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Giveaway – £30 Voucher with Blurb Books

| September 18, 2012 | 115 Comments

Well, I don’t know about you, but I love Blurb and the concept behind them – create your own books or photo books easily and quickly. Recently, I contributed to a charity bedtime story book and this was created and printed through Blurb, and the result was wonderful. The children were SO impressed to see a story “about them” in a BOOK.

Similarly they have a great range of Photo Books to choose from now too – which also fits into my annual plans – I create a photo book for each of the kids every year, which we love to browse through regularly. Love it. They make great gifts to grandparents too.

And those are just two ideas – Blurb have even more Book Ideas for you to browse (love the recipe book one)…

They are giving away a £30 voucher to one lucky reader of Red Ted Art.

If you would like to win it, all you have to do, is visit the Book Ideas have a look around and then let us know below which book you would make and who you would like to give it to! If you win, you could make it in time for Christmas!


  1. Open to the UK only
  2. One entry per person
  3. Winner will be selected at random
  4. Competition closes on 1st October 2012 at 11pm
  5. Delivery of the prize is sole responsibility of Blurb and not Red Ted Art

This is a sponsored post.

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Comments (115)

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  1. Katie says:

    I am currently working on an A-Z book for my kids. It would be very helpful to use a voucher! I would have to choose The View Project design.

  2. think it would have to be the memories from the kitchen book for me

  3. mellissa says:

    Great idea! I would love to make a Facebook photo book and give it to my son 😉

  4. Ruth Sheppard says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway, I have heard good things about Blurb, but not yet got round to trying them out. I like the look of the Lush Lights photo book, I’d use that format to make a really cool photo album of the year for my little boys for Christmas.

  5. Emma in Bromley says:

    What a fab idea!
    I’d make the notebook version for my hubby – he uses lots of notebooks at work and I know how much he misses the kids – I would fill it full of funny photos to break a smile in all those meetings!

    Emma x (twitter id @beachpebble)

    Thanks for another ace comp!

  6. Louise says:

    The oliver 365 photo book and id give it to my baby as a record of his first year

  7. @bluebearwood says:

    Defiantly an instagram book. I was half way through designing a free one via an instagram offer and then forgot to finish it and the code expired *sighs*

  8. Nathalie Taylor says:

    I would choose the memories from the kitchen book and give it to my daughter as we love baking and cooking together x

  9. rachel fisher says:

    Definitely a notebook, for my artsy best friend, for all her magical ideas she gets when she is out and about

  10. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I’d definitely get the Oliver 365 book for my daughter’s first year memories.

  11. Nicola Winchester says:

    I would love to do a photo book of all the pictures of me and my fiancé. He proposed to me this year and it would be lovely to have our pictures in a book :-)

  12. lorraine stone says:

    I would love to use the voucher to build a book about my lovely cats. They are the greatest and I love them all dearly.

  13. Michelle Best says:

    Love to make the photobook – its my In-Laws golden wedding in a couple of months and I am collecting pictures/photos of them through the years – to display it like this, with captions/writing etc would make a great present for them.

  14. shelley hawkins says:

    I would do a photobook of this year’s family

  15. shelley hawkins says:

    ps family highlights would be a gift for the grandparents!

  16. Clare Gould says:

    I love the lush lights photobook – perfect for professional quality photos of your kids.

  17. Kelly Koya says:

    I love the cookbook idea, I’m a keen cook and at the moment all my recipes are stuffed into an old binder.

  18. Eileen Teo says:

    I love the Facebook ideals! I like to make one for my daughter as she did quite a few modelling, She can look back when she is older.

  19. Stefan says:

    A lovely offer. I would create a Gruffalo-inspired book for my Son, who is quite literally Gruffalo mad!

  20. char says:

    I would make the 365 book of our family memories this year.

  21. Amy Ripley says:

    The Oliver 365 book. This year has been incredible for me – 1st baby, new house, Grandmother’s 100th birthday … what a lovely way to record it!!!

  22. Oh it has to be the photo book for me
    Tis you see, for my poetry
    Words of wit, whimsy and woe
    Complemented with a glossy photo

    Yes indeed it’s the photo book I need
    With crisp white pages that do not bleed
    Fonts gallantly galloping across the pages
    A treasure to share and keep for ages

    Radiant, rapturous colours abound
    And my words will heopfully keep you spellbound
    Oh book of the strong and noble spine
    Please please say the voucher & book is mine?

