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Book Reviews – Activity Books for Kids

| February 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

Hello! I haven’t done a “straight review” of kids’ books for a while and then when I do you get 4 at once, a bit like British public buses!!

Flossie Crums and the Royal Spotty Dotty Cake: A Flossie Crums Baking AdventureFlossie Crums and the Royal Spotty Dotty Cake: A Flossie Crums Baking Adventure, Helen Nathan

Here is a cute and quirky book that is a little bit different – first you get a lovely fairy story involving Flossie and Billie and lots of cute cute fairies. Flossie likes to bake and she likes to enter the annual village baking competition. She gives it her bestest effort and makes an amazing orange spotty dotty cake… Then… her fairy friends need her help – the King has fallen seriously ill and *needs* the cake to get better (I find, that I often *need cake*, don’t you?!). What will Flossie do? A cute book, full of pink and fairies to warm little girls’ hearts. The best thing however, is, that you don’t just get the story, but also a number of baking recipes! So you can read the story and then rush of and bake. Choose from the amazing dotty cake, to delicious honey lemon drizzle cake to exploding brownies with jelly worms. Really, something for everyone. Comes with handy baking tips and conversions from metric to imperial.

Maggie & Rose: This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow (Maggie and Rose)This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow, a Maggie & Rose Activity Book (Walker Books)

Aaah this is a wonderful book, that on reading it made both Red Ted and I want to jump and get out there and GROW THINGS! It is layout out in really kid friendly steps and illustrations (almost a bit like a cartoon strip). I think Red Ted could work out what he needs to do without necessarily reading all the words. There are great ideas from how to store your tools and home made bottle watering cans to your own mini wormery, fun mash potato faces and bug hotels… I know what Red Ted will want to make FIRST!

One of my favourite “intro” to gardening books for kids.

I think this would make a great gift book.

Maggie & Rose: This Book Is Totally Rubbish (Maggie and Rose)This Book is Totally Rubbish, a Maggie & Rose Activity Book (Walker Books)

Another in the Maggie & Rose Activity Book series… and a topic that I am very passionate about! I love making things out of “rubbish” and you will find many recycled crafts on my site! So I knew I would like this book too. I think my favourite activities are the super hero costumes and bottle pin bowling! Cute!

Another great gift book idea.


My Green DayMy Green Day, 10 green things I can do today, by Melanie Walsh

I do love going on my eco band wagon every so often and I love to teach my children about how to be good to the environment. They know all about our compost. They know what we recycle (and often play and recycle and recycle and recycle our “junk” before it actually goes INTO the recycling in the first place). They know we take canvas bags to the shops. And they know we need to turn lights off. This book is a very cute way to “walk through your day” and see different things you can do to make things better. Not only does it have nice suggestions and explains why they are good, but the book has fun “cut outs” and layouts, so that the pages connect really nicely – a hole in one page shows you the flower on the next. The hole in the washing machine one page is the blue sky on the next etc. Out of the 10 suggestions we already do more than half, so in some ways there was nothing “eye opening”. However, as I consider myself reasonably green, that wasn’t a surprise. This is a nice book to reinforce my values with my children! And the bright simple illustrations makes it fun and interesting to look at!

Green thumbs up!

Disclosure: I received all these books from the publishers but was under no obligation to review. I only review things that I like! And I like these books!

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