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Giveaway: Wacom Bamboo Tablet

| December 12, 2011

Are you a techie geek? Do you love the latest gadgets?

Yes? Read on!

No? Then most definitely READ ON!

I have an exciting and fun and intuitive gadget for you to win today: a Bamboo multi-touch and pen tablet from Wacom worth £89.99 + the wireless kit. It is a clever “tablet” that makes using your computer a lot more fun; having both a pen for precision work and multi-touch functionality for hand gestures. Love both? Get both.

More from Wacom:

What is Bamboo?

All of us are using technology more and more in our daily lives. There’s no avoiding it. Some of it makes life easier. Some of it just makes things worse.

The aim of Bamboo is to make using the most sophisticated and complicated technology as simple, intuitive and natural as possible. Why can’t drawing and sketching on a computer be as simple as drawing and sketching on a piece of paper? Why can’t making notes on electronic documents be as intuitive as scribbling in the margins? Bamboo helps you do all these things and more. You can draw on photographs, play games and use your fingers to flick through files, rotate images and so on. Bamboo Fun (small) even comes with Photoshop Elements 8 and ArtRage 3.

Whether you want to work on a desktop or laptop, our products offer the simplicity and immediacy of touch technology combined with the precision and craftsmanship of digital pen technology.

It is our aim as Wacom to provide technology tools that help people be themselves whoever they are, whatever they do, however they do it.

Want one?

Easy… all you have to do is:

1) As Wacom is all about ‘you are what you do’, we would love to hear which art activity will your family be doing over Christmas?

Open to UK only.

Closes 19th December 2011.

Winner will be selected at random.

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    we have so many arts and crafts activities planned – we have some cracker making kits and also some christmas hats and decoration sets we are going to be using. We have also been making christmas cards.

    Great giveaway as always x

  2. Make do mum says:

    I’ve always wanted one of these! We are having Xmas at brother-in-laws, I’m taking a flat pack gingerbread house & sweets to keep K and her cousin entertained

  3. Sara says:

    Our main art craft this season is making cards for Livvys grave. All the girls like to make their own with special words. We have also been decorating glasses for our Christmas dinner. Xxx

  4. Carolin says:

    We want to make Christmas trees and reindeers out of Amy’s hand and foot prints…

    @caro_mad x

  5. we are making Christmas tree decorations tonight when the kids up @pooohbear2811

  6. Emma in Bromley says:

    Hello :)
    What a lovely competition – would love to win one!
    We’re going a bit craft crazy this year! My eldest is two and a half and really has the Christmas spirit – we’ve made gingerbread style decorations using terracotta air drying clay and white beads – next on our list is a fairy tree topper, a paper mâché snowman and a handprint wreath!
    Emma xx (@beachpebble)

  7. Gillian Moloney says:

    What a lovely giveaway!

    Mr.B finishes work for xmas on the 21st so from the 22nd we are making home made mince pies and Alesha is going to decorate the homemade box.

    We will put 6 pies in each box, a personal touch to go with the xmas presents 😀

  8. Rachelle says:

    We are turning chocolate bars into snowmen to give instead of cards to nursery friends. Simple and fun.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Sam says:

    We are just getting to grips with crayons with my toddler so I think lots of colouring in pictures of snowmen & Father Christmas will be happening.

    I have been wanting one of these tablets for a v long time!

    Sam x

  10. Tracy Nixon says:


  11. Jane Davis says:

    Me and my son will be playing board games and sn uggling up to watch warm family films… we live so far away from family that we will not be visiting :-(

  12. Dolly Bisala says:

    I’ve been struggling with fashion design for 3 years and will have some time to work more over Xmas. I recently starting digital art however using a touchpad leaves me with swollen fingers so have been thinking about a tablet which would make my designs are a lot easier to draw/render and a lot less time consuming. My mum is a helpful ‘backseat’ artist/critic to my work.

