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Stuck on You – Giveaway

| July 24, 2012 | 174 Comments

Well.. the majority of this are happy to finally be basking in a little bit of summer holiday sunshine. However, “back to school” is only a skip and a hop away and soon you will want to get “back to school crafty” (of course you do, I just KNOW it ;-)), as well as get all the kids’ school gear in order!

Well Stuck on You want to help you on your school organisation way – FIVE of you (yes five!) have the chance of winning a £20 voucher to spend on their fantastic online store! You can find all sorts, from personalised stationery to personalised lunch boxes, to the oh so essential name labels to go into sweatshirts and socks!

back to school

You will however find much much more – with lots of gift ideas to choose from!

Want to win one of the 5 vouchers?  Then all you have to do, is visit Stuck on You, have a good look around and come back telling us, what your favourite  personalised item is!


  • Open to the UK only
  • Competition closes on 30 July 2012, 11pm.
  • Winners will be selected at random, via
  • Red Ted Art will contact the winner and pass on winning details directly to Stuck On You, at which point Red Ted Art’s responsibilities are completed. Stuck On You is responsible for delivering the prize.

Please read my disclosure policy on competitions.

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Comments (174)

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  1. Emma in Bromley says:

    I love the personalised name jigsaws – very good idea!
    Emma xx (@beachpebble)

  2. Kate Cunningham says:

    I like the personalised Star Charts – makes them very special. @01592_katie

  3. Sonia says:

    My absolute favourite product are the personalised lunch boxes – I adore all the different designs that you can get! :)


  4. Liz Burton says:

    I love the party cups!

  5. Laura says:

    I like the personalised watches the best! It’s so easy for them to get lost after PE!

  6. Gillian Holmes says:

    Artist series luncboxes

  7. Sue says:

    I love the Tools 4 School personalised filled pencil case. Perfect for school and would save any arguments over lost rubbers and pencils as everything is named. Brilliant!

  8. jennie jackson says:

    i Love the lunchboxes

  9. Carolin says:

    I love the diaries, but I think Amy would have more fun with one of the cute personalized wooden name puzzles :)

  10. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I love the personalised wooden name puzzle.

  11. Allan Smith says:

    personalised Star Charts – what a great idea!

  12. Svetlana Lemantovic says:

    I love the personalized name jigsaws

  13. Aimee Ryan says:

    I love the personalised PJs! So cute x

  14. Emma says:

    Love Penny Scallon Childrens Labels. Sweet and cute. They are perfect.

  15. Paul Green says:

    I like the personalised watches the best!

  16. Lucy Pasifull says:

    I really like the double laundry hampers, would be a huge help with the washing.

  17. Harpal Kaur says:

    love the personalised lunch boxes and drink bottles!

  18. Rachael G says:

    I love the kitchen labels! @rachiegr

  19. jennifer thorpe says:

    the personalised lunch boxes are brilliant

  20. Louise Mason says:

    artist series clothing labels

  21. Victoria Boland says:

    I like the lunchboxes

  22. Sarah Robinson says:

    Has to be the personalised lunch boxes. Very clever idea. My kids always have the same as other kids in their class.

  23. Kara Guppy says:

    I adore the lunchboxes – no more having the same one as everyone else!!

  24. Karen Barrett says:

    I love the Laundry Hamper, what a fantastic idea.
    Thank you

  25. Mummy Fever says:

    Love the watches @MummyFever

  26. Alison says:

    I love the beach towels, great for school swimming

  27. Kerrie says:

    i really like the sports bottles

  28. Sean says:

    definately the lunch boxes, i think they are really nice

  29. Pam Campbell says:

    Watches for me- might even encourage my daughter to learn to tell the time 😉

  30. Isabelle says:

    lunch boxes 😀

  31. Love the party in the cup – great alternative to party bags!

  32. I love the personalised wooden puzzles, especially as it’s difficult trying to find name products for my daughter.
    However, it is practicality prevailing I’m a fan of the pirate ship labels and the family planners!

