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Travels of which memories are made…

| June 28, 2012 | 1 Comment

Going on holiday should most definitely be fun, exciting and hassle free but sadly, being cooped up in the back of the car drive the whole family to the edge of reason rather than the edge of the beach.

Luckily one crafty mind and a lackadaisical attitude to debris in the back of the car can produce holiday keepsakes and a happy calm family wherever you go.

If a car journey is all the travelling you want to do try the West Country.  It is a great place to try a staycation because as well as eliminating the need for airports and planes  it is easily accessible, has miles upon miles of coastline for seashore craft projects and has lots of nature rambling possibilities.  You will have pine cones galore, willow wands, drift wood sculptures and seashell art to bring home and put in a home-made memory box.

The trip down to the West Country is the only obstacle to a fantastic family holiday but with a few crafty ideas to entertain the children in the car it will become part of the holiday, not the journey to start the holiday.

  1. Get out an old fashioned hand held blackboard and chalk and challenge them to draw their best pictures of ‘things to find at the seaside’ in a set amount of time.  Use and egg timer or an App depending on your feelings towards technology to time them.
  2. Fill a box with stickers to put on the middle seat and give them a sock to make sock puppets for a puppet show.
  3. Give the kids a jam jar to decorate with washable glass pens in which to keep their beach treasures.
  4. Make a fun checklist of things to tick off; try a bit of cow spotting to identify different breeds of cow or farm animal bingo to see how many sheep, goats, ponies and llamas they can see in the surrounding fields.
  5. Make a pirate telescope before you go.  Being an old haunt for pirates and shipwreckers, the West Country is the perfect place to use it.  Kids can look out for anything out of the ordinary along the way.  Props also add a little excitement to a game of ‘I Spy’.


Keeping little hands busy is invaluable on a car journey and the giggles of delight and thoughtful commentary coming from the back of the car makes for an easy trip.

If you’re thinking of visiting the West Country this summer then make sure you check out Farm & Cottage Holidays that have over 1600 personally inspected holiday cottages throughout the West Country.

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