  13. James says:

    I have made a memories box for my wife, painted decorated and decoupaged the inside with pictures of our memories.
    Got my youngest daughter a set or crayon’s, glue, and a A3 size canvas as she loves the crayola running canvases you can buy (Something for us to do over the christmas holidays)
    Last week made paper decorations for the dining room.
    This weekend me and my two daughters are making christmas cards for the family and friends
    This christmas has been all about handmade, crafty items for us.
    This are very fun to do with the children and are really nice to look back on over the years to come.
    Plus its Cheap,Cheap,Cheap
    No Creditcard bills for me this January
    Just hope all the time and effort is appreciated


  14. maureen findley says:

    my girls and i will be snuggling up by the fire unwrapping our presents

  15. Robert Adamson says:

    Watching the Muppets Christmas Carol.

  16. Glenn Hutton says:

    Eating & drinking! ;0)

  17. Jennifer Schofield says:

    We always make our own table placements – so there’s no squabbling over who sits where at the christmas meal!

  18. Georg Ball says:

    Lots of baking, decorating gingerbread men and the like

  19. Kimberley says:

    We will be making our own menus as we will not be having the traditional Xmas dinner and have lots for people to choose from x

  20. kirstine meredith says:

    playing loads of board games until we get bored!!!!!

  21. caroline matthews says:

    eating, drinking watching films and enjoying each others company

  22. Denice says:

    We’ll be making lots of cakes and biscuits this year as gifts for family and friends, kids just love making them.


    Playing Wii

  24. Miss Natalie Wallace says:

    We have already made a christmas cake and are looking forward to making cookies and a gingerbread house. We are all getting together at my house this year to celebrate and will be looking forward to seeing all the christmas specials on tv too.

  25. sarah tulley says:

    We will be having dinner with my mum and the evening with my mother in law :-)

  26. Melanie Hunt says:

    We are having family around for dinner. its going to be very busy and were have to import “spare chairs” but i just cant wait. i think last count was 16 for dinner !!! so cant wait though x

  27. Angie says:

    We are going to the I.O.W to spend time with family

  28. Vic says:

    My son has been bought a tent size put it together yourself shop which you colour in and paint yourself, so we are lookng forward to that!

  29. shell says:

    Working most of it

  30. C Hui says:

    Might be playing video games together

  31. Anne-Marie Large says:

    We’ll be playing board games. 😀

  32. Bob clark says:

    U want to modify some photos and add bits then use it to print the finished design onto a T shirt

  33. Val Hartley says:

    My daughter & husband had twins in September, so am looking forward to their first Christmas with all the family.

  34. Eva Hunt says:

    Making Christmas cards with my 8 months old little angel.Cannot wait,we should have some fun :-)

  35. Karen says:

    Does decorating our cookies count? We will be making homemade biscuits and my sister and I will actually be making the roast dinner this year!

  36. Paula says:

    Eating, drinking and being merry
    Chilling out and watching rubbish Christmas telly

  37. Snowflakes are a must in our house, on every window


  38. liz denial says:

    As I’m disabled there’s nothing active for me & my family & I are in various parts of the country & the world at the moment so the only techie thing we’ll be doing is Skyping each other on Christmas Day

  39. steve thomas says:

    lovely prize :)

  40. Erica Price says:

    Today we’ve made a Christmas party hat and a card to say thank you for Santa ahead of a school Christmas party tomorrow. We’re planning a snowy scene picture and a Father Christmas decoration for next week when school breaks.

  41. Joanne says:

    cooking nice homemade meals for family, gathering holly and ivy to decorate the house, then spending time playing games with my little nephews and nieces, and they will probably rope in my two teenagers to put all their toys together and work out how to use them!

  42. Ryan Clapham says:

    Eating, eating and more eating lol :)

  43. abigail Edkins says:

    We will be making christmas wreaths..we go looking for holly and fir cones in our local woods and country parks, but fircones are getting really difficult to find already this year

  44. Kelly Wiffin says:

    We will be simply having fun and relaxing! It is my daughter’s second Christmas and it will be all about making sure that she is having fun!

