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10 Egg Decorating Ideas

| February 25, 2013 | 11 Comments

10-delightful-easter-egg-decorating-ideas-from-red-ted-artEaster crafts are such a lovely craft to make – they are full of Spring colours and really help brighten the home after the long Winter days. We particularly love decorating Easter Eggs and love to share our Egg Decorating Ideas with you. For me this forms part of every Easter celebration and I hope my children grow up with happy Egg decorating memories!!

You can decorate your egg shells (from blown eggs) or you can decorate hard boiled eggs.







Egg BlowingHow To “Blow and Egg”, Colouring with Food Dye and a Traditional Design

That is a long title, but it is kind of my “introduction to Egg Decorating“, as it shares three things – how to blow and egg and some tips to make it easier. How to dye your eggs using food colouring (though we do often paint ours) and a simple “very traditional” Austrian design, that I love! (Well I would, as I am Austrian!


egg decorating ideasPainted Owls and Birds

I decided to paint these owls and birds egg decoration, as it is easy to control the colour this way (food colourings have a mind of their own). It does mean, that I painted the eggs and Red Ted “only” decorated them. But he LOVED making them and I still love these owls all this time later (we still have them). Check out the post to see both the owls and birds.


Egg Decorating Ideas - Hot CrayonsHot Crayon Eggs

This is a super fun craft Crayon Eggs – a wonderful way to use up crayon odds and ends with a beautiful colourful result!



quick-craft-post-angry-birds-eggs-craftAngry Birds

Get older kids enthusiastic by decorating eggs in their favourite characters. Angry birds are sure to be popular and we have a whole set of them.



kids-easter-eggsTissue Paper Birds

One of my favourite Easter Egg decorating crafts to date are these Tissue Paper birds. The kids ADORED making them (bright colours and tactile) and the tissue paper and glue protects the egg a little like paper mache. My little one even cracked one of the eggs (she went bang bang bang on the table) whilst crafting and we were able to rescue it with the tissue paper. Perfect. These little guys also proudly feature in my by book Red Ted Art!

toddler-easter-eggsSpotty Eggs

Another favourite of mine – purely because it is so simple and yet delightful. Spotty eggs, perfect for toddler hands. And you won’t feel bad to crack these open and eat them on Easter Day!



Egg Decorating Ideas - decoupageNapkin Decoupage Eggs

We wanted to give napkin decoupage a go and see how well it really works. When at a friend house she gave us a pretty patterned napkin. This post shows us how the decoupage Easter eggs worked – we rather liked it – and it opens up such a fabulous range of opportunities at napkins come in so many colours and designs and are so inexpensive.


Egg Decorating Ideas - BatmanBatman Egg Decoration

Another great craft for the boys, is to encourage them to pick a favourite character of theirs and see how they can convert it into and egg. My 5yrs old decided he wanted to make a Batman egg and using Lego for his inspiration came up with this. Of course I helped him a little, but the design and concept is ALL HIS!


Egg Decorating Ideas for Preschoolers - Eric Carle EggsEric Carle Egg Decoration for Preschoolers

Or how about this Eric Carle Egg Decoration for Preschoolers? Both my kids loved making these, especially Pip Squeak (3yrs old), who just wanted to make more and more and more of them!



Egg Decorating Drip Art RainbowsDrip Art Easter Rainbow Eggs

A mesmerising and fun way to create Rainbow Easter Eggs. The kids adored the process and we loved the lovely Eastery colours. Wonderful.




Hoep you enjoyed our Egg Decorating ideas!!! Have fun!!

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  1. We really enjoyed making drip/pour-paint eggs recently: perfect craft for young children too. I’ve yet to pop my egg-blowing cherry. Maybe this is the year…

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Oooh go on… you know you want to!!!!

  3. PragmaticMom says:

    What great ideas for Easter! Thanks Maggie!!!

  4. becky says:

    Wow maggy i love these ideas we will certainly be trying a few. Thank you x

  5. What lovely ideas! I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

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