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Giveaway: £100 Groupon Voucher

| December 19, 2011

We REALLY are in the count down to Christmas now… and in the last few days, I am squeazing in one last fabulous giveaway for you:

A £100 voucher for If you don’t already know Groupon, then it is time to check them out. Groupon offers really great deals on a variety of leisure products and services. So not only do you get a great deal on all sorts, but you get a £100 towards whatever it is you want to buy!

So… what are you waiting for? Get some last minute Christmas deals or treat yourself to something in the New Year. Fabulous.

To enter:

1) If Groupon could get you any deal… what would you spend your £100 on? You can always visit Groupon (and register) for some inspiration!

Competition open to the UK only.

Competition closes on 24 December 2011.

A winner will be selected at and will receive a voucher code as their prize.

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  1. Jane Willis says:

    Looking at some of the savings on the site,I reckon £100 would get me a lovely day at a spa with a facial thrown in, so that would be my first choice

  2. Maren says:

    I would like to switch to rechargeable batteries around the house.
    Well worth it but also quite expensive. Therefore savings would be much appreciated.

  3. Perrine says:

    Toys for my kids !

  4. Karen says:

    Oil radiators for thre rest of our home as it is chilly and our storage heaters are rubbish

  5. Ashleigh says:

    either a spa day or an overnight stay with my husband!

  6. I\’ve had some of their deals and they are great. In a way they come up with things I wouldn\’t think about which makes it great fun. However, if I have a choice it is likely to be like others – time away or a great spa day. £100 will cover those easily with Groupon. Don\’t know how they do it!

  7. Jo Rich says:

    I\’d love to use £100 with Groupon to pay for one of their photography courses that I\’ve seen them advertise – have always wanted to learn to take decent photos.

  8. Fiona Davis says:

    I would spend £100 on a day at the races for me and my children.

  9. I\’ve had haircuts, meals out, wine & toys from Groupon, can\’t resist a bargain! But if they could get me any deal at all, I\’d go for a weekend away with my hubby and daughter, with a meal for good measure!

  10. claire says:

    me and my husband are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in April, so a night away/spa experience would be a fantastic way to celebrate!

  11. Flo Foxes says:

    Would love use a little Groupon Love treating my Tweenager Daughter to a Mummy and Me Treat Day in London with an Overnight Stay ..that would be so lush :-)
    thanks for the chance to play

  12. Merry christmas indeed ! fingers cross

  13. Carolina J. says:

    They\’ve got great deals for meals out! Could use it to go out with the husband.

  14. I\’d love them to come up with a hotel break with a trustworthy babysitting service included. We love taking our boy away with us but we\’d also love to be able to have a lovely meal on our own in the evening.

  15. Marzena says:

    I would go to the hairdresser

  16. Make do mum says:

    I would love a day at a spa with a massage

  17. olivia kirby says:

    Any deal? A proper haircut, whilst sipping a small glass of fizz, at a proper hairdressers with someone to look after my beautiful angels/terrible terrors! Something i really need, my hair is ridiculously long and hopelessly messy! x x

  18. andy says:

    used these before. they do good deals. a hotel break would be good to use.

  19. A spa day, I\’ve never been on one and its on my treats list for losing weight


  20. I\’d love a family trip on Eurostar :)

  21. Nicola Hinchliffe says:

    I would love to treat my other half to a weekend away for his 30th birthday in January


    Nicola x

  22. A child free night away with the OH!

  23. Azra says:

    Ohh £100 can go a long way with Groupon! I think I would choose a nice fancy meal, I\’m heading to London in the New Yer so I could choose one for their and treat me and my boyfriend to a posh slap up meal! And if theres any money leftover it could always go towards a little treat just for me hehe! Maybe a massage….!

  24. Kelly Dutton says:

    I\’d go for an unlimited entry pass to all the local attractions in the midlands. it would save me a fortune and I\’d have somewhere to go each weekend with my daughter without her getting bored! :)

  25. Sharon W says:

    A silver clay starter kit (they have got really expensive!) to make a little ones fingerprint keyring for my husband and pendant for me. And the rest would go on a family day out somewhere fun.

  26. I guess if I could have any deal, it would be for a weekend break in Europe somewhere with my man and my boy. :) Something where we\’re not obligated to see family or interact with friends. We can just be our own family together. 😀


    A spa day for me and the other half.

  28. John-Paul GIles says:

    £100 Would let me take my girlfriend away after a tough year to a spa and let us both relax. I would like to make her feel special in a small but meaningful way.

  29. Pamela gossage says:

    I think toys for my grandchildren

  30. gillian hunter says:

    I would spend £100 on a spa day as a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life.

