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Kids Crafts: Baking with Kids

| July 4, 2012 | 11 Comments

baking ideas for kids

Before you fret… the Kids Get Crafty linky is still on.. just keep SCROLLING down! 

Ahem? Kids Crafts, Recipe Round Up?! Say WHAT!? Yes, yes, yes, yes… baking isn’t strictly speaking kids crafts. However, you can be VERY creative when you get baking. And many people don’t realise quite how many tastey treats there are on Red Ted Art – many of which are IDEAL for making with your kids. And as I am on another Red Ted Art holiday (see how busy I am), I thought it would be a great opportunity to share our tastey treats all in one place with you!

The Kids Get Crafty link up is below, as always, and I would love for you to join in with your, ahem, Kids Crafts!









First up: Cake Pops:


1. Hello Kitty

2. Skulls for Halloween, Pirate Parties or Day of the Dead celebrations

Next: My favourite, oh so versatile, no egg, shortbread recipe:


3. Orna ments 

4. Traffic Light Pops

5. Chocolate Shortbread


6. Rainbow Cookies

7. Alphabet Cookies

More Fabulous Guest Posts


8. Lollipops

9. Non Diary Marmalade Cupcakes

10. Love Heart Cookies


11. Heart Whoopie Pie

12. Quick & Easy Muffins

13. Classic Scones

Seasonal Classics:


14. Vanille Kipferl

15. Husarenkrapfen

16. Easter Nests

MMMMMH. Enjoy! Now don’t eat too many and do share with your neighbours!

baking with kids

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Happy Baking with kids!!

Oooh.. and one cheeky extra from “over there”:

Chocolate Brownies

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Comments (11)

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  1. Pinkoddy says:

    What a great set of food crafts. I love the rainbow ones the most. Keep meaning to use our number cutters too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    I confess that the rainbow cookies are on of my favourites too! We haven’t made them in AGES! Time we did :-)

  3. Sian says:

    so many delicious recipes : ) got quite excited by the marmalade cup cakes but to no avail – my son has soooo many allergies and can’t have the dairy free marg : (

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh no! How frustrating! Sorry Sian :-( you should follow and chat to I Bake Without anyway? As she has tons of ideas and recipes?

  4. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

  5. Brilliant selection of cakes and biscuits there Maggy!

  6. I LOVE the Hello Kitty cake pops! I doubt mine would end up looking like those though!

  7. Red Ted Art says:

    @JDaniel’s Mum just a mini blog holiday.. I am still here 😉

  8. Kelly says:

    Love your roundup of your baking! So many super yummy looking ones, I especially like all the hearts :-) Mmm, now I’m hungry!! Thanks for sharing at Happy lil ?’s are baking x

  9. Oh my! You’re making me hungry! 😀 Sooo good to see you back posting on High paw! ?

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