  45. Isil says:

    We will be baking cookies and enjoy resting during the holidays. Thanks for tha fab giveaway.

  46. Kate Cunningham says:

    We’ll be away this Christmas. Will be in Dubai, arriving early hours of Christmas morning. Weather will be perfect for swimming, walking, golf etc so planning an active break. Will spend some time on Christmas Day linking up with family on Skype and watching kids open presents etc. Traditional Christmas Lunch followed by walk along beach or cycle round Marina.

  47. claire says:

    we’ll be making christmas cards and paper chains out of scrapbook papers

  48. Angela Walker says:

    Watching the Queen’s Speech

  49. Paula Green says:

    Big old christmas dinner with a couple of glasses of vino followed by Queens speech, little nap then its time for fun and games on the wii with all the grand children.

  50. James says:

    I’m looking forward to spending some time with my niece and nephew. They LOVE colouring in and I’ve outdone myself this year and found a bunch of A3 colouring in designs and got a ton of art goodies for them to enjoy. I can’t wait.

  51. H Wright says:

    I fear I cannot answer this question without being naughty since the first answer that pops into my head relates to all the curry we are going to eat over Christmas. If you can imagine the answer then there you have my competition entry. If not then I’ll just go and stand in naughty corner where I belong. Hangs head in shame.

  52. David Renton says:

    We’ve already made cards and tree decorations, crackers are next, then afterwards will be printing out photos from the festivities for the thank you cards.

  53. Alice says:

    Playing The Wizard of OZ Monopoly

  54. Rachel says:

    The children love making their own mince pies every year and then gorging themselves silly….Great fun!

  55. Gillian Brown says:

    We Play on the wii and board games,after after a few drinks we have a sing a long on the kareoke :)

  56. martin says:

    Eating, drinking, watching tele, arguing, having a great time.

  57. Joanne B says:

    probably eating lots & visiting various relatives :)

  58. Jo Jones says:

    We will be making lots of arty/craft things as playgroup has been very active in the run up to Christmas, hence the inspiration. Making & decorating Christmas biscuits, thank you cards,and lots of colouring and of course going on the computer.

  59. Mark says:

    Great comp

  60. Andy D says:

    Playing Golf ( we are mad for it!)

  61. kelly harper says:

    Baking Cakes, Making xmas decorations & deffo loads of monopoly when the extended family come

  62. Nicky Squirrell says:

    Drawing stuff, cooking stuff, eating stuff and drinking stuff.

  63. AC says:

    Probably a nap competition… after so much food…!

  64. foz says:

    We will be eating, drinking and being merry!

  65. Kieran says:

    Playing card games

  66. Daniel says:

    My two nieces are learning to draw manga after watching the films Spirited Away and Ponyo, so I think Father Christmas (their uncle) might be delivering some manga comic drawing books, sketching pencils, markers and paper for them …and for me, well I get to be creative by cleaning up their mess afterwards! :-(

  67. Phil Darling says:

    We will have fun, squabbles, Eat, listen to the Queen, have a present or two, snooze, chat, eat, TV, bed

  68. Rebecca says:

    Making home made Christmas cards and presents, going to see the Snowman at the theatre, and afterwards the German market.

    Great prize. Would love to win one.

  69. Keith C says:

    We’ll be printing wrapping paper with potato stamps :)

  70. Liz Burton says:

    We’ve just been making dancing penguins, I think we’ll send them as cards :0)

  71. James C says:

    Off to Taiwan as it’s my brothers wedding.

  72. clair says:

    We will be hand making all our christmas presents and cards this year.

  73. Zoe G says:

    We already have and will be doing loads of things, making christmas cards, snow scene collage, paper snowflakes, going to fetch holly and making a xmas wreath, and lots more

  74. Claire says:

    I’ll be with my family snuggled around an open fire watching Christmas films and eating cake!