  23. Lucy Horsfall says:

    I would make a wedding book as it’s about time I did something with my wedding pictures!

  24. LInda Hobbis says:

    I’d make a book for my parents featuring their very naughty (but loveable) grandchildren so the family highlights book would be fab.

  25. Joanne Baldwin says:

    The Oliver 365 book is such a lovely idea and would be a fantastic end-of-year present for our family. It’s great having all our photos on the computer, but our 4 year old just LOVES flicking through photo albums and photobooks.

  26. beverley thwaites says:

    I would do a facebook photo book for my boyfriend

  27. It weuld be the instagram book

  28. jennie jackson says:

    I would choose the oliver photo book

  29. Rachael Simmons says:

    I would choose a Wedding Book, as my fiance and I are getting married in June, and we have no cash for a photobook, this would make such a lovely keepsake 😀

  30. Emily Jane Ann Nelson says:

    I would make a book for my partner, We have just had a new baby girl, and have a little boy already. I would love to make him a book of all of us for him to keep x

  31. Loll Kirby says:

    I would choose the large landscape book. My mum died five years ago (two years before my elder son was born) and for ages I’ve been wanting to make my two boys a memory book about her, filled with photos and stories that will enable them to get to know their granny as much as possible xx

  32. Hel Jones says:

    I would make a memories book for my children, of family highlights during their lifetimes.

  33. Paul Cowell says:

    I would of course create a wedding book and give it to the missus.

  34. Sonia F says:

    I’d create a book like one of the Instagram books (I love ‘needs coffee’) using the lomography photos I took on a recent trip to see family in Japan!

  35. Jo Young says:

    I would choose the lush light photo book and give it to my Mum!

  36. shane says:

    i would make the 365 book

  37. Ashleigh says:

    I would love to do one of the wedding books with some of our wedding photos – i always seem to do photobooks of the kids so it would be nice to do something different!

  38. Harpal Kaur says:

    Great gift for the grandparents

  39. Julie Booth says:

    Have some fab photos on Instagram so would like to make an Instagram book

  40. Gemma Berry says:

    I’d go with making my 3rd book from this awesome site – Nonsense Poetry. Photobook for me :)

  41. Lesley Walsh says:

    I think it would have to be the notebook. I have started my family tree and could have sections for the different surnames and family connections with room for notes on what avenues I have explored, ideas for future investigation and memories of relatives now gone.

  42. Solange says:

    Facebook photo book for my daughter

  43. John Mills says:

    My girlfriend is an amazing cook and I really want to make her a personalised cookbook

  44. Isabelle Smith says:

    a book of my holiday

  45. Hilary Dixon says:

    For me it would definitely be one like the Oliver 365 book. Now that i’ve seen these books i think i’d want to make one every year to capture each years special events with my wonderful son and record them in a book. I would have loved to have had something special like this from when i was little. Definitely something to treasure.

  46. Amanda H says:

    The 365 book for us, would love to do one of our holidays.

  47. Fiona Martin says:

    The Oliver 365 looks fab!! Perfect for creating a fabulous memory of my 2 little ones and our adventures.

  48. anna says:

    I would make a photobook like the oliver 365, it would be for myself as I haven’t got any pics printed out since my youngest was born and he is 1 now so I really need to catch up and get some photobooks made, so a voucher would be really handy!

  49. katrina walsh says:

    kitchen memories book for me

  50. A Scribbles Notebook for recording what my son does. Sam x

  51. Naomi says:

    I would create a photo book for my mum of my son Sebastian, whom she has not met yet. He will be one in December and I would love to create a book of his first year for his Gran, who lives in Australia. I am sad that the two of them have not yet had the chance to meet but hopefully a photo book would help make my mum feel closer to her grandson.

  52. Vanessa says:

    I’d love to do the 365 book for my little lady. Have heard great things about blurb but never actually made a book.

