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Weekly Photo: Stay In Cappuccino

| August 13, 2011 | 3 Comments


Some of you will know, that one of the things I miss “most” since being a mum, is a cheeky catch up with a friend and  very yummy Cappuccino. Coffee shops with a toddler and a pre-schooler are just no longer as much fun…

So… you cannot imagine quite how excited I was when Morphy Richard sent me the most amazing Milk Frother EVER.  Pour in the milk. Press a button. Check your nails. Pour hot and perfectly frothy milk! JUST the way I like it from the coffee shop. Wow! And you can make milkshakes for the kids too!

Want one? Head to the Morphy Richards website now and enter HPI6030 at checkout for a fab 30% discount..

I thought being House Proud just had to do clean floors and clean laundry. No way ho-say… I can now make the bestest coffee South of the River.

Oh and see that lovely cup? A lovely twitter friend, @allaboutheboys,  sent that to me, because she said “everyone needs a lovely tea [cappuccino] cup!”. Isn’t that nice?!?!? And because she is nice, why not stop by her blog too? All About The Boys.

Team Morphy 3 – Team Red Ted 1

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  1. Karen Jones says:

    Aww,bless thank you for using my gift for this post, it looks lovely with the cappucchino in it. Who says you have to use pretty teacups for tea : ) xx

    p.s the link you put up is to my website not my blog but either way it doesn’t matter ; ) xx

  2. Ahhhh and I love that you have it in a china blue teacup! Nice!

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Karen – ooops sorry .. maybe people stop by and buy one of your lovely cups then!!

    Concetta – and yes, the teacup is gorgeous!

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