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8 iphone Apps – Games & Stories for Kids

| July 25, 2011 | 3 Comments

I haven’t really reviewed iphone Apps for you in ages and now I have what feels like a long list! Some “games” and some books for you too look at. I think my favourite overall is Musical Me! But why don’t you take a look and decide for yourself?

Musical Me! HD - by Duck Duck Moose 1.0 Musical Me! HD - by Duck Duck Moose

Musical Me! By Duck Duck Moose. You may already know that I am a GREAT fan of all the Duck Duck Moose iphone Apps. We have number of them and love them all. And they are forever coming up with new and quirky apps. Like this wonderful Musical Me app. We adore it. All three of us: Red Ted, Pip Squeak and Mummy! (usually there is at least “one of us” that isn’t that keen). But Duck Duck Moose have done it again. Musical Me is all about, well, music. You get see some wonderful “jigging” on the first screen, to wonderfully recoreded music. Red Ted has started singing all the songs. I think our favourite is Skip to My Lou. Go to “different” levels and you get to practice different things – rhythm (by tapping birds), memory (by following music sequence), different instruments and “free play”. I think what makes Duck Duck Moose so fabulous, is that everything is recorded to the highest quality. I also like how in this app, you can’t press “settings” by accident and that therefore small children (Pip Squeak) get to enjoy the app, without switching it off (which is what sometimes happened on the other ones).

Ed Emberley’s Shake & Make – another beautifully designed iphone App its Ed’s Shake & Make. There are cute and fun drawings. You shake them and then have to reassemble them. Red Ted DOES love this app. However he sometimes finds one or two of the designs too difficult (he is 3.5yrs). I do think he will grow into it though and we like Apps that they can already do now but have some longevity. Also, on the versioni we have most of the designs seem to be “locked”. I am not sure why and at first this causes some problems with Red Ted – he of course wanted to play all the locked puzzles.

Apolline and Léon – this is one of those apps, that didn’t appeal to me straight away. But I judge the apps by how Red Ted responds to them… and this App I often hear him playing. – so it has big thumbs up. I guess it is the interesting story, where you get to interact a little too. Red Ted is definitely getting more into the story apps now he is 3.5yrs.

From the producers:

  • is a captivating and fun story
  • is narrated by professional actors
  • is superbly illustrated by Marion Piffaretti
  • has lots of interactions on every page: the reader can shake clouds, throw balls,
    play music, look through key holes, switch on and off the lights…
  • has enchanting music and sound effects
  • des musiques et bruitages envoutants
  • has a simple interface suitable for young children between 3 and 8
  • is 10 minutes of wonder to share with your children

Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! by Oceanhouse Media – like Duck Duck Moose, we adore all the iPhone book apps that Oceanhouse Media produce. They select great titles (who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss?) and convert them into apps superbly:  a great voice over and lovely interaction – the pages scroll wonderfully and you can always highlight interesting words. Great for developing reading skills and word recognition. Like the other books, there are several modes: Read to Me, Read it Myself  or Auto Play.

Elmer’s Special Day Elmer’s Special Day

Elmer’s Special Day – another wonderful book app from Oceanhouse Media . If you love stories and you love books – I really cannot praise Oceanhouse Media enough. Their apps are true to the original children’s books with lots of interactive fun and great recording. The one thing that makes this one STAND out is that it has a British voice over. Lovely. And just as a note: we do read these stories like books – they are like “pocket books” when we are out and about and we switch to “Read it Myself” mode and explore the book together.

Leo the Lightning Bug– as you know I am great fan of Oceanhouse Media’s iPhone apps. They have a huge range of books that they have adapted for smartphones. Fabulous. Although this app isn’t quite as brilliant as the Dr. Seuss ones (we love the words lighting up on Dr. Seuss), Red Ted really enjoys this. I think on this occasion it is the story line – of little Leo whose tail will not light up – all his friends can, but he can’t… he sets off to learn. From my point of view there is a nice moral to the story (that of perseverence) and I like how the text lights up as the narrator speaks – great for children starting to learn to read.


Hildegard Sings. Another story for iphones. This is the story of Hildegard the Hippo who looses her voice… she sets off to find a cure and only finds it at the very last minute. As with many iphone books, you can interact a little with the pictures that comes on every page – making the powder puff puff. Red Ted giggles at different parts of the story. Though I have to say it isn’t one of his favourite and I don’t think I have heard him “finish” listening to it. But as we use the ipone Apps as “books on the go”, we will have plenty of time to rectify this.

I was sent all these iphone Apps for free and to review. The words and sentiments used are my own. And I was not obliged to write a review – in fact do NOT review an App if we really don’t like.

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  1. Thank you, thank you for this review and the related post links. While I want an iPhone I don’t have one as of yet. My families at work often ask for app resources and I will definitely be passing this link on to them. Thanks again, Kristi

  2. I love this list! Thank you!!

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