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Giveaway – VUP Baby – 3 lovely toys up for grabs

| November 2, 2011 | 61 Comments



Firstly I would love to welcome our new sponsors VUP Baby to Red Ted Art! As mentioned before, it is these lovely sponsors that help Red Ted Art keep going and “justify” some of the time I invest in it. So, a big *thank you* and welcome on board.

VUP Baby specialises in non-toxic BPA free drinking and feeding equipment, but also has a wonderful range of beautiful toys. Buy for the nursery or as a gift.

Not only are the sponsoring the site, but they have a lovely lovely giveaway for you, not one, but THREE things up for grabs. And whilst you are waiting to see who won, you can get 15% off all their products with discount code TED1.

How lovely is this gorgeous Janod Sorting Birdhouse? We love wooden toys and we love this sorting house. Nice colourful bricks, a cute little clock to help introduce time. I know that Pip Squeak would adore it.

Another lovely prize to be won is this fabulous Melissa and Doug Alphabet Puzzle Book . I love the idea that the pages are magnetic and that it focuses on both upper and lower case letters. A great and fun way to learn and reinforce your alphabet.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress up Puzzle pieces

Another “favourite” toy – and we have played with this exact same set at a friend’s house, is the Melissa and Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress Up Puzzle. Well made, with cute little bears that are in need of dressing.

Sooooo, would you like to win one of these toys? There will be THREE winners in total. So your chances are great!

All you have to do is:

1) Visit VUP Baby and what gift set you would buy for a friend and why!

You don’t have to, but we would love for you to like VUP Baby on Facebook and Red Ted Art on Facebook.

Competition open to UK only.

Closes on 11 November 2011.

By entering this competition you agree to go on VUP Baby’s mailing list.

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Comments (61)

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    i would buy the Silver Mummy and Me Set by Tales From the Earth for my best friend and her wee girl – its so cute and she would love it – plus she deserves it!


  2. Mummy Fever says:

    The my first hours set as it looks like a lovely gift ! @MummyFever

  3. What a lovely website! I’m very pro BPA free and love wooden toys so thank you for introducing me to VUP baby! – will be ordering a few of the lovely stocking fillers!

    I would have to treat my littlest sister who’s expecting her first baby to the Sophie my first hours set – it’s sooo cute!

    Would love to win one of the prizes for my two little ones!

    Emma xx (I’m on twitter as @beachpebble)

  4. I’d give the bpa free new mum gift set to my friend who is expecting her first baby. So often the new mum gets forgotten about as everyone brings lovely, and very welcome, presents for the baby. I’d have loved for someone to have bought that gorgeous gift for me!

  5. Carolin says:

    I would buy the Sophie the Giraffe Mealtime Kit – I’m sure every little one would clear their plate just to see Sophie’s cute smile :)


  6. Jenny says:

    I’d buy the Rondello – grasping toy by Selecta for myself! My second baby is due in a couple of weeks and need a toy that isn’t a hand me down!

  7. Liz Burton says:

    I’d buy the ballet ball by crocodile creek for my friend’s girl who is turning 2 soon.

    She has an older brother so most ‘outdoors’ toys are quite boyish. This would be perfect!

  8. Emma Childs says:

    I would buy the cloudb sleep sheep on the go for my nephew who is 3 days old and in SCBU at our local hospital with an infection. Its just the right size not to clutter his incubator up and for mum just to pop in her bag when they are ready to leave the hospital.

  9. Svetlana says:

    BPA FREE teether set, she is expecting her first baby, would make a great gift

  10. Jenny Eaves says:

    I would love to give my friend the plan toys solid drum for her and her wee boy, he loves to make noise and would be delighted with a drum – plus it looks lovely! :) x

  11. domestic diva says:

    I would get a sleep sheep — white noise helped my little one sleep, and every friend wants a baby who sleeps well.

