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Book Review: Stitch London & Knit The City

| September 20, 2011 | 3 Comments

As some of you may know, I am a Londoner. Having ground up in the suburbs, I hated London. Having started my “career” in London, I LOVE London. I haven’t made “much use” of London since having the children, but I love having it on my doorstep.. and every so often I wander in.

A few years ago I used to walk along South Bank to get to work. And every day I would see a small graffity rat in a bowler hat. I loved it. Turned out it was a Banksy.

Knit the City: A Whodunnknit Set in LondonSo… When I received Knit The City, by Deadly Knitshade, I was tickled pink! I love this kind or Guerilla Art. Fun, quirky and designed to put a great big smile on people’s faces. Knit The City is a book produced showing the antics of some cheeky knitting ladies, who thought our lovely city needed some cheering up..  They would grab their knitting needles, march off and leave a happy knitted mark on the city. Much to my sadness, they knitting antics where at their height when I had just had Red Ted.. so I MISSED ALL OF IT! ALL OF IT, do you hear? I so would have loved to have seen a sneaky little lamb at the Guildhall, or a giant spidersweb at South Bank. Or a cheeky bit of knitting around a bicycle. If that had been my bike, I would have kept in on for ever. How can the London Mayor possibly take these down? They are gorgeous.  Thank goodness though, the knitting team took photographs of all their antics. And now you too can see what they got up to… and if you enjoyed what you read, you even get a Stitched Squid and Square Sheep pattern to have a go yourself… where would you leave your little creation? Who would you make smile?

You can find the Deadly Knitshade on twitter:

Stitch LondonAnd then.. they sent me Stitch London, by Lauren O’Farell. Love London? Love Stitch London!!!

Find 20 fun knitting patterns that all relate to London – from the queen and her corkies to tower bridge to the tube mice. Anyone familiar with London will browse through this book with a little smile on their face as they recognise all familiar and not always so dear to Londoners.

We have bobbies, guards, phone boxes…

We have pigeons, mice and foxes…

We commute and commuters read books and they read books with book covers. The need funky bag covers and funky mug warmers.

We have parks and we like picnics. We have rain… I adore the plastic bag knitted picnic blanket. How cool and fun is that?

And the final best bit about the book? It comes with enough “stuff” to make your very own Cooey The Pigeon. You don’t have think about “what shall I knit first/ where shall I get the wool from”, it is all right there… waiting for you. And here is my Cooey. Lovely!

You can also join Stitch London online – to receive regular newsletters regarding all things knitted… visit Knit The Pigeon and Who Dunnit for free knitting patterns! :-)

Stitch London (formerly Stitch and Bitch London) is a London-based global stitching community anyone can join.

We’re taking over the world one stitch at a time.

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  1. northernmum says:

    this may surprise you but I can neither knit nor sew!


  2. Red Ted Art says:

    You make me laugh!! Yes.. I can image that you don’t… but the first book is all about oohing and aahing at the wonder that is guerilla knitting in London.. even you may take a peak! One day, I may teach you!

  3. se7en says:

    Oh will you look at stitch London… how darling are those gorgeous little people… too stunning for words!!! I love this idea… how fun, how interesting, how quirky!!! Love it!!!

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