  33. Maris says:

    I love the personalized drink bottles.

  34. Ashleigh says:

    i love the jigsaws – my kids would love them

  35. Ennie says:

    I love the personalised name jigsaws – what a brilliant game and learning tool!

  36. Shirley moulds says:

    I just love the personalised Teddy bears.

  37. hayley payton says:

    lunch boxes x great 4 new school term

  38. Donna Barker says:

    I love the personalised lunchboxes (little penchant of mine!) and also the personalised cups – mine love having their own cups!

  39. Laura says:

    I love the jigsaw, kids would love them x

  40. angela sandhu says:

    party cups are cute

  41. Jade Vine says:

    Personalised wooden name puzzle

  42. Sophie Hedley says:

    i love the silicone placemats :)

  43. Dee says:

    I love the personalised packed lunch bag… my Granddaughter starts school this year and she would love that :O)

  44. Svetlana L says:

    personalised lunch boxes

  45. Sav says:

    I love the lunch boxes, they are so cute! No more getting muddled up

  46. Helen Drinkall says:

    I love the personalised wooden name puzzle!

  47. Nicola Biven says:

    I love the Library Bags, my little girl loves reading, so she can carry them around in that wonderful personalised bag !

  48. Michelle Bamber says:

    I love the lunch boxes, individual and very nice, much better than having a bog standard lunch box.

  49. Anne Thompson says:

    Embroidered lunchboxes are a great idea, it will not get mixed up with anyone else’s.

  50. Catherine beckett says:

    Lovely site, the personalised drinks bottles are great, i use stickers on my twins bottles for school but they are always falling off and getting muddled up. Fab idea thanks x

  51. sally b says:

    i love the personalised lunch boxes – they are fab!

  52. diane findlay says:

    Artist series lunchboxes are fab

  53. Clare Woodman says:

    Lunchboxes look fab!

  54. Lynne Meston says:

    Lunchboxes very good idea!

  55. Chris Green says:

    Love the lunch boxes and pjs

  56. Emma Jackson says:

    Definitely the lunchboxes, I love the owl one :)

  57. Catherine Harris says:

    Some lovely ideas for personalised items, my girls would love just about evereything on there!

  58. Paula T says:

    The PJs are Lovely

  59. kirsty meredith says:

    With my youngest starting school in September I love the personalised lunch boxes.

  60. Andrea Smith says:

    I like the Artist Series water bottles, these are perfect for school and your child’s name won’t get rubbed off!!

  61. Lesley W says:

    I love the bag tags ? – kids love this sort of thing to dress up their bags and create an individual style :) Good luck everyone!

  62. Jetjules says:

    Ooooh! So much to choose from…I love all the bags & lunch boxes cos my little man will need adult help to keep himself organised…but he’d probably love the personalized pencil case set! And aren’t the name puzzles fun too :)

  63. Mark Palmer says:

    Party cups

  64. cheryl lovell says:

    i love the personalised lunch boxes

  65. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love the wooden personalised name puzzles – wooden puzzles are loved by my four children!

  66. Camilla Y says:

    I love the planners!

  67. Emma Gallagher says:

    I love the personalised lunch boxes :-)

  68. Allison Van der vliet says:

    Love the lunchboxes!

  69. I love the personalised laundry hampers, now that’s a must in daughters bedroom.

  70. Claire says:

    I love the personalized family organizer- I could definitely do with being more organized!

  71. emma kim hunt says:

    I love the lunchboxes,they are so cute.My daughter would love them too lol x

  72. sharon griffin says:

    The sketch books are so lovely x

  73. Angie says:

    I love the personalized name jigsaws

  74. Lesley Bain says:

    I do love wooden toys, so my favourite would have to be the personalised wooden name and number puzzles, they are beautiful :)

  75. claire hooper says:

    awww the lunchboxes x

  76. Jennifer says:

    I love the everywhere friends they are adorable.