  31. Lucy says:

    A butler for a day so they could do everthing for me while I sit back and relax :)

  32. sohadre Anirood says:

    I would invite my pensioners friends for a meal at my home.

  33. Oliver says:


  34. Jo Batchelor says:

    I would spend it on the horse riding lessons at Braintree Equestrian Centre for my daughter…. bought the lessons twice now and it is an amazing deal and quality place!

  35. Lee says:

    I would love to take my new fiancée on an adrenaline pumped day of action with some zorbing and climbing and if i could get a great groupon deal we could then spend the evening by a lovely scottish lake sipping champagne.

  36. Lucy Jackson says:

    A night away with my gorgeous hubby 😀

  37. Filipa Alexandre says:

    A romantic dinner with my husband

  38. Karen Walkden says:

    definatly a spa day i need to relllllaaaaxxxxxx !!

  39. liz denial says:

    I absolutely love groupon. My friend & I regularly have overnight breaks at great prices which is wonderful as I\’m disabled & don\’t get out very often

  40. Joseph Watson says:

    Something for the grandchildren

  41. Vicky Rowland says:

    Seeing as its that festive season where I always overindulge, I think I would use my £100 voucher to buy such items as \’weight loss shorts\’ and \’zumba sessions\’ in January!!

  42. Glenn Hutton says:

    Gift for my daughters birthday!

  43. Bethan Breakwell says:

    If i could get ANY deal to spend £100 on groupon, it would be towards a Michel Roux dinner, he is my favourite chef and my boyfriend has promised a proposal there, £100 towards that may nudge him in the right direction, and if not a fabulous meal is guaranteed, win win situation i say 😉

  44. Nicola McIntyre says:

    I would love to see tattoo\’s on Groupon!

  45. Cheryl Mimms says:

    I had a terrible time driving to work last year, (have no choice as no bus route) sliping and sliding all over the show I was, I would deffo like to buy some tyre snow socks,

  46. christine turner says:

    definitely a good meal out with friends at somewhere special that I usuually could not afford

  47. melanie willcox says:

    I would treat my mum to something special like body shop vouchers so she can pamper herself for once

  48. Cheryl says:

    After the snow last year i would love to get some tyre socks

  49. C Hui says:

    I\’d put it towards a new computer!

  50. Lesley says:

    Definitely a mother and daughter spa day :)

  51. Frances says:

    I would spend the money on fantastic meal out for all the family. Groupon have some great deals.

  52. Patricia Galozzi says:

    It would love to give my family a few treats such as a nice meal out or short break away.£100 groupon voucher goes a LONG LONG WAY.

  53. helen inns says:

    A new hairdo!

  54. lee burton says:

    all the deals i could get

  55. Erica Price says:

    A great meal out for 2 with wine.

  56. kirstine meredith says:

    Anything so that my mum sister and I could spend some quality time together its been far too long!

  57. shell says:

    What a great way to start the new year with a weekend away with the prize

  58. Lorraine R says:

    A big hamper of chocolates.

  59. Joel B says:

    I\’d like to treat my girlfriend to a weekend away at Valentines!

  60. Val Hartley says:

    Presents for my grandchildren.

  61. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    A night at a hotel for me and hubby.

  62. Vic says:

    I would look out for their iLipo deal which i missed last time and buy that, especially after the weoght i will pile on over xmas!!

  63. amanda stark says:

    I would love to spend £100 on a spa day

  64. Suzanne cooke says:

    A spa day would be fab.

  65. Caroline Williams says:

    A Fun day out with my children would be really nice :-)

  66. Kay Adams says:

    Extra presents for my baby Grandaughter!!

  67. Svetlana says:

    spa day or a haircut

  68. Tracy Nixon says:

    I would go for a pamper package as I am already feeling exhausted with the Christmas preparation!!!

  69. Lorraine Johnson says:

    If Groupon could get ANY deal, I would love them to sell Olympic Swimming tickets for £100!!
    My son is 9 and swims for the city, training hard 5 nights a week. We had hoped to reward him with a trip to see his heroes swim, but were well & truly priced out on it!

    Since my wish is a pipe dream, I could actually use the voucher to treat my son in some other way, maybe a hotel in London so we could go & see the venue at least!

  70. Dean Bennett says:

    A lovely weekend away in the UK! £100 should do!

  71. allison coxon says:

    Spa Day, unwind after christmas :)

  72. Donna Hawkes says:

    A spa day or professional photoshoot would be lovely for a bit of pampering

  73. Edward Keep says:

    Would treat my gorgeous wife to a lovely meal

  74. A dag of clay pigeon shooting followed by a country retreat with dinner bed and breakfasta day

  75. Andy D says:

    A money tree

  76. vicky carter says:

    I\’d take my better half out on a date with a fun activity that\’s on offer, and maybe I could even get a meal on offer too!

