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Giveaway – Palace, Queen & King from Stoks Didactic

| November 28, 2011


Stoks Didactic is a wonderful toy company all the way from Spain that is just launching here in the UK.


They have a great collection of good quality toys (majority of which are out of wood) that are fun to play with but also aid development and learning! E.g. search categories include Physical Development, where you will find fun toys like wheel barrels and road signs or Manipulation Games, such as bead mazes and activity houses.

It caters for a wide Age group – 0 – 12yrs + so there should be something for everyone!

To celebrate their entry into the UK, they are giving away this ADORABLE Palace & Mouse Queen & King set. How cute?

Can’t wait? But it now and get 10% off… enter RED TED at check out!

All you have to do is:

1) Visit Stoks Didactic and toy would you buy for you child for Christmas and why?

You don’t have to, but we would love for you to like Stoks Didactic and  Red Ted Art on Facebook.

Competition open to:

Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, The United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden

Closes on 4th December 2011.

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Comments (68)

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    very cute – i would buy the BIG DOCTOR BOX as both my kids love playing nurses and doctors!

  2. Robyn Clarke says:

    I love the “4 Seasons Mat”. Its bright, fun and practical. Love it.

  3. mermaid says:

    I would buy some hand puppets as my daughter loves playing with them.

  4. Tammy says:

    hmmm tricky – I love the carpenters bench but I think the toy I would most likely buy would be the ANIMATCH as I havent seen anything else like it in the UK! :)

  5. Mummy Fever says:

    I’d get the American Kitchen – my children love role play so lots of the items in that section would go down well @MummyFever

  6. Carolin says:

    Gorgeous, love the castle. I would probably buy the Big Labyrinth. It’s a fab educational toy and I remember all the fun that I had with a similar toy when I was younger. Even now I can’t walk passed these without sliding the little wooden balls along the wires.

    @caro_mad x

  7. I think I would choose the Viking Toys Airplane. Bud is fascinated by them at the moment. @RedRoseMummy

  8. I like the three in a row game! My little boy would love that as he is very logical. @mummymummymum

  9. Erica Price says:

    Brachiosaurus Excavation Kit – son is dinosaur mad.

  10. the wooden workbench would be excellent. we have no boys toys so it would be lovely for Noah to have something that isn’t pink and second hand! @iheartmuthahood

  11. Make do mum says:

    Such a sweet prize. I like the dolls houses on the website, the one with the curved roof & spiral staircase is especially lovely.

  12. Pamela gossage says:

    I just love the Castle

  13. kath vlcek says:

    I’d love to get anna the american kitchen as she is just discovering pretend play

  14. northernmum says:

    Twin boy would love anything from the science range!

    and I love the mouse castle! – bb would adore it!


  15. I love the wooden bicycle. It is actually on the list for my youngest as the oldest is getting real bike from Grandma.

    Wish their prices were in £££££’s

  16. Natalie Goatley says:

    I’d buy the big carpenter bench so my son can be all grown up just like his daddy who is a carpenter lol.

  17. Liz Burton says:

    What a lovely site and a great giveaway!

    I might go for this as DD keeps asking for a doll’s pram and this looks funky!

  18. Solange says:

    American Kitchen my daughter loves cooking

  19. Katie Fisher says:

    My son would absolutely love the Bench Pound Pegs. He really enjoys banging things and making lots of noise.

  20. laura seaton says:

    Oooh so many lovely toys, I think Elizabeth would love the Kitchen Items and Alisonw ould love the magic baby bottles, do you remember those from being a kid they were so cool.


  21. Margot says:

    One of the rainmakers.
    All kids love making music and that is instrument that we don’t have yet in the house.

  22. Rebecca J Smith says:

    I would probably go for the baby bowls – sensory and fun!

  23. claire woods says:

    because my son loves magic and wants to become a scientist.

  24. if i was rich i’d buy the inflatable water park because that looks like so much fun and my son loves to play in water.

  25. ksenia says:

    Have been looking into a doll’s house and I love the one on the site…that or the big rustic kitchen – looks amazing…

  26. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    My daughter would love my to but her “the 4 cube princess puzzlem£ she loves princess and pubbles so its a win, win

  27. Lisa Day says:

    I would buy the 4 wheels stroller because it looks great quality and little Rachel is into dolls and their accessories at the moment so this would be perfect for her.

  28. shelagh milne says:

    I would by the american kitchen my grandson would love pretending to cook.

  29. I’d love to get the Doll’s House ‘Fairy Tale Castle’ for Roo, she would adore this (if she could stop me playing with it first)


  30. Andrea Morton says:

    I would buy the Fairy Palace jigsaw as both my daughters would love this.