  53. Instagram book: for all those4 ‘spur of the moment’ pictures I take of the girls!

  54. I love the Exif Et Cetera book, though I’m not sure my photography is up to that standard! I’d give it to my hubby for Christmas with memories of the places we’ve been. I made a book for my gran a few years ago through another company, and it was such fun.

  55. Mark Palmer says:

    A photobook of how our house has been renovated.

  56. Rachel Murray says:

    I would chose the ‘Lush Light’ Photobook.

    It’s my parents 30 wedding Anniversary in November so I would love to give them a photo book of them, us the kids and their grandkids, so they can see they years go by. – Might make them feel a bit old, but it’ll be special for them :)

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of Blurb, came across it by accident, but I’m very glad I have :)
    Thanks x

  57. Alison says:

    Ooooh I’d love to do a cookbook. My mum made one with her drawings years ago but its falling to bits now. I would be fab to have a hardback copy

  58. Christine Mutter says:

    I wouldgive it to my mother in law who is having a hard time recently after the loss of her husband, this would help remind her of all the happy times she has had

  59. Christine Mutter says:

    ooops – i would choose the Oliver 365

  60. Karen S says:

    The cookbook for my boyfriend to learn to cook some of my recipes :p

  61. PAUL MARSHALL says:

    Definitely a photo book for me and my beautiful Italian partner Vivienne!!

  62. Leigh Larkin says:

    It would be a photobook for me. It’s on my ‘to do list’ to make one for my little girl. I would like to make her one each year so she has a beautiful collection of memoriesI

  63. Sarah H says:

    Fab Prize – I would love to do the Facebook book with pics of my 2 teenagers for my mum & dad. :-)

  64. Anene C says:

    I love the Vietnam book!

    I went on a round the world trip last year and I have been thinking about doing a book with all my photos and some little stories on the left hand side, kind of like a coffee table book so my friends can look at it when visiting me! Vietnam book is quite perfect, as I actually went there!! Great inspiration!

  65. Helen says:

    What I great gift idea, I love giving gifts which have a more personal touch.

  66. katherine grieve says:

    A-Z book i think for my kids xx

  67. Sarah Ballantyne says:

    It’s a bit cheeky but I would ask my dad to help me make a ‘memories from the kitchen’ book for our family. He is a fantastic chef and the kids love going to grandads house for dinner or to do some cooking or baking. I have some lovely pics of the kids cooking with him and it would be great to put our favourite recipes in a book (instead of the drawerful of scribbled notes I have just now!).

  68. Sarah Martin says:

    I would love a memories form the kitchen book. I could use this to help me make a cookery book for my eldest when he goes off to uni

  69. Toni Arnott says:

    i’d like to make a book for my boyfriend showing our first year together

  70. I had a baby in July, I’d love to make him a book, love Olivers 365 in the book ideas.

  71. Maria Jane Knight says:

    I love the M+E wedding book- i took lots of photos at my cousins wedding this month and would love to put them all together to give to her! She would love it!

  72. Anna Ling says:

    I’d choose the view project book and make a story about my late grand parents lives together. I’d give this to my mum for Christmas.

  73. Nikki Thomas says:

    I love Instagram so definitely the Instagram book, what an amazing website , I am definitely going back for a second look!

  74. Sarah Parker says:

    I would make the facebook one for my kids :)

  75. Justin says:

    my holiday

  76. Jennifer Kelly says:

    I’d get a Facebook style book. I’d give it to my Dad & fill it with pghoto’s from history & today!!

    Gorgeous idea & fab website x

  77. Annemieke says:

    I would go for the vietnam photobook option and i would make it for my parents for christmas, as they live in Holland it would be a great present to see foto’s of there child (me) and there grandchilderen put together in a book for them to look at whenever they want.

  78. jennie says:

    would love one of these to make a special historic to present day family photos.

  79. Hannah Smith says:

    I’d make a wedding photo book, as I will be getting married soon!

    And I’d give it to myself & my OH of course 😉

  80. Jacqui Turner says:

    Mine would be an instagram book of things around my area just for my lovely Auntie Marion who is housebound and hasn’t managed to visit my area since we moved, so I’d love her to get a book of all of those fab things in my area for her.

  81. esme mccrubb says:

    memories from my kitchen

  82. shirley says:

    Lovely, such a great idea, I would use it to present to a family relative getting married, to celebrate a life until marriage!

