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Latest Picture Book Showcase

| May 14, 2012 | 32 Comments

I had the pleasure of attending a PictureBook Showcase with Random House Children’s Books author’s earlier in the week. It was a fabulous summary of current picture books and picture books coming this summer, as well as  fabulous interview of Louise Yates (I recommended her lovely lovely “Dog Loves Drawing”  for you recently) and Quentin Blake – who knew that they were both English Literature and not Art students – ditto Mini Grey. There is artistic hope for me yet! In fact, Mini Grey was a “newly discovered” author for me – though we have her “The Adventures of Dish and Spoon” book, I hadn’t yet seen her BRILLIANT Traction Man books. Am so excited, as Red Ted will LOVE LOVE LOVE these (see below)!

We were also treated to Jez Alborough reading his book “Six Little Chicks” – what a wonderful reading it was – and I know that the next time we read it, I will enjoy the book all the more… I even had a chance to meet him afterwards and get a signed postcard – for you, my dear reader… (I also promised him a craft!) But first:

Six Little ChicksSix Little Chicks, by Jez Alborough.

We received this book a few weeks ago – in fact before Easter – and of course this would have made a great Easter read – as it is all about 5 (then 6) little chicks. But regardless of that I think you and your children will enjoy this book all year round. The story is of a mother hen, who is warned by the farm yard animals that the fox is coming. The chicks are playing out side (peck peck pecking, hop hop hopping etc) and the mother hen cautiously shoos her chick into the coop, whilst she goes off to check for the fox. Whilst she is out… who appears? But the fox himself! Oh no! What will happen next? Well… you will have to read the book yourself, but rest assured the little chicks are quite resourceful. Really, a lovely read, that both my children (4yrs and 2yrs) enjoy – Red Ted particularly loves the “repetitiveness of  the “peck peck” and “hop hop hop” and I think Pip Squeak, just likes the chicks! The fox, is surprisingly friendly and nice looking, so nothing “too scary” (and did I hear Jez saying he painted the fox with the green green eyes, based on a fox he saw in his garden?!).

And check out this fantastic edible craft to go with it!

My Big Shouting DayMy Big Shouting Day, by Rebecca Patterson

When I received this book, I was uncertain how the children would react – I don’t know why.. but I thought “will they like it?”. And like it they did. In fact they LOVED it. And I had to read it to them 3 times in one go. The story is about a little girl, who wakes up one day and simply has a “bad day”, with lots and lots of shouting going on. You can see her mother increasingly getting frazzled (oh how I can relate) and perplexed at her daughter’s big shouting day behaviour. Everything that can go wrong does. The day ends with a big Mummy cuddle – and the mother explaining that it is ok to have bad days and that she still loves the little girl very much. The next day, the girl wakes up….. and has a GREAT day! (*phew*). I wonder whether the kids like the book so much, as they can also relate to it – yes, sometimes, we just have a bad day and we don’t know why! It is a great book to help explore those bad day feelings and hope for the sunny day just around the corner. A big thumbs up from all of us!


Wanda and the AlienWanda and The Alien, by Sue Hendra

Another cute little book – there are so so sooo many fabulous picture books out there, it really is hard to keep up sometimes!! This is the story of Wanda and her Alien friend. Alien decides to take Wanda home for her Birthday and show her the planet that Alien comes from. Whilst there Alien throws her a fabulous Alien Party – what will Wanda think? Will she like Alien party games (of let’s sit quietly on a chair and things that look like worms on a stick for party food?). You will have to find out. The children really enjoyed all the magical drawings and finding out what the Alien planet looks like. I think that this will become another firm favourite in our house and is perfect for our recent Alien Craft. As a parent, I quite liked that this book somehow had appeal to both boys and girls – boys because of the “obvious” alien story and girls because of Wanda – what a great way to bring the two genders together.

Traction Man Is Here Traction Man, by Mini Grey

We got hold of our Traction Man copy “just in time” for this review. And it did not disappoint! The story is of Tractions Man’s arrival into the life of a little boy. We see all his adventures – on the bed (fighting the beastly pillow monsters), in the sink (where he meets his faithful companion scrubbing brush), in the garden (rescuing the dollies – Pip Squeak particularly likes this bit) and at Granny’s… where he gets, ahem, a very special gift – this gift made The Englishman laugh out loud. I think the book brings back very many happy memories of when he played with and clothed his own action men. The kids are smitten. So are we (the parents).



So. Today, I have a little giveaway for you!


A signed post card by Jez Alborough and a signed postcard by Mini Grey!