  31. Angela Campbell says:

    That’s a massive shop full of brands we love but are hard to source here (Alex and Djeco)! It’s really hard to choose just one given the choice although the Baker’s Set is very sweet and it would be nice to get some cookie baking practice in for Santa’s visit next year! If my kids could choose – well that brass cymbal just looks far too tempting to noisy boys! Great comp and thanks for the link.

  32. I love the kitchen or play food tubes – Emmy loves pretending to cook.


  33. Dawn A says:

    What a lovely shop this is. Thank you very much for the giveaway. I would get the carpenter’s bench. My daughter and son could play for hours with it. Oh the imaginative things they could create!

  34. Emma button says:

    I like the Activity Clock – just what I’ve been looking for.

  35. ann carline says:

    I would buy the Castle

  36. Hannah Bartram says:

    I would buy the House with Light and Sound, my girls really love anything to do with dolls houses.

  37. Liz says:

    I would buy the football goal. Both my boys are football mad!

  38. phyllis ellett says:

    Grace would love the Castillo Medieval as she loves anything with knights and all things medieval.


  39. Jennifer Schofield says:

    I would buy ‘Make your Films’ as their ambition is to get in TV and film!

  40. Ben Goodwin says:

    Big Doctor Box: My niece is only five, but already wants to be a Doctor, so this would be great for her.

  41. Kevin Dooley says:

    I would love to buy my littlen the American Kitchen, as she like to roleplay with doctor’s and shop sets.

  42. Gillian Holmes says:

    I would have the castle.

  43. Jennifer says:

    We love the wespe bike. Absolutely. Or the fairy tale castle. We love it all!

  44. Jennifer says:

    Whoops… Autocorrect! I was the previous post. The fairy tale castle or the wespe.

  45. Katie Skeoch says:

    My boy would love the Adventure Castle :)

  46. Katherine Coldicott says:

    I can just see my youngest chasing after this. Lights, sounds and movement,so much fun.

  47. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Sorry forgot to say it was the Chase me car

  48. Nicola Hinchliffe says:

    Wow what amazing toys!
    I would buy the mouse castle as my little man has just learnt the work ‘mouse’ and loves to open and shut doors so this would be perfect for him x

  49. Jane says:

    I would buy 3 in 1 hockey pool and table tennis table, they would have so much fun with that.

  50. Allan says:

    Vespa bike is absolutely great – would buy it just for the fact that I’ll never own the real thing. And they boys would love riding on it.

  51. helen rosbotham says:

    Id buy my daughter the crystal science kit as she is very intersted in scientific experimenst at the moment

  52. Bernie says:

    My daughter would love the Croquet set as she loves playing outside and it is something we could all play together

  53. Carol Usher says:

    I would buy Aprende a coser – Un poni. My daughter would be delighted with this , spend a good time selecting a name and introducing it into her ‘family’.

  54. Eve says:

    The big Labyrinth

  55. lorraine polley says:

    my grandson would love the animals tractor, he loves any type of cars, lorries etc

  56. Laura Pritchard says:

    I’d buy the Animals Tractor for my son.

  57. Paul Witney says:

    I like as both my girls like playing mummy.

  58. sue willshee says:

    I’d buy the Cuddle Bear Book because Daisy loves books and also loves her teddy so this combines the best of both worlds. @piperanddaisy

  59. Fozia says:

    I would buy the animatch simply because they look cute! lol


  60. Sally W says:

    The Discover Safari jigsaw puzzle – he adores animals and needs a few more challenging jigsaws now he is a bit older, so I think 70 pieces is a good stepping stone to the 100 piece level he is aiming for.

  61. Stuart Osborne says:

    The big carpenter bench!! We have 2 little plastic tool boxes with plastic tools for each of our sons – one has lost interest a little, but the youngest is still ‘build it’ mad – he would adore this.

  62. Sarah Parker says:

    I would buy my son the big carpenter bench :)

  63. Jenny says:

    I love the little scooter and think my 20 month old would love it for Christmas!

  64. Greg says:

    Hand puppetd – my kids love them, they are great fun

  65. Rebecca says:

    I would get the table and chairs they look really sturdy

  66. Emily Gwilliam says:

    I would buy the two wheeled wheelbarrow, so that my little daughter could ‘work’ alongside me in the garden, cleaning out our hens and planting lots of fruit and vegetables come the Spring, we live bring out amongst nature and the elements, and the little wheelbarrow would be brilliant for this :)