  83. Helen Smith says:

    I would make the cookbook for my two young daughters. We love baking together and it would make some happy memories for them to pass onto their kids, to show them cooking and share the recipes.

  84. oooh I would do Instagrm for my mum

  85. Rebecca says:

    I would get a photobook. I love them much better than having lots of photos not stuck in books.

  86. I would def make a book of holiday pictures from this summer

  87. Mrs C says:

    Next year will be our 5th wedding anniversary and I would love to finally put together a photobook of all the photos that we took on our honeymoon round the world trip. It seems such a shame that at the moment all the photos are just sat on our computers and it would be great to go through them with our children.

  88. fiona mnard says:

    i would love to do photobook and put all the pictures of my husabnd for my four son’s …he died 5 weeks ago and this is for his memory

  89. Carolin says:

    I love the idea of making a book out of all my Instagram photos


  90. Simone says:

    I love the idea of the Cookbook and think I would make it entirely for me!! All my recipes in one place sounds perfect :)

  91. Solange says:

    The Oliver 365 book looks great and my daughter would love it

  92. would love the photobook for my dayghter and son in law as it is their 1st wedding anniversary

  93. victoria says:

    i recently got married so I would love the wedding book to display my photos in

  94. Jo Neale says:

    Definitely the photobook for my gorgeous Mum and Dad who love their family, old and new. I’d fill it with photographs of us lot with messages of how much we love them too. I’m not sure we tell them often enough.

  95. I’d choose the Oliver 365 and give it to my father. He is partially blind, has recently lost most of his mobility and sees no point to the future. A book of family memories might help him realise how indispensible he’s always been and always will be.

  96. Philippa says:

    Kitchen memories for me please! Have inherited my late grandmothers recipe books and would love to preserve her recipes for future generations, she was an amazing cook! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  97. Anne-Marie says:

    I made photobooks of #1 child but on arrival of #2 we never seemed to find the time so I’d love to make a photobook of their story from #2’s arrival :-)

  98. Fozia Akhtar says:

    I adore the cookbook and would make it for my sister

  99. leighanne palfrey says:

    would love a photobook to give my son and daughter in law recording their first year with my precious grandson :O)

  100. shane says:

    A photobook for my partner on my little mans first year

  101. Mark Palmer says:

    The photobook.

  102. DawnLouise says:

    Oh what a difficult choice – it would be nice to make one with my favourite recipes, however I think I would have to go with Olivers 365 for when bump arrives as everyone keeps telling me how time will fly once they are here and how we should treasure every minute together so this seems like a good way to capture some of that!

  103. Gary says:

    I like the facebook photo book.Great idea.Id do it for my family

  104. BETHANY LAWRIE says:

    I would love the notebook photobook to display all my holiday photos!

  105. Joanne says:

    I would make a family history book for my daughter – so she can see everyone that is important to her, and hopefully pass it down to future generations.

  106. Ainun says:

    I’d make my own cookbook from recipes I’ve developed myself, and ones that was given to me by my grandma, so that one day I could pass it down to my children.

  107. Cathryn Bowen says:

    i would love to win the photobook for happy childhoold memories of with mom and pa

  108. I would love the cookbook to pull together the recipes I have ‘adapted’ over the years to give to my sister who always comments on how much she loves my food but can’t cook herself.

  109. Hel Jones says:

    I would love to make a memory book for my children of our happy times together.

  110. Aimee Ryan says:

    I have a blog full of recipes and would love to make a book, inspiration for a future dream of publishing a cookbook and a great gift for giving my computer-phobic relatives :-)

  111. Karolina Bender says:

    Today (1st October) is my Daughter’s 2nd Birthday and i would use it to record those two precious years of our happy moments together

  112. Kelly brooks says:

    I’d love to make a travel book for my daughter o all the places she’s visited

  113. Sarah Tilley says:

    I’d make a photobook with my honeymoon photos

  114. Louise Brown says:

    I would choose a wedding book as we got married abroad and our photo’s are just on a memory stick. I’d like to give it to my husband as a christmas present :)

  115. Fozia Akhtar says:

    I would make a photo book of all the special times I have had with my siblings

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