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WIN an Easter activity pack from Buttonbag worth £53

| March 29, 2012 | 83 Comments

You know I like to make craft with Red Ted from scratch but the holidays are coming and a few well designed craft kits that have done all the preparation for you wouldn’t go amiss.

Buttonbag’s spring themed craft kits will be great for keeping the kids entertained over the Easter break. Their craft kits contain everything needed to make the finished items. Sewing kits have needles, sticking kits have glue and toys that need stuffing have stuffing. Choose from friendly bunnies and adorable kittens to imaginative peg dolls and creative jewellery kits.

What’s more Buttonbag would like to give away an Easter activity pack containing some of their most popular craft kits.

The pack includes a bunny kit, a ladybird kit, a peg doll kit, a sewing tin plus a kit of your choice.

How to Enter

Visit  Button Bag  and come back and tell me what kit is your favourite and why.


* One entry per person

* Winner will be selected at random

* Competition closes on 4 April 2012

* Open to the UK only


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Comments (83)

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  1. Evelyn Murray says:

    My favourite kit is the Fairy Tale Peg Doll Kit. the reason is it would add greatly to the excitement I have telling fairy tale to my daughter at bedtime.

  2. Sarah Warren says:

    Without a shadow of a doubt the ladybird kit is my favourite. They children will love making them and then comparing them to the ladybirds in the garden. They are so easy to make and will keep the kids amused for ages.

  3. Tracy K Nixon says:

    I think my little girls would love Mouse House! The kit contains resources for making cute little mice and the box transforms into their home!!!! (It would save my shoe boxes being used!)

  4. AngelaC says:

    I think Abby would love the Butterfly Summer Hat! She can then use the extra bits to create whatever she likes :)

  5. your button bag link not working for me

  6. Alice says:

    I love the Fairytale peg doll kit. Its great for imaginative and creative play. Pretty and engaging costumes. I could image hours of fun playing with these fairytale characters.

  7. Anne says:

    Kitten basket is so cute.

  8. jennie jackson says:

    the peg doll kit looks fantastic – i used to make peg dolls with my gran every summer when i was younger

  9. Emma in Bromley says:

    Oh wow! The adventurers peg kit is awesome!
    My little ones love doing crafts – I\’m trying to be creative with them – most of the time it\’s a disaster but we have lots of fun getting messy along the way!

    Emma x (@beachpebble)

  10. Angie says:

    Kitten basket is my favourite- love it

  11. emma cella says:

    The adventure peg kit is my favourite I can image hours of fun play

  12. wendy stanger says:

    Fairytale Peg Doll Kit is lovely @kikicomp

  13. ANNE BOSTWICK says:

    The peg doll kit, please.

  14. Lucie says:

    I love love love the Red Owls kit. Have a bit of an owl obsession and could spend some happy hours making this up with my daughter!

  15. Sewing and Knitting because its cute cats ladybirds and little owls all my favourites!

  16. Mummy Fever says:

    Love the peg doll kits – fairies and pirates would go down really well x @MummyFever

  17. SARAH LAMBERT says:

    I luv the peg doll kit original because it reminds me of when my granny use to make me these when i was little :)

    Subscribed to newsletter

  18. Zoe G says:

    The peg doll kit, I use to love playing with peg dolls when I was little

  19. chanceuxvache says:

    I love the Original Peg Doll Kit xx

  20. Phil Darling says:

    The Ladybird kit is my fave, as my daughter is ladybird crazy

  21. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I\’d love the fairytale peg doll kit for my little girl. she\’s really into fairies and princesses right now so she would love this.

  22. I love the Little Button Bag and Purse kit. My daughter would love to make her own bag to carry things for her dollies in and pocket money – would make her feel very grown up :)

  23. nicola says:

    My favourite kit is the jungle jumbo. It just looks so nice.

  24. I love the ladybird flower bag – but I have just been informed by J whose laying on my lap unwell that we have to make the Pirate in the adventure peg kit this afternoon so I guess that would be our favourite the 2 year old has spoken.

  25. Definitely the pegg doll kit because there is so much play potential with the finished product! Imagine the stories we could tell!

  26. ANJU says:

    I love the ladybird kit

  27. Foz says:

    I think my daughter would love the bunny hutch because she has a pet rabbit!

  28. Sue says:

    I love the Mouse House kit. The mice look nice and simple to sew and would be a great first sewing project for my young daughter. I also love the way the box is used as a house for the mice!

  29. Liz Burton says:

    The felt jewellery kit is my favourite. What a lovely site and a great giveaway.

  30. It would have to be the theatre kits as Casey is always gettign the others to put on shows and make finger puppets etc x

  31. kath v says:

    I think the butterfly summer hat kit is so sweet!

  32. Joanna Coleshill says:

    I love the Fairytale peg doll kit, hours of fun in both making and playing with them afterwards!

  33. Rebecca says:

    I love the ladybirds. Molly is obsessed wi ladybirds too and gets upset when they fly off. Think this would keep her happy!

  34. Vanessa says:

    My little lady loves owls so it would be the owl kit for us. The kits look lovely.

  35. Jill Webb says:

    The robin kit looks lovely and could be done over the summer to use all winter long great kits all of them

  36. Solange says:

    I love the ladybird

  37. Cheryl Lovell says:

    Peg doll kit because my son would love making these!

