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Colour Me In

| July 19, 2012 | 3 Comments

Well.. I am very proud of Red Ted’s drawing skills. But I am also VERY proud of his colouring in skills. He is only 4 years and when we were on our flight to Austria, he spent the WHOLE time colouring in an Austrian Airline’s picture. Meticulously. So, when we got the Rice Crispy challenge, I knew we were onto a winner… or so I thought. I didn’t count on the “post nursery slump”, as well as the “but I want to win” and “to win, you have to do it REALLY fast mummy. Aha. Therein lies the problem.

Either way. Rushing or no rushing, I still think he did a grand job!


Spot me trying to “re-assure” him hesitantly that it isn’t all about winning. Yikes.

I also think that colouring is a very important skill for little ones – some argue, that it takes away creativity. Whilst I think it aids concentration and honing of fine motor skills. So fine in my eyes (especially if it keeps them nice and calm and quiet on a flight!).

A slow and considerate start!

Speeding up a little (“Only fast people win, mummy”)

Inspecting his work!

Done! Including glitter pens and everying!

By Red Ted, 4 years and 5 months.

Oh… and if we don’t win… well Red Ted was chuffed to bits to be “allowed” to have a large box of Rice Crispies to eat again!

Looking forward to joining BritMums and #ColourMeInRK competition sponsored by Kellogg’s (and thank you for the LOVELY pens, they rock!


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  1. Amy Rhodes says:

    This is great I am always telling my daughter to slow down and colour in the lines I am a bit worried though as she is only two and a half but it is amazing what she can do when she concentrates! At this age should I just let her go for it? I have also seen the anti-colouring in books I am going to give some of the free print offs that I have from the net a go as I am intrigued at what a younger child could produce.

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Yes, it is quite amazing how some children can actually colour in quite well. Pip Squeak surprised me once when she was about 18months old – her colour placing was quite accurate. But it was a one off!!!!!! I do think colour is fine :-) though of doesn’t beat free hand drawing!

  3. Isn’t it amazing the pressure they can sometimes put on themselves! An outstanding effort from Red Ted that’s for certain! :)
    Love the video as well!
    :) Karin

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