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Weekly Photo: Treats for ME!

| February 2, 2012 | 2 Comments

Oooh guess what arrived on my doorstep this morning:

valentine's day gifts

Yep, that is right, a Valentine’s Treats Hamper and if you know me, you know, that “Saying you Love Someone ISN’T just for Valentines”… you should tell them ALL YEAR round. But Valentine’s really is a good time of year for the outside world to give you a little nudge and get some Valentine’s Day Flowers.

And I love love love this hamper – it has everything:

* Potted roses (they will last much much longer, I may even be able to keep them alive a few months)

* Some chocolates (already hidden from all of those that I love… as sometimes, I just need a little treat myself)

* Some pink bubble (oh how I LOVE bubbly!!!!!)

And… once again… perfect packaging – the little basket is going to come to good use (I have some little chick bean bags that may be very happy to live in it…) AND, how sad am I: GOLD TISSUE paper – I think I am almost as excited about the crafting possibilities, as I am about the lovely treats!

valentine's day gifts

And who do I have to thank for all these goodies? Well, my dear friends at Interflora again – they DO treat me well. I think The Englishman is beginning to wonder whether I have a secret admirer….

So if you want a Valentine’s Day Gift for Her, then Interflora is definitely a place to stop by.

Thank you for my treat! The chocolates have already been snaffled (I did share them over coffee with my neighbour!).

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Love the close up photograph of the rose! Gorgeous!

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