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Weekly Photo: Autumn Beach

| October 22, 2011 | 0 Comments

As you may know, we LOVE the beach. I didn’t grow up going to the beach myself, but thought it would be nice for my children to do so themselves – I want them to experience all nature: the sea, the mountains, the woods… We don’t live close to any beaches, so we only get to 2-4 times per year. But that is enough for the children to enjoy it regardless! Living in the UK, also means that to go to the beach, means going in all kinds of weather.. hot sunny days not guaranteed.

So I was tickled pink to be asked to become one of Butlins Ambassadors – an opportunity to visit their resorts with my family.

So off we went to the Minehead resort. The children were very excited.

We arrived very late, but the night staff were friendly and welcoming. We were pleased with our very nice looking and comfy (gold standard) apartment, not huge, but just right. The cot bed was a bit of a squeeze, but ours is narrow, so we were lucky and were able to fit in ok.

The day started with a yummy full English breakfast, part of our Premium Dining package. Again, lovely setting, super friendly staff and the kids loved every minute of it!

Then we went off to explore. We decided to head straight to beach (via the playground and a quick ride on a little train). And what a beautiful beach. With a beautiful view of Minehead and the surrounding country side. Despite the wind and the cooler weather the children loved jumping in puddles and looking for shells, exploring the “worm pooh” and looking for crabs (we didn’t find any).

On the way home, the kids were treated to the (free) Toddler Fun Fair. The adored the train and little aeroplanes and then we headed home for lunch and a rest.

The afternoon was spent swimming. Butlins Minehead does have a fantastic pool – lots to explore and our children could have stayed all afternoon. We checked out the <5s craft area – perfect for Pip Squeak but a little boring for Red Ted. Sadly they didn’t let him have a go in the over 5s craft session, which as “Red Ted Art”, I was rather disappointed… I could only look longingly at the glitter and scissors destined for other small hands.

Then off for another dinner. Again, lots of choice and yummy puddings. Happy children.

And finally.. we check out the Skyline Pavilion. Lots going on at the Skyline Pavilion – your usual “UK Seaside resort arcades, slot machines and rides” and also some some puppet shows for the children. Red Ted was riveted. The Redcoats were fun and engaging.

This set the pattern for the remainder of our days at Butlins.

I think the children adored every single minute of it. Butlins ensures that visitors are entertained from morning to evening, with a full program of activities for all age groups. Many free, some at an additional charge. In the evenings we did stay in our apartment – mainly because of our young children – but not until we had stopped off to see the Puppet Show and the Halloween Show, again in the Skyline Pavilion…

As a family with young children, it worked really well. We were able to do everything together, enjoying each others company and not spending extra money . There seemed to be a lot on offer for older kids – e.g.  the adult fun fair or the zip wires, but we didn’t try these out.

If fun and entertainment is what you are after, you will most certainly enjoy Butlins!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity to come and stay at one of your resorts!

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