  12. Rachael G says:

    I would buy the janod magnetic rocket for my friend’s little boy. It looks lovely and great for imaginative play and no batteries is a huge bonus!

  13. Kerry Robinson says:

    I would buy the Lanka Kade Big Farm in a Box for my son as he loves his farms and would play with this for hours.

  14. Andi says:

    I would choose the Melissa and Doug slice and bake cookie set. We love to make cookies and have tea parties together

  15. Louise says:

    I’d buy the teething set as that giraffe looks so cute. It’d make a great gift for my nephew.

  16. Karen says: is a lovely set to give my friend who is a new mum, a nice keepsake

  17. oooh I didn’t know VUP Baby did toys! I love the dolls house.


  18. Caroline French says:

    I’d choose the wooden tea set from plan toys on the VUP Baby website as i love wooden toys and what little girl doesn’t love to play with tea sets! My god daughter would love it!…and my little ones would love to win one of the 3 prizes on offer!
    (am already a fan of both pages on facebook x)

  19. jess says:

    bpa free teether set is what i would give (I have a friend with a new born) @jessws2011 on twitter

  20. Lorraine R says:

    The wooden tea set as my friends little girl would love it

  21. Anna Aird says:

    I would get the Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Mealtime Kit because someone bought my son very similar last Christmas and it has been in daily use. I think my little boy loves it almost as much as he loves his dinners!

  22. nashath ullah says:

    I would gift the bpa free teether set because they come in very handy when baby starts teething. Every child needs some teething toys so you can’t really go wrong with this gift. And its a plus they are bpa free.

  23. Solange says:

    A sheep sleep to help my baby girl

  24. Sandy Hill says:

    Choices, choices – they’re all so lovely! I think I’d go with the
    BPA Free New mum gift set

    for my friend who’s due about the same time as me :-)

  25. Nicola pile says:

    I’d love to get my friend’s little boy the magnetic stacking rocket! Very cute and a nice change from stacking rings and clowns!

  26. EMMA says:


  27. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    I would buy the BPA free bath set for £29.99. Bath time is so important, not only time for washing but time for bonding, playing, interacting and developing. My husband has always done bath times with our daughter as he works all day so evenings is when he can bond with her. I would definately buy this set for my one of my friends so hopefully they will see just how fun yet educational a bath time can be.

  28. Already like both your fb pages:) I would get my little sister who is pregnant with her first child the mother and child silver necklace with the gold and silver heart pendent. Thanks Claire
    twitter- @clairelouise82

  29. Robyn Clarke says:

    I would buy this for my friend’s son: Janod Confetti Musical Set. As revenge, she “treated” me to a fabulous hen party then eloped for her own wedding, so I couldn’t give her the same treatment.


  30. Victoria Boland says:

    I would buy this for my son. He loves stuff like this.

    Big Castle in a box

  31. Rhydian says:

    The cloudb sleep sheep looks fab

    I would get it for my sister in law as she has trouble getting her daughter off to sleep and this could really help.


  32. Eva Hunt says:

    I would definitely buy the personalised baby set by tobyboo.This would by ideal gift for my good friend who is expecting in march.

  33. Make do mum says:

    Lots of my friends are pregnant at the moment, I’m sure they would love the New mum gift set

  34. Lisa says:
    I love the Vilac Chef’s Kitchen. At only 14 months old my little girl is loving all things role play @1MoaningMummy

  35. Lisa says:

    Woops it was meant to be a gift set that I would buy for a friend. In that case I would buy the Baeba Baby’s first dinner set So cute.


  36. emma cella says:


  37. melissa and doug happy giddy picnic basket – So sweet, my friend loves taking her son to the park so this would be very useful


  38. Perrine says:

    I would buy Sophie la Girafe kit, so cute

  39. Rhoda says:

    I’d get the “beaba baby’s first dinner set in gift box” – looks fab!

