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Weekly Photo: Different Priorities!

| September 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Red Ted Got Crafty & decorated his Innocent Drinks lunchbox.

Pip Squeak Got Slurping.

The lunchbox is now coming on holiday with us!

I am not yet an expert at “lunch box snacks”, as my kids are still quite young.. however, this is what I aim to do (from when I used to take lunches to work):

* Bake muffins at the beginning of the week and freeze them (the children can help bake)

* Use frozen bread to make sandwiches – they gradually defrost and are fresh and less soggy that way

* Cook extra at evening meal times – e.g. pasta and have that as a pasta salad the next day

* Add fruit and veg grown in the garden (my children adore their own homegrown tomatoes)

* Have special treat days – e.g. mid week to make the lunch box extra special

* Use some of the “message” ideas from Back To School Get Crafty – I particularly like the magic banana (scroll down for that)

* And from Thursday’s twitter party – play alphabet or colour “games” with the children.. e.g. can we only put things in that a Red… or start with the letter A. As well as involve my children in filling in the lunchboxes…

I can’t wait for Innocent to produce their lunchbox ideas booklet!

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