely?

The Package & Flexibility of Snappy Snaps

I went for a package where I get 10 photos on CD, 6 prints and one large frame (or 3 canvases) with 3 photos that the Wimbledon Snappy Snaps had on offer.

You do have to check at your local Snappy Snaps studio though – as they do all have slightly varying packages and grades.

After much ooh and aahing and not being able to decide on “just 10 photos”, the Wimbledon Studio just offered to adapt the package for me: I got my 10 photos on CD AND was allowed to choose an extra 6 (instead of having them printed). This is probably one of the best parts of our experience – I had spoken to a number of other photographers and NOT ONE was flexible about me have the photos on disc – not that I was trying to be cheap – I would have been happy to pay a premium. And with the Wimbledon Snappy Snaps I got exactly what I wanted, whilst the other photographers made me feel “bad” about having even asked.

So in summary:

  • You get great photos (as good as any of the professional photographs I have seen on my friends’ walls).
  • You know what you will paying up front – no pressure to buy more than you want afterwards, as you know exactly how each packaged is priced in advance. No hidden costs.
  • They are very flexible – though do check with your local studio and what offers and promotions they have on.

The experience was very much a positive one, I would recommend Snappy Snaps Wimblon to anyone and we are so excited to have wonderful family portraits – finally – as usually there is at least mummy or daddy missing!

This is a sponsored post – Snappy Snaps Wimbledon gave me a discount in return for a post about my experience – the words are my own and reflect what I truly believe.

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  1. Love the photos! Beautiful family!

  2. Merry says:

    Those are LOVELY. I keep meaning to do something about that. We did a run of them a few years ago but haven’t since.

  3. Oh my Lord Maggie these are absolutely STUNNING!!! What an amazingly beautiful family you are and compliments to the photographer. Tremendous. How lovely that they were prepared to be flexible. Now that’s service!

    A wonderful keepsake for all of you. Byoooootiful :-)

    MJM xx

  4. Mami Made It says:

    These are gorgeous pictures. You are looking perfect.
    We went to a photographer too and these photos are very special and professional. They are worth every cent.

  5. Red Ted Art says:

    Aaah thank you ladies, you are all lovely indeed :-)

  6. Oh Maggy – LOVE the photos! :) So cute & you are so right about them growing up way too fast. It’s wonderful that you got to do it. We did ours 2 years ago & I want to do them again bc the girls look so much older now!

  7. mermaid says:

    Very, very lovely photos!!!!

  8. Looks like you had a great time! We did a shoot with our little Dylan and our nephew Jack. The photographer was a PRO when it came to pacifying the kids and keeping them interested. Photos to treasure for ever!

  9. Oh beautiful photos Maggy – LOVE them all! And You are so right about the little ones growing up fast. We try to do ours yearly around Putti’s BDay & I want to do them in india this time with my BIG family!!!

  10. Absolutely lovely pictures! Felt compelled to leave a comment as we have just had ours done for same reasons. And another – wanted kids to have a nice family portrait photo before OH & I look even more worn out! Ours were with a local photographer. Infact popped in to get passport pics done and saw they offered unpretentious service – not oversell – that completely does nothing for me. So pleased we did it.

  11. Karlene says:

    It’s so lovely to have family portraits done. I’ve just had one of my little boy and our dog. Yours look great :-)

  12. mummiafelice says:

    Ohh what a gorgeous family you are!!!! Beautiful photos :)

  13. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you all for your super kind comments! *blush*


  14. Vachana says:

    Lovely pictures and amazing photography :)

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