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More Craft & Cook Book Reviews

| March 20, 2012 | 2 Comments

Welcome back to another couple of fabulous craft and cook books!

Garden Crafts for ChildrenGarden Crafts for Children, by Dawn Isaac

You may already know, that I am a huge fan of the crafty range of Cico books – generally they are well written and wonderfully photographed. A pleasure to browse and be inspired by.

We received this wonderful book on Garden Crafts for kids – great combination of craftiness, outdoorsy-ness as well as “green fingered-ness”.

There a number of “general” ideas (e.g. the cover photo showing the beans growing) that have a lovely new spin on them (i.e. I love the coloured tissue paper, making the bean growing activity so much more colourful and pretty). There are also lots of new ideas and activities, that I haven’t seen or come across before and leave me plenty inspired. Red Ted saw the picture of the miniature garden for example and shouted “can we do that”? I have start “reviewing kids craft books”, when he is not around, as he gets so excited about the possibilities of making!!!

This will also make a brilliant gift this Spring!


Marshmallow Madness!: Dozens of Puffalicious RecipesMarshmallow Madness – by Shauner Sever

Yes, I was sent this book in return for a review.. but as you know, I only review books on Red Ted Art that I actually like – believe there are a NUMBER that haven’t made it to the site…. so really, this really is a great book. Well, that is if you like Marshmallows! I never ever knew, that a) you could make marshmallows at home (yes, really, you CAN!), nor b) that there were so many different types! Golly gosh indeed. So I think I like this book, primarily for it’s quirkiness factor!  And the fact that my kids ADORE mashmallows. I confess, that we haven’t had the time to give them a go yet – but with the Easter holidays around the corner, I know what WE will be doing! Red Ted will be delighted (as will The Englishman!!!).


Meet Me at Mike's Crafty JournalMeet Me at Mikes – Pip Lincolne

Remember my review of “Make Hey While the Sun Shines“? Well this a crafty journal by the same author – it has the same carefree crafty quirkiness as Make Hey.. it is a crafty journal that encourages you to.. Get Crafty! Though the focus is the journal, it is interspersed with a few craft ideas (e.g. granny squares, a little panda and some little felt brooches), you also get an intro to crochet, knitting and some info on basic stitches. Basically, things to support you on your crafty journey. It also has a  great big wall chart to add all your ideas to – if I had a proper dedicated craft room (sadly I don’t) or if I was still a student, this would be a wonderful to brainstorm and record my ideas and keep track of things. I bet filled in, it would look wonderful.

So.. my verdict? A cute journal. One that really makes me itch to craft… and a great place to doodle and design some ideas… Once again, would make a great gift.


Eggs, Bsmall Publishing

Aaaah what a cute little book – a great little gift or party “favour” or to help you get into the “Easter Crafty” mood. It is a series of small books – giving you “5 Crafty” ideas along a certain theme.

This is the Easter addition and I have to say, I think it is a really good selection of different crafts – some classic, some news, some perfect.

They all come with detailed illustrated instructions and I am sure you will feel inspired to make something. And although this books as “5 crafts”, I am sure there are 6 ideas… PLUS extra stickers… what more do you want!?

 Disclaimer: I received all books to review, but was not obliged to write about any of them. I only review books that I genuinely like and think you may enjoy.

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  1. Chelsey says:

    These look good! I\’m excited to look in to that gardening one now that it\’s spring!

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