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More Energy Saving Tips!

| June 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

As you may have gathered… I do try (!) to live a greener life (hence LOTS of recycled crafting), but this also applies to not creating waste (avoiding plastic bags, by making my own shopping bags!). However, one big impact on the environment is our home!

And the energy we use within it. It is so easy to forget what this means to the earth – as we can’t see the power stations 100miles away and we can’t see the heat escaping our houses. But you CAN see your bills. So, let those be a little indicator of the impact you are having.

In The Home

So. What can you do.

* Insulating your loft – Southern Electric, part of the SSE group has got a FANTASTIC Free Insulation deal going at the moment – this  could save you up to £310 a year (check out the terms and conditions). I confess… this is our house’s biggest weakness and I will be checking this out ASAP. In the meantime, we have the radiators off in the loft extension and keep the doors firmly shut! You can really tell the temperature difference up there!

* Double glazing – if you can afford to, sort out your windows – double glazing is expensive, but it is a valuable long term investment. It was the first thing we did when we moved into our house 6 years ago – that and an energy efficient boiler.

* Get an Energy Reader – I am so pleased to have just inherited my father’s energy reader – now we will be able to pinpoint where we waste electricity and look at improving our energy usage

* Think about when you use energy – Night Time Energy is more environmentally friendly AND cheaper for you.

Children & The Environment

environmental book

I think it is our duty to educate our children on the environment.

Here is a cute little book that can help your children come up with things that THEY can do to be more environmentally friendly. A full review is here.


Saving Money

Southern Electric wants to help families save money and get greener with their great offer, which includes:

  • Free insulation for everyone, even if they are not a customer of Southern Electric – as long as their home meets the terms and conditions
  • Free suitability assessment to see if the property meets the terms and conditions
  • A high street shopping voucher worth £75 pounds for those who qualify** – please note that those with children of under 5 and an income of under £16,190 are eligible to receive the voucher if they are receiving Child Tax Credit

*as long as their home qualifies

**please see note the terms and conditions (scroll down once you have clicked through) for more information on who qualifies for this voucher

As well as this free insulation offer the Southern Electric website also provides access to a number of energy saving tips and products, which could help families save money. Products and services – the Southern Electric iplan online service is designed to save costs in your day-to-day energy expenses, with a smart energy kit – which includes an energy usage display screen, which can be linked to an online account to help you plan your energy use to suit you, and track how much money you save. This service is free with four Southern Electric tariffs!

Imagine – saving £310 per year on energy bills! What you spend it?

I think we would put a little aside for the children’s Savings Accounts (always good to save), as well spending it on a great family day out. Mmmmh… or maybe put the money towards sorting our garden out. It really does need a make over, as there is no where really nice for the children to play AND I like to have a small vegetable patch. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

So.. what are you waiting for? Go and check out the deals and see if Southern Electric can help you be more environmentally friendly AND save you money.

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