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Beachcombing in Cornwall

| November 8, 2012 | 1 Comment

In Cornwall you never know what you might uncover on the coastline; the wide stretches of golden sands are strewn with wonderful treasures after high tide and the pebble ridges uncover a multitude of riches when they are churned and moved by the waves of the Atlantic and English Channel.

Beachcombing provides endless fun on the beach in any weather but the autumn and winter months can offer up troves of bits and pieces that have been weathered and polished by the sand and sea during storms and choppy winds.

There are many things that you might pick up on the sand and settled at the bottom of rock pools; such as bits of polished sea glass and sea pottery, distinctive pebbles, warped and smooth lengths of driftwood and all sorts of shells.  If you decide to explore a rock pool make sure you don’t disturb the wildlife in there as they won’t thank you for it and never use nets as you might get a little spider crab or fish caught in the netting.  Gentle hands are the best tools to use.

If you head out beachcombing in the autumn or winter make sure that you are all wrapped up warm with appropriate footwear as the pebbles and rocks can be a bit slippery and the weather can be chilly.  If you want to do some real treasure hunting bring along a metal detector and be sure to have a basket, pot or bucket in which you can store any finds.

Once you have collected all your scavenged goodies you can do all sorts of fun things with them.

  1. Bring home a selection of pebbles and paint them or decorate them before varnishing them.  These will make really good doorstops, paperweights or gifts.  The best pebbles to find are the heart shaped ones as these make excellent personalised mother’s day or father’s day gifts.
  2. Use up mummy’s old nail varnishes and use them to make dull shells sparkle and shine.  The already bright, smooth beautiful ones might be best left as they are but some of the less attractive shells can use a little Midas touch.
  3. Make a memory jar from your holiday in Cornwall.  Take a glass jar of any size, add a layer of sand to the bottom and arrange all your miniature finds inside like a little beachscape you can keep as a memento forever.  Decorate it with black and white ribbons tied around the top and make a little black and white Cornish flag to pop out of the top.

If you fancy having a little break in Cornwall and would like to try beachcombing on any of the lovely beaches along the coast stayincornwall can help you find the perfect place to stay.

Kelly Quance
has lived in the South West for years give or take a few stints abroad and has made it a point to discover where to find the best cream tea and to discover where the Cornish giants are hiding these days.  Being lucky enough to write about the region all day every day, the sights, the flavours, the scenery and the quirks provide almost as much inspiration as her two children.   

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