  75. Vicky Carter says:

    When we go to visit my 4 yo and 2 yo nephews, we’ve bought them a circus tent for Christmas, and we’re going to put on a show for the family.

  76. Chris McKendrick says:

    This Christmas I’ll be teaching my little brother some guitar, and how to record and produce music on the computer :) He’s been keen to learn for a while but I get precious little chance to see him, so I’ll be taking advantage of being home at Christmas to teach him some bits to get him going. I can’t wait!

  77. Gwen Thomas says:

    We will be making some tree decorations out of salt dough. Some for us and some to give away to family as presents. hopefully they will last for years and be a lovely momento to cherish in years to come!

  78. Judy Wright says:

    Opening pressies, pulling crackers and eating!

  79. shell says:

    we shall be painting the town red

  80. Andrew Petrie says:

    Getting hammered.That’s what they usually do!

  81. Francine Costello says:

    We will be walking the dogs wherever possible to kill 2 birds with 1 stone – get them some exercise and try and shift the christmas pud that will settle around my middle!!!

  82. Claire says:

    We shall be making up new drinking games (which is an art form in itself) but also we’ll bedecorating cakes, making decorations and making Christmas cards.

  83. Zoe Howarth says:

    We will be eating, seeing family, playing games and generally having a great time. We will be making up for last year’s Christmas which wasn’t great because we were all ill x

  84. simone lee says:


  85. Kirsty says:

    We’ll be making crowns!

  86. Dave T says:

    We have already made finger print animal Christmas cards, a garland for the fireplace, and we’re now creating some decoupage Christmas tree decorations!

  87. Jan Furlong says:

    Eating, sleeping and watching family films

  88. John D says:

    Jigsaws, family films, eating, sleeping

  89. Lorraine R says:

    Lots of baking (and eating)

  90. craig w says:

    me and my 3 year old girl will be doing the art of dance on the xbox kinect,need something to burn off the mine pies she is going to make with her mum.

  91. douglas milsom says:

    Me and my girls love making Crackers for the dinner table every year. The eldest always knows the best cracker and sits at that place setting.

  92. stephanie tsang says:

    My daughter and I will be baking lots of festive cookies and dancing together to christmas songs.

  93. Melli Peakman says:

    We\’ll be making papercraft models of minecraft characters! Already have a selection of creepers, but we\’ve got a few to add yet

  94. K W says:

    I will be painting portaits of someones parrots in return for them giving me something for mine-but it will have to be done traditionally in watercolour because my six year old Wacom finally gave up on me, to great sadness, hence entering this!

  95. mark beaumont says:

    Its all about the kids and their colouring in!

  96. Claire Denise York says:

    I\’m a greeting card designer, so i use a wacom tablet all day at work, but at home i have only got a really tiny one. I would love to win this prize to make my designs even better. Over christmas i will be showing my family what i do for a job, we always get the cards we have been sent and i tell my family how i could make them better!!!

  97. Teresa says:

    some drawing & painting, maybe try and make some things from the left over wrapping and packaging.

  98. Lesley says:

    Sitting down and making a nativity scene together. :)

  99. Solange says:

    Eating, drinking & being merry

  100. Lorraine R says:

    Baking loads and eating loads

  101. Mike C says:

    Eating lots, playing with the kids and their new toys, and generally having a relaxing family time

  102. David Murphy says:

    I\’m going to be drawing up a christmas card design this afternoon to screen print tomorrow in various christmassy colours to send out next week to my friends, family and the freelance clients who have very good to me this year – I know I\’m cutting it a bit fine timewise but I\’ve been awfully busy recently. I\’ll probably make some gift tags too. I\’m also going to recycle the brown packaging paper I\’ve been sent parcels in this past year and make my own wrapping paper with some help from my markers, scraps of paper I\’ve collected and foil from the kitchen :)

  103. Rebecca G says:

    I\’ll be spending time with my family at my Nan\’s house, seeing relatives and watching my cousins open their presents, as well as opening a few myself! We\’ll be having the traditional turkey roast dinner and then probably watching the Dr Who Christmas special! Followed by board games!