Would you like them? Then…

* Just leave a comment below, telling me which Jez Alborough or Mini Grey books you have read or would like to read!


1) Winner will be picked at random.

2) Winners must reply to the “congratulations email” with in 24 hours of it being sent out, else I will have to re-draw a new winner.

3) Open Internationally.

4) Closes on 10 June 2012.

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  1. Zoe says:

    oh MAGGY!!! Well, I think I’ve read every Mini Grey picture book, but the one I’m most eagerly awaiting is her new one this summer about toys in space… and I love Jez’s books too, esp HUG!

  2. wendy stanger (@kikicomp) says:

    we have read duck in a truck & Some Dogs Do (which is a real Fav)

  3. Tasha says:

    Thanks so much for linking up to my biscuit chicken coop. It did taste very good and I think was as much fun destroying it as making it! Wanda and the Alien and My Big Shouting Day are also big hits in our household too! Obviously we’ve read Jez’s Six Little Chicks, but Milo’s also a big fan of the Duck in a Truck books (can’t go to the library without reading them!) and I love Hug, used to sneaky read it while I was meant to working when I was at Walker Books! :) Lovely, lovely!!

  4. SARAH LAMBERT says:

    When i was younger my fav book was The tale of Hilary Hiccup i loved that book and insisted my dad read it to me every night lol
    My children have Duck in the truck my little boy can never stop laughing when i read this book he loves it :)

  5. SARAH LAMBERT says:

    Following with Google+ and also subscibed to your email newsletters :) xx

  6. Lorraine Stone says:

    I would love to read six little chicks by Jez Alborough. I love the subject matter and the way it teaches that not all animals/people are to be trusted. And to listen to your Mummy!

  7. Jean T says:

    I haven’t read any of them but will now.

  8. Vanessa says:

    Ooh. We love both these authors. We love HUG and the hilarious Duck in a Truck but Mini Grey’s ‘Biscuit Bear’ is one of my absolute favourites. I love the fact that biscuit bear doesn’t have any friends so has to make some and off he goes into the kitchen.

  9. Tracy Nixon says:

    We have Six Little Chicks and it is an adorable story! I think I would love to ready My Big Shouting Day as I think both my and my children all can relate to those days lol!

  10. diane findlay says:

    great prizes . id like to win and frame them as nursery art

  11. Andrew Kent says:

    My nephew’s favourite has to be TRACTION MAN!

  12. Svetlana says:

    haven’t read any, but would love to read them all

  13. Charlotte Mountford says:

    Hug is one of our favourite bedtime books!

  14. Patricia says:

    My favourite Mini Grey book is The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon. I love the witty film noir tone and the bittersweet atmosphere.

  15. Greg Davies says:

    We love Tractor man and now he has a new adventure the Beach Odyssey.We are gonna have fun reading that.

  16. Alison e says:

    My 3 year old son absolutely adores Duck in the Truck and I must admit I enjoy reading it too -it’s nice to have a book that rhymes. I hadn’t realised he’d written so many other books … Captain Duck and SuperDuck look like they could be fun!

  17. Keran says:

    HUG! is my favourite and the copy I bought came with a toy monkey. A lovely book with beautiful illustrations.

  18. Carolin says:

    Wanda and the Alien looks great fun :)

  19. Gill Davies says:

    My big shouting day looks brill.

  20. Bernie says:

    OUr favorite book is Hug especially at bed time.

  21. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I’d like to read Wanda and the Alien to my daughter.

  22. Damyanti says:

    We love all the traction man books & even made our own pet scrubbing brush

  23. se7en says:

    Just can’t decide!!! We have never met Traction Man… just blame it on living in Africa!!! Just wanted to say awesomeness!!! Would love to meet Quentin Blake he is possibly our favorite, favorite!!!

  24. CLAIR says:

    We love HUG! Lovely giveaway.

  25. Isil says:

    Hug is such a lovely book.Thanks for the chance!

  26. Solange says:

    I would like to read Hug.

  27. Heather says:

    We love balloon by jez alborough

  28. Jackie says:

    ohh! Lucky you. How fun. We love “It’s the Bear” by Jez Alborough and we read it when we picnic in the summer!

  29. Victoria Boland says:

    I have to confess that I haven’t read any – yet! Wanda and the Alien looks fun though.

  30. Clementina says:


  31. Michelle Bosomworth says:

    have not read any but would love too

  32. Emma Oldfield says:

    We haven’t read any either Im afraid. HUG definitely seems to be popular choice so I’ll keep my eye out for it when we next go to the book shop.

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