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Book Reviews – A Walk in London & Mole’s Sunrise

| February 20, 2012 | 7 Comments

A Walk in London, Salvatore Rubbino

I love love LOVE this book! As a Londoner I have been looking forward to “showing my children” London for a long time. We have seen Big Ben and the London Eye. Seen the Thames, Tower Bridge and driven past The Tower of London. And we always exclaim “look, that is xyz, look”.. and I think sometimes Red Ted  just doesn’t know what we are on about.

This is the perfect book for us to explore London from home AND whilst out and about. It makes you want to jump up and go and look at everything.

For my children’s age group (2-4yrs and possibly up to 7?), I think this is a perfect book. It makes London look really interesting, combines a little bit of story telling with facts (if you want to delve deeper – e.g. did you know that the walls of the Tower of London are 8m high and 3m thick? Did you know that you will find Pelicans in St James’s Park?)

Love it. If you love London and if you want to show your children London, then this is a book for you.

Oh No, George! By Christ Haughton

George is a dog. And like all dogs… he sometimes can’t help himself and is well.. a little bit naughty. One day Harris goes out and asks George to be good. He says he will! But will he? Temptation in the form of cakes and cats muddy plants are put in his way. And Oh No! George just can’t resist. And then he feels bad and suddenly he does manages a lot better… well, almost. We think. Cute illustrations, making Red Ted giggle away as I turn the page and exclaim “Oh No”. I suspect that he relate to the fact that you WANT TO be good, but can’t always help yourself. Fun. Quirky. Cute.

Mole’s Sunrise, Jeanne Willis

I first saw this book reviewed by Zoe from Playing By the Book, there is no way I can do her reviews just – she simply is brilliant. As a mum to another mum, who loves to read with her children, I can say that is is yet another lovely book I would highly recommend. Vole comes to collect Mole one early morning to go with him to the lake to see the sunrise. They arrive to meet up with woodland animals and each says what they see – e.g. “here comes the sun – I can just see the top of its head – like the soft yolk of a fried egg”. Mole listens intently. At the end it is reveal that Mole is blind and therefore has never seen a sunrise before. But with the description of his woodland friends he now has “seen one” and is immensely happy.

A beautiful and sweet story – to help young children empathise and understand that are people out there with disabilities and that they can have lovely and fulfilling experiences just like everyone else and especially with a little help from their friends.

Thought provoking.

dog loves drawing

Dogs Loves Drawing, by Louise Yates 

Oooh a wonderful book about doodling, drawing and story telling! The story is about a little dog who loves to read. One day his Aunt sends him a book – with nothing in it! A sketchbook. He starts off quite simply by drawing a door..  as he does, he is imagination takes him through the door and onto the next page… what will he draw next? A stickman, to keep him company. The stickman comes to life and together they doodle and draw and walk off onto the next page.. etc.

I love how this book grows and evolves, one idea sparking off the next and the little dog going on all sorts of drawing adventures with the characters he creates. The story remains simple, but fun!

He finishes the book and then writes a thank you card – with a drawing of all the characters he created for his aunt.

A lovely story about imagination, sparking creativity and story telling. Cute!

Socks, Nick Sharratt

What can I say about Socks? A cheeky, colourful and fun book all about where you can find the sock shape!! Of course on your feet… but you know, you could make a chicken from a sock too? Or a snap snap snapping crocodile? Or how about some mermaids and jelly fish? Yes.. you can find socks every where if you look hard enough..

It is of course ” silly” book. But fun. And I love that it sparks off your child’s imagination – where else could you find a sock?

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  1. Irina says:

    It is so heard to find good kids English books in Germany so I am always looking for nice one’s to order from Amazon. Thanks for the nice review!

  2. carol says:

    excellent, another book about London : )
    on my wishlist in advance of this year\’s trip
    Thanks for the rec!

  3. Sarah Zama says:

    We were very lucky to be given the opportunity by Jeanne Willis & Walker Books to publish an accessible version of Mole\’s Sunrise on the same day it was made available to sighted children. This book has now become one of our most borrowed titles in our free library for blind children & adults.

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Wow, that is really lovely to hear – i.e. that the book is as popular in your library too. Makes me want to spend more time reading it with my two!

  5. Amanda says:

    Great reviews. Love the London book, must look out for it.

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