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Twitter Party Time with AXA PPP Healthcare

| July 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

Yes, it is that time again for another Twitter Party!!! We do love twitter parties – such a buzz and a great way to exchange tips and ideas and meet new tweeters to connect with.

And what is even better… is that this twitter party comes with PRIZES!

Let’s start at the beginning:

What is it about?


I think something that we probably have all come across at some point in our lives or are maybe struggling with now (I know, that I have my head full of school and preschool worries right now… and it would be good not to get into a tizz about them).

At the party you can ask questions, share tips and all the questions will be answered on the night or, if the answers are too long, during a live chat with an expert (Dr Mark Winwood) on the AXA PPP Healthcare website on the 26th 2pm – 4pm (the day after the twitter discussion).

When is it?

Wednesday 25th July 6:30pm-8:30pm

Where/ Hashtags?

Twitter of course – use the #axapppchat hashtag to take part and follow the conversation.


AXA PPP Healthcare will be giving away 3 fabulous pamper packs worth £80, which will be randomly awarded on the night.

So what do you think? Will you be taking part?

Even if you are not feeling stressed or anxious yourself at the moment, you may know someone that is. And you could find some great tips to help them.

I know I will be taking part, as the last few weeks have been very busy for me and yes, rather stressful:

Juggling my home commitments, with holidays (yes, I find holidays stressful, as it creates a backlog of work), books submissions and crafts to make for a 4 day photo shoot. On top of that we had house guests  in the same 2 weeks that my book submission was due. Everything seemed to be happening at once. I was also getting requests for guest posts and sponsored post and to do a video for a crafty campaign, as well as attending an audition at the BBC that I was wholly unprepared for. And to make things just a little trickier a neighbour was having health problems, so I had her boys over to play a little more often than usual. ARGH.

Yes. I admit. I was (am) stressed. And I cannot wait for the calm that August will bring.

What have I learnt from the last few weeks?

* I made sure I still got a reasonable amount of sleep

* Ahem, next time, I will make sure I continue to eat well (I relied on tea and chocolate quite a lot!!)

* Learn to say no… saying yes to everything means that something isn’t going to be done well (e.g. my BBC audition). For this reason I cancelled the Craft Video, as I knew I didn’t have the additional day spare, that they needed me to have in order to practice. It just wasn’t going to happen. Next time, I will just have to say “no” right from the start and pass on the opportunity until the main focus (this time my book) is completed.

I guess my next big worry are the school issues – we trying to decide what to do regarding both children and bringing them up bilingually. Going to the German School, brings logistical issues (incl. one child going to school in the morning, the other in the afternoon – don’t ask, it is a long and boring story).. so my first question would be:

“What are you best tips for reducing stress/ anxiety about something, that you cannot change?”

Don’t forget, if you cannot make the party Dr Mark will be available on Thursday 26th (2pm4pm) for a life chat on the AXA PPP Healthcare website.

Find out more about AXA PPP  Healthcare on Facebook and Twitter.


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