  77. Jenny says:

    I love the personalised PJ’s – they are super cute!

  78. Kerry Dibble says:

    I love the personalized lunch boxes. Really cute xx

  79. Val Hartley says:

    I love the lunch boxes.

  80. Becky John says:

    The personalised wooden name puzzle is my favourite.

  81. Sara macey says:

    I love it all – especially the lunch boxes

  82. kerry Locke says:

    These personalized bag tags are the best idea ever – – never a lost bag again xx

  83. Kieran says:

    wooden name puzzles

  84. Peter Gilby says:

    The lunch boxes are ace

  85. Diane Humbles says:

    I love it all!

  86. Claire Leverett says:

    My favourite thing is the personalised lunch boxes, so cute!

  87. Helen Beale says:

    I really like the personalized bag tag and by the look of it I can probably stick it on my keyring too.

  88. Gaynor Thomson says:

    Has to be the Double Laundry Baskets, but not sure if my kids would actually put their clothes in properly !!

  89. Andy D says:

    The personalised PJ’s

  90. Solange says:


  91. Chris Ram says:

    Personalised Star Chart Is a fab idea, have tried to make one of these myself but to no avail.

  92. laura jayne cope says:

    A lunchbox would be lovely for a special little girls first school day in september.

  93. Paula Phillips says:

    The laundry hamper is a good idea.

  94. Susan Diemer says:

    The wooden jigsaws – my daughter would love!

  95. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I love the Family Activity Planners – we need this in our house!

  96. Kelly Dawe says:

    I think the personalised wooden name puzzle is a wonderful idea and a great way for children to learn their name. Would make a great gift for a children starting school.

  97. gemma henshaw says:

    i love the lunch boxes

  98. Maggie says:

    Love the personalized wooden name puzzles.

  99. Hayley Bolt says:

    I like the personalised PJs

  100. Margaret Griffiths says:

    Hi – I love the Personalised jigsaws – ideal to pop in the case for travelling to Australia.

  101. kelly says:

    loving the lunchboxes

  102. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I love the bag tags, great idea

  103. alan mcdonald says:


  104. Sarah Ballantyne says:

    The lunchboxes are great, perfect for nursery trips.

  105. Kris McNair says:

    I like the personalised sports bottles 😀

  106. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    Fantastic choice of gifts, but love the personalised lunch boxes – names never usually stay on them!!

  107. Claire says:


    So handy when theres 1/2 a dozen kids all with same toy story or barbie one

  108. Dawn Costen says:

    I love the Laundry Hamper – Double. What a great idea!

  109. Tina Lawton says:

    love the lunchboxes, they are sooo cute.

  110. Katie Richards says:

    Oooh Love Love LOVE the personalised Jigsaws! x

  111. Rachael Simmons says:

    Hello! I love the Personalised Baby Bibs, sooo cute! 😀

  112. katherine grieve says:

    I love the personalised short pyjamas xx

  113. Rebecca Mercer says:

    I love the personalised lunch boxes and bags

  114. Jaci says:

    Love the lunch boxes

  115. Mickie Bull says:

    The personalised lunchboxes!

  116. Judy Wright says:

    I like the personalised kids bags :)

  117. karim says:

    I love the party cups!

  118. Sarah Ramsey says:

    I love the drinks bottles and the star charts- so cute

  119. Melissa Gazi says:

    I love the personalised drink bottles, they’re so cute!

  120. Joanne Blunt says:

    I love the lunch boxes. Hopefully with these my boys will never lose theirs in school again.

  121. Gemma Clark says:

    The personalised lunch boxes are fab!!

  122. Ashraf Esat says:

    The personalised Lunchboxes!

  123. nola says:

    I absolutely love the stuck on you personalised labels and personalised pencil case sets! They are absolutely perfect for labelling your childrens belongings and prevent your kids from losing things as easily as they would without!


    i love the personalised pjs

  125. Emma Lycett says:

    I love the personalised pencil cases :)

  126. Sarah Martin says:

    I love the personalised canvases

  127. Kelly Hooper says:

    love the personalised lunchboxes

  128. Dawn Totton says:

    The personalised lunchboxes are fab.