  40. Leanne says:

    Wow I love this site, I’d buy under the Nile veggie crate they are so cute, I also love the wooden musical band that might save my pots and pans ..

  41. Jessica L says:

    I would buy the six different designs of spinning tops for my friend’s little girl. They are really colourful with cute designs and a reasonable price too.

  42. Bonnie Williams says:

    what a beautiful website, I was struggling to decide just one thing to pick when I spotted the Anna-Claire Petit Monkey, which would be perfec for my Friend as they share the same name (though not the petit monkey bit…!)xx

  43. Allan says:

    I would choose SEVI Happy Birthday Musical Cake, it looks like good fun playing with it.

  44. Jane says:

    Love this Janod Mademoiselle Doll’s House with all accessories – every little girl’s dream.

  45. Sarah Parker says:

    i would buy the house for my niece :)

  46. Love the Sophie giraffe my first hours gift set, beautiful present for a new born.

  47. Sarah Forrester says:

    I would love to win the Tavolina Dexterity toy – I have recent found out that we have two babies due in May in our family ! So many baby toys are received and never played with,,but this would be used every day ! I remember I had a similar one for my daughter and she loved it ( and so did I as it kept her busy for an extra half hour in the mornings !!!) A;ready a fan on facebook of Red Ted but will like your page now ( Sarah Louise F on facebook @fraugretel twitter)

  48. kath vlcek says:

    I’d love to buy the silver necklace set for my lovely friend kate and her daughter

  49. Paula T says:

    I would buy the Lanka Kade Castle in a box as my little boy would love this he is castle mad at the moment @MrsPmt

  50. kath vlcek says:

    I’m following vup baby and red ted arts on facebook

    Thanks x

  51. Karen Barrett says:

    Thanks for the giveaway
    I would choose the beautiful Kaloo Pure Zig Music Rabbit for Chris and Lou who are expecting their first baby in 4 weeks. Lou love rabbits, they have two, Bubbles and Buttons who are sisiters.

  52. Karen Barrett says:

    I have liked VUP Baby on FB and I already like you

  53. Charlotte Jones says:

    I would buy the for my friend & her baby girl. A lovely unique present that’s a bit different from the usual soft toys :)

    (Thank you for introducing us to VUP baby – such gorgeous things on there, shall certainly be having a look on there for my own daughter)

  54. Carolina J. says:

    Oxo Tot Whale Pail (Aqua) will always be useful!
    I follow you both on Facebook.

  55. jenna keller says:

    i.would buy the.mother and child silver.necklace for my friend as its such a lovely gift to give if they have a.child

  56. carol tettmar says:

    i would also go for the mother and child necklace as i have a friend who has always wanted one of these. i would love to win the melissa and doug dress up teddys.

  57. stuart choak says:

    it would be sophie la giraffe set cos ive heard great things about it so would be a good gift to give. please contact me at: if im lucky enough to win

  58. I would buy for my friends little girl who is not quite a year old because they can be chewed and battered the now, she can learn animals names from them, and also when old enough to use as skittles they will improve hand eye co-ordination and turn taking if playing with others

  59. Emily Gwilliam says:

    I would buy for my friend’s little boy, a Lanka kade big farm in a box. Not only is it wonderfully colorful, and being wood, durable and tactile, it brings many possibilities of play with the farm buildings and it’s lovely little animals. It introduces many gentle lessons too, of where our food comes from, of nature and of lifestyle. I would anticipate many treasured times of imaginative and nurturing play to happen with this lovely toy :)

  60. Elizabeth Scott says:

    I would buy my sister this

    She would give this to my 14 month old nephew. Last weekend he spend all day digging in the garden, carrying around a massive bucket and using a table spoon! which was a little awkward for him to use. This would just be perfect for him. He never gets his own things, usually get my older nephews hand me downs. So to see his little face light up when he sees he has this to use in the garden would just be magical :-)

    If im lucky enough to see him get his very own brand new toy, you can contact me on:

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