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20 Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

| September 12, 2012

pumpkin ideasSo this year, will be the first year that we will “do” pumpkins, so I thought a round up of pumpkin decorating ideas would come in handy. The Uncle has announced that he will be the annual “pumpkin carver” in the family. We will all drive down for a visit, whilst The Uncle rolls up his sleeves and gets cratfy with the children. Then we shall take the pumpkin goodness and make pumpkin soup or something equally delicious.. check our our Pumpkin Recipes round up over at Life At The Zoo! But only after you have looked at all the crafty ideas below. Some of the ideas are just too cute!!!

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pumpkin ideasHow To Carve A Pumpkin

Before we explore all the wonderful pumpkin decorating ideas, let’s begin with a simple tutorial by Domestic Goddesque for those of you who need a little carving helping hand! (I am handing the responsibility over to The Uncle, so will send this to him “just in case”). And for those of you who don’t fancy carving away… there are plenty of “no carve” ideas below!!!


pumpkinsBaby’s First Halloween

Well.. this is just a photo.. with no instructions. But if I were to have a go at this truly adorable idea… I would do some handprints on paper first.. cut them out and use them as a stencil. Check out the original from What To Expect.



pumpkin ideasCookie Cutter Pumpkin

Use this clever idea of using your cookie cutters to get perfect shapes into your pumpkin! Fabulous idea from Fresh Home Ideas.



pumpkin decoratingPumpkin Carriage

I have been in love with this pumpkin carriage for well over a year. I think it is the cutest idea ever!  And I know I have shared it before, but I have to share it again!! From Create With Your Hands.



pumpkin decorationsHanging Pumpkin

I don’t know what it is about this pumpkin, but I just love it! The Polohouse, spotted it and then had a go and shared their craft.



pumpkin ideasOwl Pumpkins

And another simply adorable Pumkin Decorating ideas – what a hoot! Owl pumpkins from Better Homes and Gardens, who have a range of pumpkin decorating ideas to inspire us.



pumpkin decorating ideasMonster Pumpkins

Another cute idea from Better Home and Gardens are these adorable Monster Pumpkins. Makes me want to go out and make one straight away. Too cute! What a cute and fun pumpkin decoration indeed.x



pumpkin headsMrs Pumpkin Head

Another fabulously young child friendly pumpkin idea – Mrs Pumpkin Head. Simple. Brilliant. Fun. Clever Let’s Explore came up with the idea!



pumpkin decoratingCity Pumpkins

Well for all us city dwellers out there, how about this Cityscape from Country Living! Another fun idea. Definitely a fun pumpkin decorating idea!



pumpkin decoratingStocking Pumpkins

Add a little Ooh-Lala to your halloween fun,w ith these fishnet pumpkin. Simple yet brilliant idea from Moth Girl Wings.



pumpkin decorating ideasWire Pumpkins

These look great and are certainly different and the instructions come with some handy tips! Bella Knitting shares her craft.



pumpkinsRibbon Pumpkins

Another “no carve” pumpkin decorating idea is this simple, yet effective idea from Good House Keeping. Looks effective! Bet you could do it with Washi Tape too!!!



halloween ideasMummy Pumpkins

Another craft that I spotted last year and simply ADORED. Simple and totally cute, these Mummy Pumpkins are perfect for preschoolers to help with. From Hands On As We Grow!



Bright Pained Pumpkins

The gorgeous “Whatever” have created these wonderfully CHEERFUL pumpkin. Perfect for those of you who are less keen on the “gloominess” of Halloween. Love them. Certainly one of the more different pumpkin decorating ideas out there.



pumpkin ideasSharpie Pen Pumpkin

A simple, but lovely idea from Mama Smiles, enabling the little ones to get stuck in too – getting the Sharpies out to decorate. Gorgeous.



pumpkinsDoodled Pumpkin

Or take the Sharpie Pumpkin idea  a little further, with this more adult led “doodle pumpkin”!! Found on Flickr.



pumpkin halloweenPaint Pumpkins

And another toddler friendly decorating idea – and doesn’t it look simply magical? A lovely idea from The Imagination Tree.



pumpkin decorating ideasPumpkin Teapot

Here is anorher one that would delight Pip Squeak – a Pumpkin Tea pot!! She can’t get enough of tea parties so this will be just up her street. Thanks Here Come The Girls, for a Pip Squeak friendly pumpkin!



pumpkin decoratingRotting Pumpkin Science

And when you are done with your pumpkin.. don’t forget to check out what happens next. The Kids Activities Blog did a great post on “rotting science” of your pumpkin. Fabulous. Two activities in one!



I hope you have been inspired by these pumpkin decorating ideas and will have a go this Halloween. Now if you want to go and cook your pumpkin pulp, head over to:

pumpkin recipes

You can also find over 700 – yes 700 !!! – pumpkin carving stencils here.

Wishing you lots of Pumpkin Activity fun this Halloween! We can’t wait!!

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  1. Fabulous round up again! Thanks for including our drip art!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    My pleasure Anna, still loving it!!!

  3. I adore that handprints and footprints pumpkin! Fantastic round-up, thank you for including our Sharpie pumpkins!

  4. Perfect round-up: some great ideas for us to try now I’ve nailed the carving thing 😀

  5. I guess living in Australia I will never really get the whole pumpkin and halloween thing… but it sure looks cool! If I could get pumpkins really cheap here (out of curiosity, how much would pumpkins cost you at this time of year?) I’d love to have a go at carving one. Fun list! The monsters are so cool! :)

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    My pleasure Maryanne.

    Hooray Domestic Goddesque.

    Debs – I have no idea – not yet a pumpkin expert. But definitely something fun for the kids!

  7. wow thanks for all the ideas – pumkin-tastic!

  8. Love the teapot pumpkin. What an incredible idea for a round-up!

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    The Tea Pot Pumpkin is rather ingenious, isn’t it?!

  10. maria says:

    What a fantastic round-up! I love the wire pumkins, they are really arty!

  11. DianeMargaret says:

    Our daughter’s birthday theme was MONSTERS this year. We try to do tons of stuff for the rest of the year to stay with her “theme of the year”, so the monster pumpkins will be what we make this year!!! I think Ra will love them anyway!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      DianeMargaret – we DO love Monsters. They are such a fun craft for kids!!
      Ellie – a pleasure, still love it!

  12. Ellie says:

    Great list, loads of ideas. Thanks for including our Cinderella carriage, need to think what to do this year! Ellie

  13. amber says:

    Great pumpkin decorating ideas. I think the city pumpkins are really neat.

  14. I just LOVE Mrs Pumpkin head!

  15. Lauralee says:

    Nice list! Perfect ideas for my kiddos. Thanks. :)

  16. Absolutely brilliant! I bought a huge pumpkin yesterday from Morrisons and Amy loves to decorate it. We usually just do a scary face and stick a candle inside but I’ll show this post to her when she gets home and see what she thinks about trying a new design this year. Thanks!!

    CJ x

  17. Red Ted Art says:

    Awe thanks Crystal! And I know what you mean.. I always “only” thought of scary faces. Will be nice to do something different this year (well.. all depends on The Uncle, who is in charge…) but you know what I mean!

  18. These are wonderful! I love the owl!

  19. Love love LOVE all of these!! especially the cookie cutter idea – just in time – and I want that carriage!! Thanks, you’re fab :)