  104. Susie Herbert says:

    Ooh exciting giveaway! I will mostly be scanning in pictures of my family this year and drawing rude things onto them! Ha :)

  105. Steph Scott says:

    firstly I need to fight with my 6 year old daughter and kick her of the computer for playing artrage using the bamboo, but as for traditional ,welcome to Santas groto, paper chains , paper tress , just paper , we where lucky when the school got knocked down they sold of all there old art stuff we have boxes in boxes , Blue Petter would be hard pushed to beat us for materials …

    wireless would could in very handy…

  106. edwin swain says:

    this year my partner, son and i will be making home made crackers, which should be fun and also were going to try and make a life size origami christmas tree

  107. Carmel thornton says:

    making crackers so that they have lovely surprises inside instead of the usual cheap platic tat

  108. Damyanti says:

    Hope to make snow globes

  109. Nathan says:

    playing JENGA

  110. flx says:

    We will be trying our best to get drunk

  111. sharon louise hughes says:

    we have bought the kids a kinect this xmas so im guessing quite confidently it will be a kinect competition xmas this year.

  112. Caroline says:

    We will be making crackers and also we have some kits to make reindeer hats with antlers! There will be an abundance of glitter and sparkles – more for my sake than anyones!

  113. linda wiles says:

    Playing on the kinnect

  114. Darius Dragasius says:

    Eating, drinking and playing board games.

  115. Sam Trula says:

    For once, it has started snowing before Christmas, so our winter Christmas photowalks will be very interesting this year! Would love to win this Wacom tablet to help with editing the huge amount of pics I\’m sure we\’ll all take!

  116. louise says:

    This year the boys and i have made Xmas cards for their grandparents and godparents, we have made paper baubles to hang on the tree along with our regular baubles and were also planning on making some crackers to go on the tree too. No idea what we will do once the decorations are made though but Im sure well find something.

  117. we have plenty of art going on in our house – not only am i hand painting some pictures for my sisters but my little boy loves drawing all over the furniture and walls when my bac is turned so i plan to re-paint all the things he paints on. the the fun can start all over again.

    i\’d love to win this so i can draw myself a logo onto the computer. looks pretty nifty.

  118. Susie says:

    Making personalised cards and gift tags, photobooks for the grandparents, illustrated letters to Santa . . . we\’re quite keen on craft activities!

  119. N Miller says:

    Making a massive tray of caramel shortbread and maybe some dumpling. Yum!

  120. Fiona Mallard says:

    We\’ll all be sitting down this week to make cards for friends and neighbours. Over Christmas my boyfriends will draw, and I\’ll try to find time to paint.

  121. Jacquie Bennett says:

    Nice, quiet Christams with HB and the dog, perfect

  122. Kerrie says:

    we always play a lot of games, monopoly, cluedo, fustration 😀

  123. andi g says:

    we have lots of visitors dropping in over the Christmas period, so we will be entertaining mainly!

  124. Jeremy says:

    Making Christmas cards. I know they sjould all have been made and sent by now. Still got a couple of days though.

    Smae every year, I under estimate how many cards I need to make and how long it will take

  125. Rebecca Denyer says:

    Brilliant Giveaway, have wanted one of these for ages.
    This year my Kids are decorating and personalising their stockings on Christmas Eve, it always stops them getting too excited. we have lots of craft things so they have plenty to use but glitter seems to always be a favourite at this time of year. We also made our own Christmas cake so we will be icing and decorating it ready for Christmas Day.

  126. Michelle Williams says:

    My son made a stocking and we always make gift tags out of old christmas cards. We also took part in the scout christmas carol service too.

  127. Clementina says:

    The children hand make all the Christmas cards we send out – that\’s artistic lol :)

  128. Kevin says:

    Making paper chains, making ribbons for presents, hand made christmas cards for the nearest and dearest.

