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DIY Wrapping Paper – Fairies

| February 9, 2013 | 3 Comments

It looks like this is becoming an “unofficial year of buying no wrapping paper”. Before Christmas we had a glut of Birthday parties and had great fun making our own DIY Wrapping Paper, so we are continuing that trend now!!

We were invited to a Fairy party so needed FAIRY wrapping paper. The options were to print some off and cut them out, a la our Hello Kitty wrapping paper or to create our own.

We decided to create our own with out Craft Foam Stamps that we made earlier.

Fairy Wrapping Paper

Super simple: draw a triangle and a circle – that is you basic fairy.

Then add heart fairy wings… hair and legs! Done.

Pip Squeak then stamped lots of stars on. If you don’t have a star shaped stamp, make one – Craft Foam Stamps are so easy to make yourself!

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  1. Red Ted Art says:

    Awe thanks! We liked making it! The kids were impressed that from simple shapes came a fairy!

  2. Hodge Podge says:

    So pretty – love it!

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