  129. Joanna Sawka says:

    I like door canvases

  130. Joanne says:

    I love the personalised lunchboxes – there would definitely be no getting lunchboxes mixed up with her friends with this.

  131. my favourite item is luxury bath towels… think there fab!

  132. I’d get the beach towel

  133. kate ginty says:

    I love the embroidered pencil cases

  134. Daniel says:

    lunch boxes are cute

  135. Alexandra McGahey says:

    I love so many items from the Stuck On You website but I think my favourite are the Height Charts!

  136. cheryl hadfield says:

    I love the Personalised Lunch Boxes x

  137. Catriona Pavey says:

    Wow there are some great ideas! I love everything, especially the canvases.

  138. Jayne says:

    I love the lunchboxes x

  139. kelly braithwaite says:

    I love the lunchboxes fab idea ! x

  140. Ellie Jacobs says:

    Has to be the drinks bottles. WHen the kids need to take them into school, They always have to be named. SOOO much better than paper & sticky tape!! :)

  141. kayleigh bates says:

    Personalised pjs are aweosme

  142. CLAIR says:

    Love the lunchboxes, great idea.

  143. Christine Mutter says:

    I love the lunchboxes, my kids loose theirs quite often so I think this is a great idea

  144. Paul Witney says:

    My daughters love personalised things, so would love to win

  145. Lani Nash says:

    I like the silicone placemats

  146. Julia says:

    Love the drinks bottles my kids are alwways fighting over theirs!

  147. Amy Smith says:

    I love the lunchboxes

  148. Gill B says:

    Love the personalised bath robes

  149. Diane Gibbs says:

    Your personalized lunchboxes, what a fab idea!

  150. Charlotte Jones says:

    I love the wooden name puzzles :)

  151. hannah howie says:

    I love the height charts, so cute for their room!

  152. trupti dave says:

    My favourite is the personalised lunch boxes.

  153. Lyndsay says:

    The personalised wall height charts are amazing, wish I had one as a kid :)

  154. Carolina J. says:

    I liked Tools 4 SChool!

  155. Alice Hindley says:

    I like the personalised lunch boxes

  156. Rachel Blackburn says:

    I’m in agreement with those saying the lunch boxes – they’re fab

  157. Deborah Bird says:

    My fave is the pencil puppets, what a great idea!

  158. Deborah Bird says:

    I love the pencil puppets, great idea!

  159. vidhya ramasubramaniam says:

    Love the personalised wall canvases..

  160. Shirley Harpley says:

    I love the personalised drink bottle. Especially great as my son keeps bringing his friends bottle home by mistake!

  161. Laura Martin says:

    I really like the Library Bags, the perfect present for my bookworm grand daughter, she would love one

  162. katrina walsh says:

    the personalised lunch boxes are adorable

  163. MARJOLEINE KOK says:

    What wonderful gift ideas here. I know my partners grandkids would love the lunchboxes !

  164. Louise M says:

    I like the wooden name puzzle best

  165. lisa williams says:

    I just love the personalised lunch boxes. Great idea as my little one is forever loosing his!!

  166. Michelle Stokes says:

    I loved the personalised lunchboxes and drink bottles, it saves kids having to stick labels on it so it never gets lost and it looks really cool! I also liked the babies’ jumpsuits because they look really cute.

  167. Leone Khair says:

    Party cups are mint! : )

  168. Melanie McLaren says:

    The lunch boxes are fab!

  169. Alisa says:

    I love the personalised beach towels.

  170. rebecca denyer says:

    I love the personalised star charts

  171. Lesley Wright says:

    personalised jigsaws

  172. Susie M says:

    I love the look of the kitchen labels. I’ve a selection of pretty tins that I’d love to use to store pasta etc but don’t want to spoil them with a hand-scrawled sticker.

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