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Crafty & Yummy Book Reviews

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

Welcome back to another cook and craft book review! The following three books are all totally gorgeous for different reasons. So I am convinced that there is a book here for everyone…

First up:

Everything Alice: the Wonderland Book of Makes Everything Alice: the Wonderland Book of Makes. By Hannah Read-Baldrey, Christine Leech

Oooh do you like Alice in Wonderland? Do you like Tea? Do you like Tea Parties? Do you like things magical… answer yes to any of those questions and you will love this quirky lovely crafty book. I usually judge a craft book by a) how many things I want to make, b) how many things I am likely to make and c) how easy it looks… and this books scores highly on a, b and c! Oh and whilst I was looking at it, Red Ted shouted at almost every page “Mummy can you make that!” “Mummy can you make that too!”. Of course I am wonder woman… but you will find bunny patterns, Queen Alice Tote Bags, Drink Me Cordials and giant rose lights. You will find real humpty dumpty eggs and queen of heart aprons. I just say ooh at every one of them. The majority of makes do not require “specialist” equipment, which is also always a big bonus in my eyes. There are actually 2-3 crafts that have been on my “How To to do list” for a while.. so if you like my how tos in general, you will like this book!I think it would make a lovely present too.

Ladies, I am your newest fan. Can I write the next book with you? Pretty Please!

Make Hey While the Sun Shines

Make Hey While the Sun Shines, By Pip Lincolne

Aaah. Now the first thing about THIS book, that is really appealing is how it is made. You open the book up and on the right hand side you have a wallet with patterns and cooking “cards” on the left you have the book on a ring binder. It has that feel of a book that you get out and really use… The second thing about this is book, is that it takes me back to when I was a teenager – a “key crafting stage” in my life… This book is meant for all, but for me, I KNOW I would have adored it as a fourteen year old (of course I still like it as an adult), but for some reason it really takes me back. Maybe it is the style of the book – there is a hint of retro and earthiness about it. And what I really like, is that it seems to cover a bit of everything. Almost like a crafter’s manual – it even has basic knitting and crochet instructions at the back. So you get to do a bit of everything – from sewing a bike seat cover (oh how my 14yrs old self really NEEDED one), to quilting, to gift bags, to bottle totes, to cloth portable chestboards. There are lots of make ideas in here for yourself, your home or as gifts. Lovely.

Available from Hardie Grant Books, RRP of £17.99

The Birthday Cake Book

The Birthday Cake Book, By Fiona Cairns

Well… any book that comes with “Maker of The Royal Wedding Cake 2011” HAS to be good. No? Like really good? Maybe even a little scary (can I do this?)… well, I like baking and I would say I am a moderate baker… so I was a little apprehensive. Is this book way out of my league? The short answer is No. And it is FABULOUS. Gorgeous and delicious cake after cake. And rather surprisingly something for everyone – I can’t begin to believe how diverse this book is – from Crystal Skulls to Tiny Rose & Violet Creams to Angel Surprise Cake to Marmalade Syrup cake. Though most of the cakes are of course for special occasions, it still has that for Sunday afternoon Tea range – Chocolate Brownies, Apricot Almond Cake and Bakewell Tarts. Back to my a, b, c above.. and of course Red Ted shouting “Mummy can you make this?” – again it meets all criteria.. and I think the first cake I will have a go at is the one of the cover (Strawberry & Elderflower Cake). Doesn’t it look stunning? And the instructions seem totally do-able. And then we will go on to make some of the hidden fruit & veg muffins. Perfect.

Disclaimer: I received review copies of all three books, but was under no obligation to review if I didn’t like them.

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  1. se7en says:

    Oh I love and adore Meet Me At Mikes… I can’t believe you have reviewed her fab new book!!! I have never seen on in a store here… I will have to get my self online sometime and go shopping – because I know I need to own her books… and not just this one!!!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    I know!! Lucky me!!!

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