  77. Rob P says:

    The supercar driving experience, for my Dad.

  78. Sarah Laycock says:

    That spa day looks mighty tempting for some quality ME TIME!

  79. Lindy Mathias says:

    I\’d really love to go on a spa day. Having 3 small children the opportunitys for pampering are few and far between.

  80. Rachael G says:

    I\’d treat myself to a local photography course so that I could learn to use my camera properly and learn some editing basics.

  81. JAN says:

    My husband and I would go out for a meal -just the two of us -child free and mobile phone switched off :)

  82. Mark says:

    The £100 ipad! BOOYAH!

  83. Julie Andrews says:

    I would use it to have my boiler serviced as I know it hasn\’t been done for 8 years as thats how long I have lived at my address, very bad I know.

  84. lucy osborne says:

    i\’d love a fab deal on driving lessons, they are so pricey!

  85. emma hunt says:

    i would use it to buy my 13 year old son some clothes as hes out growing everything so fast….wouldnt it be cool to buy H&M vouchers on groupon…say £50 for £100 worth of vouchers lol i wish x

  86. jennifer thorpe says:

    I would absolutely spend the money on a lovely night away with my husband. we\’ve been through som tough times lately and this would be an amazing treat

  87. Kieran says:

    I\’d spend the money on toys for my nephews and niece.

  88. Sarah Robertson says:

    I would spend it on a weekend stay at a nice hotel :)

  89. kasia says:

    live music for my bday!

  90. Andrea Shaw says:

    I\’d use £100 for a night away – bliss

  91. Lucas says:

    Some nice two night gateaway….Paris maybe

  92. Trish says:

    A spa day for my teenage daughter and myself. We are both suffering from exam stress!

  93. Jo Jones says:

    There are so many good offers it would be difficult to choose but I would persevere if I won! A meal for two would be lovely.

  94. Robert Turton says:

    I would spend it on a nice weekend away for a good friend of mine. She is a nurse and works silly amounts of hours for little money and deserves a nice treat.

  95. Caroline says:

    £25 for a £70 Firebox voucher so that I can buy hubby his dream Xmas pressie!

  96. Rich Tyler says:

    I’d use it towards doing someething special, that’d either not normally do or think of doing, so I’d put it towards the best use

    Something like a indoor skydive, or bunjee jump, a afternoon zorbing!

    Who knows 😉

  97. Sean says:

    I would spend it on a day out for the men and women I work with at First Step Trust, where I work voluntary four days a week.

  98. NIKKI HARTLEY says:

    It would be a indulging spa day with pampering and relaxing :-)

  99. adele crozier says:

    I used them this christmas and i love the idea of some if the discounts they offer. I would love some discount in children clothing because even if you dont need the clothes at the time you could put them away for the following year

  100. Kelly Koya says:

    Prob some restaurant deals. We\’ve had soem fab meals out with groupon deals. Also, a haircut to look nice for my meal out!

  101. Francine Costello says:

    I\’d use it for my mum and dad who have \’special\’ birthday\’s next year :)

  102. Katie Bradley says:

    Presents for the nippers and a meal out for myself

  103. Gillian Moloney says:

    A pamper weekend for me & my fiance (I’ll get around him to be pampered) & for a creche at the same time 😛


  104. Catherine Miller says:

    It would have to be a Hot Air Balloon flight for 2. Would just need to convince OH.


  105. Solange says:

    Spa weekend

  106. Lynda says:

    I would love a face or back massage, never had one of these but I am sure it would be heaven.

  107. Carolin says:

    A relaxing spa day or a creative cupcake decorating course would be what I would absolutely love…

    @caro_mad x

  108. Joanna Kiely says:

    On a spa day!!!! Lovely!!!

  109. christine shelley says:

    I could take all my mates for this prize at groupons prices!

  110. Paul S says:

    £100 goes a long way at Groupon!

    I\’d probably start with a weekend break

  111. Maria Reilly says:

    For £100 I could treat myself and my husband with a romantic meal and evening out, and still have enough change to treat my children to a days paintballing.

  112. Mayur Koya says:

    Would love to win this sounds great. Good luck everyone and merry christmas

  113. helenthemadex says:

    I would treat my lovely kids they have had a hard time over the last few years

  114. Norma McGill says:

    I would love a Citybreak for a couple of days with my husband.

  115. katherine grieve says:

    a citybreak in the new year!

  116. Laura Sanderson says:

    To join the gym, get fit after christmas

  117. J says:

    on lovely hotel deals

  118. Anne Redfern says:

    A photography course for my partner David.