  129. Rebecca John says:

    My sister has organised Christmas Day in a restaurant, so it will be a relaxed day for all the family, followed by tea at her\’s, board games and good old charades!

  130. san says:

    well be watching the kids opening presents and falling asleep in front of the telly!

  131. Alison says:

    We already made Christmas decorations and decorated Christmas biscuits. My son made his own cards for special family members

  132. suzanna gentle says:

    Most years I make a gingerbread house from scratch and also a snow house, which is house made of wood or cardboard that is covered in snow cotton wool and inside are put tiny stocking fillers which act as prizes for christmas party games :) Also going to be making my own crackers and I paint so generally sit and sketch various things throughout christmas day which i then use to later make watercolours :)

  133. Miriam says:

    On Christmas Day my partner is getting an origami book and origami papers. We\’ll be spending some of the day making decorations for the house with origami.
    We\’re also making Chinese dumplings to eat and playing board games.

  134. Paula Phillips says:

    We\’ll be making decorations for the tree.

  135. emma cella says:

    This weekend i will be helping my little children make snow flakes to decordate the windows and christmas cards for their friends at playgroup

  136. Mark Palmer says:

    Making cards

  137. Karen Barrett says:

    This year we have made wreaths for all our family. The children made salt dough christmas shapes that we decorated with all things glittery with varnish to finish. we collected foliage from the local wood and also from the garden.

  138. Gill Abrahams says:

    Cooking, eating, drinking, reading and watching tv.

  139. Paul Nichol says:

    Stuffing the turkey, then stuffing ourselves with the turkey and lots of other food, and having fun.

  140. jennie jackson says:

    we always make xmas crackers on xmas eve to use whith our xmas dinner

  141. Joanna Sawka says:

    We are going to Winter wonderland

  142. Allan says:

    We\’ll be having lots of fun with our Christmas prezzie, I predict a lot of LEGO building will be going on.

  143. Jane says:

    Love going on a new year bike ride, especially with new bikes from Christmas. Although last year we ended up sledging instead.

  144. Claire Speakman says:

    Tarting up old Christmas baubles using decoupage, glue and glitter… loads of fun.

  145. Julie Harris says:

    The kids like to make snowflakes to hang up and we have more fab home made decorations too.DD3 has rediscovered her spirograph!

  146. Holly Green says:

    Decorating the Christmas cake, making gingerbread men… and for the less artistically inclined, pictionary and charades!

  147. Nicole S. says:

    We will be making a gingerbread mansion this year, so much fun!

  148. Martin White says:

    We\’ll be visiting family in Brighton – and going for a swim in the sea if we\’re brave enough!!!

  149. Christine Bray / @chrriss88 says:

    My grandson is just learning how to write so this week we have been writing name tags for the Christmas dinner table and making gift tags for our Xmas presents (which we will be sending to Santa of course)

  150. Jen Boucher says:

    We\’ll be making our own decorations and christmas cards

  151. Isabelle says:

    getting wasted x

  152. Tom says:

    Making a silver star for the top of the christmas tree

  153. Afshan Qayyum says:

    Most likely sitting in front of the tv watching xmas films and eating lots¬

  154. Primrose M says:

    Cooking, eating lots playing kinect with the kids

  155. cherie says:

    we\’ll be making paper streamers to decorate the house together!
    and then eating far too much food!

  156. Bob Scott says:

    Playing with the kids and their new toys.

  157. lisa williams says:

    Me and my 7 year old son will be making hand made thank you cards to thank all our family and friends for the lovely pressies they kindly sent us. Glitter, glue and christmas pictures all form part of it. x

  158. Farhana Haque says:

    Making homemade decorations to put around the house

  159. Ken Binns says:

    we will be relaxing and I shall be wondering how to occupy myself as I don\’t seem to be getting anything exciting to play with….but then I am 54. So if I were to win this it would stop me from being a fairly grumpy old man!!!

  160. Sue Smyth says:

    Will be a big family day this year! then I will be able to sneak off to channel my inner geek!