  38. Elaine Taylor says:

    I love the Winter Hearts kit from the Christmas section. It reminds me of many happy Christmas\’s spent with my children

  39. julie west says:

    Loving the Butterfly Hat, and i know a little girl who would look so cute in it

  40. Vic says:

    Theatre kit is great, like it because my kids would love this, my son loves acting out stories. Little actor, so cute!

  41. Sarah says:

    The Owl Kit I think is the best!!

  42. becky says:

    fairytale peg kit is adoreable mine and annalises favourite x

  43. Kerrie says:

    i really love the winter birds kit, its perfect for christmas

  44. Sean says:

    the button hearts they look really vintage

  45. Hayley Fountain says:

    love the learn how to knit kit and i really like the case that it is in. x

  46. Susie says:

    Oh, thank you, I think Buttonbag\’s just given me the answer to a year\’s worth of birthdays! Red Owls have been voted favourite in this house!

  47. Isabelle Smith says:

    fairytale peg doll because they are really cute

  48. Kara says:

    I think the Peg Doll kit looks great fun! @chelseamamma


    Ladybird kit is fab!!

  50. Maria Knight says:

    Awwwww they are all beautiful but my favourite has to be the Adventure Figues Peg Kit-what a great idea to keep little boys busy as most crafty kits are quite girly aimed.

  51. Joanna Sawka says:

    I like Theatre-in-a-box – it provides a wealth of creative activity and literary inspiration

  52. Suzanne sendell says:

    Love the christmas kit

    Love all things christmasy

  53. Leigh Larkin says:

    Would make such a lovely gift to keep a little girl entertained (or their mummy!) for ages! A nice change to computer consoles and tv…!

  54. Heather Graham says:

    The fairytale peg kit for me. My daughter loves it

  55. Jenny Rogers says:

    The cute kitten kit is lovely. I think it would inspire lots of imaginative play.

  56. Hazel Wright says:

    I love the ladybird kit! Fantastic! Thanks for the competition!

  57. katherine grieve says:

    I love the fairytale peg doll kit, my daughter would too!

  58. Kelly Hooper says:

    I love the button jewellery kit, would give it too my little girl. Im a jewellery crafter myself and she loves playing with all my beads and buttons so would make a perfect gift for her

  59. Lou Chambers says:

    I\’m Loving the ribbon rose corsage kit, think they\’d be great for attaching to hair bobbles/bands etc :-)

  60. DENISE W says:

    I really like the kitten basket they are just so cute my grandaughter would love them.

  61. sue cornish says:

    I love the ladybird kit . so cute

  62. kate says:

    i love them all! but really like the kitten basket kit! my 2 children adore crafting and my little girl has just started sewing and is really loving it so this would be perfect for her! plus maybe if we had these cute kitties our real cat may get a bit of a break!!! xxx

  63. Yasmin Jafri says:

    Mine would be the original peg doll kit! Sooo cute

  64. Shaunagh Bliss says:

    My favourite kit has got to be the Kitten Basket – I have a couple of cats but I am sure these kittens wouldn\’t cause me so many headaches!

  65. Christine mutter says:

    I love the Peg Doll Kit, I used to make these with my Gran when I was a little girl

  66. DawnLouise says:

    Because I am just an old romantic :)

  67. Alison says:

    I love this:

    Sounds great to make and great to give as a gift once made!

  68. Claire B says:

    Winter birds or winter hearts are both adorable. I think anyone be chuffed to receive one as a gift

  69. Sarah Parker says:

    I love the owls

  70. Carolina J. says:

    \”Learn how to knit\” kit would the gift for my little girl.

  71. Lyn Bosomworth says:

    The butterfly summer hat kit as my kids would love it xx

  72. Jo Boyd says:

    I think the Love Hearts kit is great – suitable for lots of occasions to give as hand made presents, and not something that will have to wait a whole year if it doesn\’t get finished in time.

  73. Rachel Blackburn says:

    The cotton wool Lambs are adorable!

  74. Annelien Mes says:

    My favourite kit is the \”Learn How to Knit\” Kit, because my god-daughter would love a gift like this and I might even get one for myself as I\’ve been meaning to re-learn how to knit and this kit looks lovely to start off with!

  75. sairz-mse says:

    Ahhh the kitten basket <3
    Lovely, and would keep my little\'un quiet for a while 😀

  76. Louise Middleton says:

    I really like the Button Heart kit. I have a country kitchen with all types of hearts hanging on the wall and these hearts would be a lovely addition to it, thank you x

  77. Louise Middleton says:

    I dont know whether my comment has been added as I cant see it. I love the Button Heart Kit as I collect hearts and have a wall full of them in my country style kitchen x

  78. Angie Clementson says:

    My favourite would be one of the peg doll kits. My grandson has just started to read books avidly and it would be nice for him to be able to retell some his favourite stories with peg characters to use as props, especially ones he had made himself. Yours products are all wonderful x x

  79. Caz says:

    The Kitten Basket is so cute… reminds me of my little cats :)

  80. rebecca denyer says:

    I love the ladybird kit

  81. Samantha Wesley says:

    The Fairytale Peg Doll Kit is lovely, my little one would love this!

  82. Antonia Rookley says:

    I love the Ladybird, so cute and my daughter loves Ladybirds!

  83. Linda Thorn says:

    Christmas because I would celebrate christmas all year long to see my kids faces light up.

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