  119. Jacki McMahon says:

    I\’d treat my fiance to a night away somewhere for his birthday

  120. Karyn says:

    A serum that lets me stay 29 forever.

  121. Lucy says:

    It would have to be a romantic weekend break for me and my husband as we didnt get to have a honeymoon

  122. Rebecca Thomas says:

    If Groupon could get me the deposit for a house (or an actual house)… is this possible please?? :-)

  123. Kerrie says:

    oooo mybe a hotel stay for 2… 😀

  124. Caroline says:

    I would buy a much needed weekend away for me and the boyf!

  125. Isil says:

    A spa day would be fab!

  126. Geoffrey Fortt says:

    Next year is going to be very expensive for us,my son is 21 on the 1st March,our daughter is getting married on the 1st April and it\’s our 25 wedding anniversary on the 15th May,so a voucher towards a break on the 25th would be great.

  127. gemma says:

    I would use it for afternoon tea somewhere posh, and live it up for the day!

  128. Angela Sandhu says:

    theatre trip for the whole family in the west end

  129. Denise Whiskin says:

    Would love to replace some of my broken radiators to more effectively heat the house.

  130. Kirsty Common says:

    A spa day

  131. Rachel says:

    A facial each and lunch for me and a friend

  132. Holly Green says:

    If it could be absolutely ANYTHING, then I\’d get scuba diving lessons!

  133. lucinda duxbury says:

    i would choose the chocolate workshop followed by a massage and manicure with my daughter and i would book it for my birthday in january

  134. Emily Barker says:

    In a perfect world it would go on my honeymoon! However – we have already had so many bargains for our wedding off groupon I couldn\’t be happier! I\’d spend it on treats for our family who are helping us out so much! Merry Christmas everyone :) x

  135. Shauncey Ferguson says:

    I would buy my mum a lovely getaway for a night or 2, somewhere really indulgent and nice where she could relax.

  136. Luke Bowes says:

    Yes please would love to win this!

  137. Rachel says:

    Definately something for my lovely hubby, he works really hard and its not just us women that needed treating

  138. Dan says:

    Car insurance! It\’s ridiculously expensive!

  139. cathy james says:

    with what I save I would treat the family to weekend away

  140. Ruth Worthington says:

    I use it for a nice weekend away from the kids !

  141. Julia Briscoe says:

    I would spend it on a night out.

  142. Kevin says:

    Defintely an overnight stay!!!

  143. Jeremy says:

    I would put it towards diving lessons. I have seen them on Groupon a few times and been tempted

  144. Helen says:

    I\’d use it for a short break with my husband as he deserves a break due to poor health.

  145. meena says:

    it would have to be the robovac, that vacums on its own as it goes up and down the room

  146. san says:

    Id use it on a weekend theatre trip

  147. jane steels says:

    A storage heater for my sons bedroom would be great. It seems to be the coldest room in the house

  148. Jennifer Stokes says:

    I would love a pamper at a spa

  149. emma cella says:

    weekend theatre trip would be lovely


    becuase i could treat my good lady wife to a night out, a haircut and a nice massage

  151. Olivia Cumberbatch says:

    A lovely spa day with my mummy to start us of nice and relaxed into 2012

  152. k walsh says:

    A bowling package would be great for us :)

  153. Maggie says:

    I would love to be entered please to win a spa day or theatre trip

  154. A says:

    A relaxing day just for me

  155. Isabelle says:

    a spa dAY :]

  156. Keith says:

    formula 1 experience day

  157. Jill Priday says:

    I would go for a days archery and birds of prey experience.

  158. Adele says:

    I\’d spend it on a day trip for my children, maybe to a theme park. Or I\’d love to take them to London!

  159. Paul Marshall says:

    Wembley tickets for Oldham Athletic!!

  160. jamesmum says:

    i would get the kids some toys. x

  161. Rebecca Denyer says:

    I would add it to the money i have saved for a new dining table so i can finally get a table for 6 that good quality but also a great prize

  162. cheryl fothergill says:

    Would love a nice break away from the kids so 1 night hotel spa break for me and my sis plus a relaxing massage would be great x

  163. Farhana Haque says:

    A nice spa relaxing spa treatment :)

  164. Dee says:

    I\’d spend it on a makeover: new hairstyle, facial treatment, make-up lesson etc. I could start the New Year as a new woman! (my boyfriend would be all in favour of that … )

  165. phillippa lee says:

    i would use £100 to spend on a boutique hotel experience with a lovely friend.

  166. Hannah says:

    Hmmm, probably would get some fresh inspiration from a surprising offer, but would love a luxury hair appointment, with cut & colour by someone who really knows what they\’re doing!

  167. Angie says:

    I would use it for a spa break

  168. Zee says:

    I\’d spend it on a break away :)